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This is the Active Brochure I present when I went to Active Member Status in Ohio Staters, Inc. It can tell you a little bit about who I am and what makes me the person I am today.

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Active Brochure

  1. 1. “Good to Great”Active BrochureLydia Li, Spring 2012
  2. 2. • About..• My name is Xiao Li (Lydia) and I’m a second year Logistics major from Guangzhou, China.
  3. 3. 0-14 years old Tianjin, China Hi World! –August 27, 1991
  4. 4. • Family and friends has always been the most important part of my life. My dad is a professor in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, and my mom is an administrative staff in university office. Being raised in a high educated family, I learnt a lot from my parents during childhood and as a result, I was recognized as kind of “premature” and always distinguished from my peers.
  5. 5. • As the only child of my parents (and most of my generation are too), I tend to have a closer relationship with classmates and friends, and I always value my friends as family members. Team work is a core value in my culture as well as in my principle of doing business.• My grandparents and other relatives lived in another city, so my parents took me back to their hometown during summer or winter break. I love to be around in a big family rather than just three of us, and I maintain a good relationship with every family member.
  6. 6. 14-18 years old  Guangzhou, China• Due to my dad’s job change, my family moved to south China when I was 14. It was the important turning point of my growth, as I experienced the transition of a totally different point of view from a northerner to a southerner.• I strived to adapt a new environment, a new culture and a new language. I learnt to deal with types of people that I have never met or knew before. I attended the best high school of Guangdong province and made the best friends in my life. That was the first time I want to step out and explore more about the world.
  7. 7. 18-19 years old  Jinan, China• After the College Entrance Exam, I went to a study abroad program in Shandong University in mid-east China. The program was designed as students study two years in China and two years in Canada. However, eventually I figured out where I want to study at is the United States, as my American Dream from little.• This year serves me as a gap year since I had the time to reflect what I really want and what kind of person I want to be. Like a song of Avril Lavigne, “Anything but ordinary”.
  8. 8. 19-now  Columbus, USA• I applied for several universities—OSU, U Minnesota, Penn State, Purdue… Among them OSU has the best business school and also, I was so impressed by the school spirit (and Football too!). Here I am a Buckeye! As an international student, I realized it is a great chance to study at one of the most advanced countries in the world. So I appreciate the time either in class or in extracurricular involvement, at the same time, I would like to introduce my country and culture to the world.
  9. 9. Campus Involvement
  10. 10. Active Suggestions• My first active suggestion for the organization is personalize the orientation process. I believe that orientation serves as the first demonstration of how OSI operates, but how helpful it is depends on people’s background and knowledge to Ohio State, so it is crucial for new probationary members to get their type of orientation.• Some additions we could consider: – Add a field trip to University Achieves – Add guest speeches from faculty members and Tradition Chair – Add “Fun Fact” to binder including Tandy and Stater Elephant *Conduct Faculty Orientation as well*
  11. 11. • My second active suggestion for the organization is add one or two financial discussion(s) every semester, depending on the amount of request from the Stater body. Right now we are hearing treasure/faculty treasure report at the end of the year, which is great, but I would like to learn more financial knowledge specifically to the projects we are doing. Also financial seminars are necessary and helpful to new members that have less experience about budget control. Financial seminars don’t have to be mandatory, but Staters who need more information should take the responsibility to attend these seminars.
  12. 12. • My third active suggestion for the organization is bring a faculty or staff to luncheon before we graduate. We would like to promote Ohio Staters, Inc. not only in students but in the university, which includes many faculties and staffs. 50% of OSU students say they barely interact with faculties after class, which I think is something we need to change, so bringing a faculty is to encourage communication and interaction between Staters and Faculties. Also having a guest faculty will bring diverse insights and visions from different point of views to the Stater body. In addition, we will have a pool to draw from when we need to recruit new faculties.
  13. 13. Timeline with Staters• Winter 2011 – Spotted Staters as my target org at the Winter Involvement Fair and kept paying close attention to emails of TWIO (which is a little creepy)• Fall 2011 – Attended my first R&D, Projects, SCCDAP – Attended Bull Session at Whittington’s – Attended Haunted House Social – Met with Cathy, Karen, Tina, Jim and Kevin for my Probationary Meetings – Went Probationary (YAY!)
  14. 14. • Winter 2012 – Appointed to chair Dunn Days – Went to Stater Retreat at Anooj’s – Attended Winter Banquet – Attended Bull Session at Scott’s – Met with Kras for Active Meeting• Spring 2012 – Appointed to social chair – Held my Stater Social at Cold Stone Creamery – Attended Probationary Interviews for Kristin Bruggeman – Attended Bull Session at Molly’s – Met with Kevin, Cathy, Tina, Tracy, Larry, Pat, Susie, Jim, Karen, Molly, and Scott for Active Meetings
  15. 15. • I believe that I am ready to be an active member of Ohio Staters, Inc. I saw myself as a thinker before my probationary interview, but during the probationary period I watched and learnt from day to day, reflected myself, and celebrated every little inspiration that Staters brought on me. Now I understand what it means to me to be a doer and believer as well, and I am ready to take initiative to become a better person.• The skills that I learned in Staters have not only helped me within the organization, but in all things that I am doing in my life. I am confident to say that I made the right decision in my life to join Ohio Staters, Inc. as it helps me grow and becomes the precious part of my study abroad experience. I am ready to commit my time and knowledge to the organization as well as to the University Community.