Tourism week 3


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Tourism week 3

  1. 1. Name of the game: “Hanoi - 36 streets”Do you like Game Starting time: October 2009Shows? Organizers: - VNAT - Hanoi Tourism Board - National project of 1000 years of Hanoi ceremony - Vietnam promotion and advertisement association - Hanoi investment and telecommunication company Learning Objectives Tourism After this lecture, you will be able to: Organizations •Understand the scale of world tourism in terms of the vast numbers of organizations with diverse Khong Yen Giang, MBA. memberships. •Recognize the variety of types and functions of tourism organizations. •Familiarize with some types of tourism organizations in Vietnam. •Learn how national, regional, and trade organizations are structured and operated. 1
  2. 2. Tourism Organizations What do these abbreviations stand for?- UNWTO, WTTC, PATA, ASIANTA, ATF- VNAT, MCST (11/8/2007) State & Provincial Travel Industry Associations Local & City Government Tourism Departments Classification of organizations Tourism Organizations By Geography: Tourism organizations can be Nations viewed in the following ways: Regions / States / Provinces / urban 1. Geographically centers 2. By ownership By Ownership 3. By function Government 4. By industry Quasi government 5. By aim Private By Aim Profit / non-profit 2
  3. 3. Classification oforganizations Main categories By Function Regulators / developers International organizations Suppliers Developmental organizations Marketers Regional International organizations Consultants / educators / publishers Researchers / professional National organizations associations Provincial organizations By Industry Transportation Others Lodging / accommodation Travel agents / tour wholesalers Attractions / recreationInternational tourism International Tourismorganizations OrganizationsWorld Tourism Organization (UNWTO) World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) 1925: founded in The Hague, known 1976: an executing agency of as Int’l Union of official Tourist UNDP publicity Organization 1977: formal cooperation After WWII: renamed as Int’l Union agreement was signed with UN for Official Tourism Organizations itself (IUOTO), moved to Geneva 2003: became a specialized 5/1975: renamed as WTO, moved to agency of the UN and reaffirmed Madrid its leading role in international tourism 3
  4. 4. International TourismInternational TourismOrganizations Organizations World Travel and Tourism CouncilWorld Tourism Organization (UNWTO)•Most widely recognize organization Global coalition of the top 100 chief in tourism executive officers from all sectors of•Serves as a global forum the industry•Transfers tourism know-how•Produces statistics and market Established in 1990, based in research London•Develops tourism human resources•Works to facilitate travel Led by a 19-member executive•Promotes sustainability committee (under meetings and•Creates special projects reports)International TourismOrganizations DevelopmentalWorld Travel and Tourism Council OrganizationsSome goals of WTTC are: 1. Work with governments to make Examples: tourism a strategic economic development and employment •World Bank priority. •United Nations2.Move toward open and competitive Development Program markets. •Asian Development Bank3. Business balances economics with people, culture and environment4.Pursue sustainable development.5.Eliminate barriers to growth in the industry. 4
  5. 5. Regional InternationalOrganizations National Organizations Organization for Economic Travel Industry Association of Cooperation and Development America (TIA) (OECD) Leading private tourism Mostly European membership, but the organization in U.S. United States, Canada, Japan and Represents the whole U.S. travel Australia are also members. industry Promotes and facilitates increased Pacific Asia Travel Association travel to and within the U.S. (PATA) Represents nations in Asia and the Canadian Tourism Commission Pacific (CTC) European Travel Commission (ETC) Marketing organization - Public- Function as a National Tourism Office of private partnership Europe Plans, directs, manages, and implements programs to promote Promotion of 37 countries of Europe tourism in Canada. Union as a destination National Organizations Provincial Vietnam National Administration of Organizations Tourism (VNAT) Established in 1960 Department of Tourism; Trade & State administration on tourism policy, planning and development Tourism; Tourism & Trade. All 64 provinces have Tourism Vietnam Tourism Association Promotion Offices. (VITA) 15 tourism association chapters A voluntary non-government organization at city and provincial levels 900 tourism enterprises of member ship (30%) Attract tourists to Vietnam through promotional public relations, campaigns and trade shows Representative by Vietnamese nationalities only 5
  6. 6. Other TourismOrganizations Testing Convention and Visitor Bureaus Why does a hotel or a tourism(CVBs) Umbrella organizations company want to be a member of Represent a city or urban area the National Tourism organization? Help to appeal and give services of all types of travelers Most city CVBs belong to this organization. International Association ofConvention and Visitor Bureaus(IACVB) Promote professional practices in the solicitation and servicing of meetings, conventions and tourism Provide with educational resources and networking opportunities to its members.End of Presentation Assignment What are the benefits of Vietnam tourism when joining in worldwide organizations like UNWTO, PATA or ASEANTA? Give examples to illustrate your ideas? Thank you for joining us! 6