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SA Student Spend Report 2013


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Student Village has embarked on a new research journey to find out exactly where the South African student community currently stands when it comes to money.

Where do they get it?
Do they save any?
Where do they spend it?
Which brands have their attention?
What pushes their spending decisions?

Published in: Business, Travel
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SA Student Spend Report 2013

  1. A research consultancy, established in May 2010. Covering Usage/Habits & Attitude studies, innovation, strategic brand positioning, communication testing and concept development and analysis, primarily within the FMCG sector. Amoeba has been involved in projects for corporate’s such as; MTN, Unilever, Kraft Foods, Kimberly Clark, Pepsico, SAB Miller, Nestle, Tigerbrands, GSK, LAFARGE, Momentum, Foodcorp, Vodafone, LilLets and Danone.
  2. Potential Spend On Travel R4.6 Billion
  3. Visit for the full reportVisit for the report