Analysis of chosen artist


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Analysis of chosen artist

  1. 1. Lyden Hande Michael
  2. 2. You’re A JerkNew boyz came out with their first song and video in 2009 called ‘You’re A Jerk’featured in their first album called ‘Skinny Jeans and a Mic’.The purpose of this video was to bring back a subculture from the 80’s/90’s includinga new style of dance called ‘Jerkin’ which was familiar in America/California at thistime. A new type of retro look was included taking small parts of the Retro culturefrom the 80’s, which consisted of brightly coloured clothing. This look then expandedin different parts of California with the help of this video. Within a couple of monthstime, the ‘Jerkin’ industry had become famous in many parts of America and parts ofEurope.New boyz portrayed their target audience through their video, with the help of youngteenagers aged 13 – 19 who were doing the new style of dancing called ‘Jerkin’ withinthe video, to help promote and expand this new subculture. This is why New Boyz and‘Jerkin’ became so popular within young teenagers as they are able to see people oftheir same age group featured in the video as this was a new style that they couldthen follow.
  3. 3. Screenshots Here are some screenshots that show the use of editing, the different types of camera shots such as close ups and mid shots. Also the use of clothing, skinny jeans, vans, gold chains hats and shades
  4. 4. You’re A Jerk - ContinuedWith the first look of skinny jeans a brightly coloured jumpers this is the look thatNew Boyz wanted to start and promote around California. Soon this look becamemore and more popular around America making the New Boyz more well known forthis look. The New Boyz image was now popular and people all over America had thelook of skinny jeans, vans and the retro styled jumper or checkered shirt. Having aunique style is a key element for the New Boyz because this will make themsuccessful through the style of clothes they wear and they will be recognized for it.There are lots of close ups used in the video this is self promotion because from thisis so that they are more recognized from fans because they will know they’re facemore. Furthermore there are more also close ups of the performers in the videodoing the jerk, this is so that fans are able to see what the dance is all about andwhat it looks like. Although there is lots of close ups, there are lots of close ups thereare also split screens because the artists are a duo so they split the screen in halfwhen one is singing and the other dances this is so that the fans know both artists.Editing used in the video has a number of different types of edits this is becausethere are a duo artist because the song is narrative based as well as performancebased they use a spilt screen of the two artists. Furthermore there wipe cuts this sothat they can cut to the next scene this is so that they can go from scene to sceneabout the artists
  5. 5. Screenshots Here are some screenshots which have been taken from the video, such as close up to show the artists this is so that they are more recognized. Furthermore their is long shot and split screens of the performers dancing this is so that the audience can get a look of what the dance Jerkin is all about this helps to promote the style of dance and the look of what the style of clothing is worn as well
  6. 6. You’re A JerkThe messages that are conveyed about artist are that they are bringingsomething new the music industry with the new style of jerkin’ also theartists are seen as cocky to the audience because the lyrics state “ you’re ajerk, I know” clearly stating that they know they are jerks to the girls , theaudience will like this as this shows that the artist have confidence inthemselves. Also there is a scene where one of the artist mentions aboutlifting his top off and showing his six pack, this shows to the females fansthat they work out and have a well toned body. Although this is their firstmainstream song they have confidence in themselves to show that they areslightly cocky to the audience but as the audience we like it
  7. 7. The Bangz Ft New Boyz – Found My Swag
  8. 8. Found My SwagAfter New Boyz released the first American hit You’re A Jerk, they were nowbeing recognized by record labels and by other music artists, in this songthey have teamed up with the group duo The BangzIn this video the image the New Boyz are going is skinny jeans, printedjumper, snapbacks and shades, this is because it is conventional to type ofmusic and the way they want to be recognized by the audience. Furthermorethis was the genre characteristics of the look they had to go for because itfits into the music they were being known for which was the dance /alternative hip hop because it was the opposite image to hip hop, this wasalso to portray their album title ‘skinny jeans and mic’The song is all about clothing, the New Boyz are singing about the clothesthey have bought and the clothes they wear, from the lyrics “Ive found myswag and Ive put it in the bag”. This tells the audience that they are talkingabout clothes and how new the clothes are, the audience would expect thisfrom a artist because they’re telling you that they have money to spend onclothes and they can buy the most expensive branding taken from the songthe lyric says “I can see you right behind my Gucci fabrics”
  9. 9. Screenshots
