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This is for EDU352! Week 1

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  • The good stuff is the stuff you would use in your classes! Try out some new things to shake it up.
  • Notice Tinkerbell on the Dept of Energy website? This will have the younger girls hooked.
  • There are so many options for ebooks. Some kids have kindles and some even have iPads. These sites are available for all of those types of readers.
  • The Books should Be Free website has something for everyone on the first page. If you are looking for classics, sci-fi, or even kids books, look no further. Very user friendly.
  • You don’t have to go to space camp to be a part of the fantastic outer space experience!
  • The teachers need to be aware of their students the same way actors are aware of their audience.
  • The students need to be encouraged to play these games at home or at the local library computer. When companies give us software that goes along with the textbooks we need to take advantage of it.
  • Art is a part of American culture and worldly culture. Don’t let the students be ignorant to the arts.
  • The Smithsonian is a part of American culture and this is a way to get the students excited about it.
  • When you get to the home page you can click on the “for Music Educators” button. Right away there are postings for workshops and training.
  • I am showing you the Games, Quizzes, and other Cool Stuff page. These games are listed with which grade they work best with. Just pick the grade you teach and they have already done all of the other work for you.
  • A teachers toolbox! Register for free and get started. There are ideas to help any age student. As adults, we can also benefit from the website by following the advice to keep ourselves fit.
  • As an adult you can get lost on this site, but not in a bad way. The information on here is very interesting. There is even a spot to create your own lesson plans.
  • I put the word teaching into the search engine and got immediate results. There are science experiments, vocabulary ideas, story maps, and more. People come up with these great ideas and then share them with all of us.
  • Use the Internet!

    1. 1. Where Do I Find the Good Stuff?
    2. 2. As a teacher we are always on the lookout forwebsites and software to make our classrooms better.Where do I look at? This can be a difficult thing, butwe are here to help.I NEED SOME WEBSITES TOHELP ME IN CLASS…
    3. 3. These are Some Tried and True Websites. • The Educator’s Reference Desk. More than 2,000 lesson plans, 3,000 plus links to online education• Department of Energy. information, and more than Educational resources in science, technology, energy, math, and 200 question archive more. Even an Energy Glossary! responses.
    4. 4. Do You Want to Teach About Other Cultures? site isdesigned tohelp studentsgain a greaterunderstandingof othercultures andcountries.
    5. 5. Books and More!• • www.booksshouldbefree.c More than 40,000 free om This site lets you ebooks. You can listen to many classics download them or read while sitting at your them online. Classics computer. You can also and more. If you don’t download the book to be have the budget to listened to at a different purchase the book here time on your iPod. Listen is an option. to it while riding in your car.
    6. 6. Walk on the Moon! • This awesome website covers NASA’s extensive education program. They even have a NASA kid’s club. The games are rated “F” for fun!
    7. 7. Know Your StudentsStudents In Indiana • As a teacher try to White understand where your students come from and African what their life is like. American Asian There might not be much diversity in race American Indian but they are each Not individuals. Hispanic Other Race
    8. 8. Software and Websites Don’t Have to Break Your Budget!There are sites that wecan purchase as aschool and all takeadvantage of.www.skillstutor.comThis is a HoughtonMifflin Harcourt siteto use in conjunctionwith our textbooks andteaching material. Thestudents can evenaccess it from home.
    9. 9. The Arts Also Have a Place in the Schools!• National Gallery of Art. • National Association for (NGA) Home to the Music Education world’s finest paintings (MENC) Their mission and sculptures. is to advance music in education. They want• Smithsonian Center for to include music as a Education and Museum core subject of study. Studies. Lesson plans and resource guides. www.smithsonianeducat
    10. 10. Don’t ForgetAbout YourParents!Get your parents involved.They need to be includedin the education process.National PTA (PTA). Thisgroup facilitates parenteducation and involvementin schools.
    11. 11. Science and Our World• Environmental • National Oceanic and Protection Agency for Atmospheric Students and Educators Administration (EPA). This site (NOAA). NOAA provides facts provides information sheets, interactive about the games, and more. Kid weather, oceans, satellit and student friendly. es, fisheries, climates, a nd more. students.htm
    12. 12. Let’s Get Physical! • National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). It’s mission is to enhance knowledge and increase support for high-quality physical education among other things.
    13. 13. Don’t Be Scared of Technology• If you are worried about the internet and you need to sharpen up some of your skills, there are options. You can go to Ivy Tech and take some computer skills classes. Don’t be afraid to get the help you need to keep up with the new technology.
    14. 14. School Counselors are Not Just for the Students.• American School • As a teacher, we can send Counselor Association a student to the counselor (ASCA). This for help or we can tell the organization provides counselor about the information and resources student. If we have that support school questions about how to counselors’ efforts to help handle a situation the students focus on counselor can help us too! academic, personal/social, and career development.
    15. 15. History, Don’t Keep it inthe Past.National Register of HistoricPlaces: Teaching with HistoricPlaces (TwHP). TwHP offersgreat lesson plans andguidance on using historicplaces in teaching
    16. 16.• This site is amazing and one of the newest fads! A content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their “pinboard”. This site allows us to share with each other ideas. Ideas from crafting, to home decorating, to gifts. This site is full of lesson ideas and printables. Give it a chance and you might be surprised.
    17. 17. Don’t be scared to ask for help. If you have found a websiteto be good or bad share your feelings. Technology can be agood thing if we just give it a chance.THE GOOD STUFF IS ON THEINTERNET IF YOU JUST TAKETHE TIME TO LOOK.
    18. 18. References: