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Pic analysis 1


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Pic analysis 1

  1. 1. Zachary Pauley Partner Photo Analysis with Jessie Lycans Who are the people in the photograph? The people in this photograph appear to be women cooking. What is the situation of the people in the photograph? Provide evidence from the photo that tells you this. The people in this photograph are cooking in an old fashioned kitchen with a mix of more modern appliances considering the mixer on the table. What message do you think the photographer was trying to convey? The photographer was probably trying to show how a kitchen ran at that time and how it was mostly women that worked in kitchens and cooked food. Why is this photograph important to history? This photograph is important to history as it shows how things have changed with how more men are cooks today and back then it was women. What questions does this photograph raise? This photo raises the questions of when this was taken so the stance on equal rights for women could be determined. Write your own caption for the photograph: Four women work tirelessly in the kitchen preparing food. What could you do to find more information about this photograph? To find more information, you could search online of when electric mixers first went on the market to tell around what time the photo is from.
  2. 2. Based on what you have observed list 3 things you might infer from the photograph 1-That this picture is sometime after 1920 which is when domestic electric mixers were invented. 2-This picture is sometime before 1980 because that is when Coca Cola stopped using the wooden crates in the bottom right corner of the picture. 3- This photo is most definitely not from a home because of the amount of people who are in it cooking.