  10. 10. Found My SwagMid shots, close ups and long shots are used throughout the video clip, this so that you areable to see what clothes they are wearing, able to see dance moves the performers do andbecause New Boyz have a wider audience they do not need to use as much close upsbecause they need to reinvent themselves every time they create a new video so that theykeep gaining fans and they have something new to bring to the music industry and to theiraudienceAlthough there are no props used in the video, they have a lot of dancers in the backgrounddoing Jerkin’ so that even though the New Boyz are not singing about it they are still ableto incorporate it in the video so that the fans do not lose interest in the movement ofJerkin’ it also keeps them interested in the dance as well as to see what new moves peoplehave come up in the music video. Furthermore although New Boyz feature on the songthey are the main attraction of the video because they are more well know the artist’s songso by using the New Boyz it has shown that from the first video “You’re A Jerk” they hadpeople featuring in theirs and now that they are more famous they can feature in someoneelse’s video help boost the promotion of the song because they are in itThe technology that has been added in makes the video look more glamorous because itadds effect to the video which makes it stick out more. As well as this being a step up forthe new Boyz as well because they have gone from filming on a street to filming in a studio,this shows that they have changed through the style of their film making
  11. 11. Screenshots
  12. 12. Found my swagThe target audience of this video is from young teenagers (13) to olderteenagers (19) because this because they have famous performers in thebackground doing Jerkin’ so this help promote the movement and this newsub-culture.
  13. 13. New Boyz Ft Chris Brown – Better with the lights off
  14. 14. Better with the lights offNew Boyz for the second time teamed up after Chris Brown, after their firstsong with him, called Call Me Dougie was successful they decided to make amore main stream song which could apply to everyone to have a widertarget audience. The image the New Boyz decided to go with was somethingdifferent they wanted to make a up beat catchy song with a main streamartist to help boost their recognition and promote themselves to a wideaudience.The target audience for this video in young teenagers to late 20’s this isbecause their music is now pop so with their new songs they are able towider their target audience through their songs because people will be ableto connect to them and relate to them In this video they are wearing vest tops, hats, denim shorts, denim jacketsand white trainers this is because the New Boyz wanted a new look aftertheir first album which was all about skinny jeans and Jerkin’. In their newalbum they followed the genre characteristics of hip hop and pop image sothat they could wider their variety in music and also they would draw inmore fans by making mainstream songs
  15. 15. ScreenshotsIn their new album they have swayedaway from the retro 80’s looks withskinny jeans and brightly colouredjumpers, now they wear clothes whichrelate to hip hop / pop such as Adidasoriginals tracksuits, hats, vest tops andshorts
  16. 16. Better with the lights offThe use of technology such as editing was used throughout the video such asstraight cuts and fade ins as well as fade outs this so that it can go from scene toscene, so that the audience get to see different artists, because they are both indifferent scenes. This is because when the tempo picks up the fade in and fade outsfasten to match the beat of the song this is so that they are in sync with each otherand that it matches the videoThe cinematography used in video consisted of close ups, medium shots, trackingshots, panning and the kulshov effect, this is so that the artists have demands fromthe record label and with lots of close ups it is for promotional use, also with theother camera shots this is because this is there second album and because theyhave a large fan base they can use other camera shots to make the video differentand come with a different approach to music and this so that they can reinventthemselves and sell themselves to the audience to widen their fan base
  17. 17. Screenshots In their new video they have sexy women dancing around them in hardly any clothes, you would expect to see this in Hip Hop video because they usually associate with sexy women in the video around them, to show that the artist has sexual magnetism
  18. 18. Better with the lights offProps were used in the video to help make the video seem conventional and thatthey follow their genre characteristics which are pop and hip hop. The audiencewill be expecting to see this in the video because this is what catches their targetaudience, whereas in their first album they were trying to promote a dance, in theirnew album they want to be more mainstream. This is why with the use of propsthey are able to catch the audiences eye as they have done something new as it isnot the same as their first albumThe purpose of this video was to reach to a wider target audience as they havecome back with a new album and also reinvented themselves to a wider targetaudience. The help of this was by using a mainstream artist who is already has amassive impact in the music industry who is Chris Brown, this with make their fanbase grow