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管理英文 - Chinese Workers Demand Higher Pay

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管理英文 - Chinese Workers Demand Higher Pay

  1. 1. 授課老師:李元德 博士報告學生:馮冠銘 同學
  2. 2. • Now to labor unrest in China. Chinese workers are on strike at the Japanese auto company Honda. And theyve shut down an auto plant and four factories. Honda responded by offering a 24 percent raise. This is just the latest labor problem to hit southern China. NPRs Louisa Lim joins us from Shanghai to tell us more. 現在在中國的勞資糾紛。在日本的本田汽車公司 裡的中國工人集體罷工。然後他們目前已經關閉 自動設備和四家工廠。本田作出反應,願意提供 24%的加薪。這是目前最新重創中國南方的勞動 問題。NPR的Louisa Lim加入我們的報導並從上海 來告訴我們更多的消息。
  3. 3. • Good morning.• LOUISA LIM: Morning, Renee.• MONTAGNE: Where does the strike stand as of this morning?• LIM: Well, Hondas now saying that most of the 2,000 striking workers will accept this pay rise, which actually would bring their salary to $280 a month, which is more than double the minimum wage in that part of China. 早安。 LOUISA LIM : 早,Renee。 MONTAGNE:今天早上罷工到何處呢? 恩,現在本田公司說,2000名裡大多數的罷工工人都 接受這次的加薪,這實際上會使他們的工資變成每月 280元,這對於中國地區的最低工資標準多出一倍以 上。
  4. 4. • But the workers were originally asking for more than a 50 percent increase. And about 100 workers are still holding out for more. Their argument is that theyre being paid 50 times less than Japanese employees for the same job, so they deserve more. 但工人最初的要求是增加50%以上。因此大約還有100名的工人仍 堅持要求更多。他們抱怨的是,他們所支付的薪水是與日本員工 同樣工作的50分之一,所以他們應該得到更多。
  5. 5. • MONTAGNE: And how much leverage do these workers have? I mean, how much impact has this strike had on Honda?• LIM: Well, these workers have already been on strike for more than two weeks. They work at an auto parts factory, but after a week on strike theyve actually - they actually managed to shut down Hondas four car plants in China. Thats a loss to Honda of about 3,000 vehicles a day. So it is costing Honda very dearly. And the company says all its factories will remain closed at least through Thursday. MONTAGNE: 那麼,這些工人有多少影響力?我的意思是,這次的罷工對本田影 響了多少? LIM: 恩,這些工人從開始到現在已經罷工了兩個多星期了。他們在汽車配件廠 工作,但罷工一個星期後,他們實際上已經 - 他們實際上設法關閉本田公司設在 中國的四家車廠。這使本田等於一天損失掉約3000輛的車子。所以這花費了本田 相當巨大的代價。因此,該公司聲稱他們的工廠會持續關閉至少到週四。
  6. 6. • And this strike highlights some of the vulnerabilities of the supply chain. Honda didnt have a second supplier of auto parts in China. It obviously wasnt expecting strikes in China, since unauthorized labor organizing is actually illegal in China. 這次的罷工凸顯出了一些供應鏈的安全漏洞。而 且本田在中國沒有第二間零件供應商。這在中國 的罷工很明顯是無法預料到的,因為在中國未經 授權的勞動組織實際上是非法的。
  7. 7. • MONTAGNE: You know, though, how much significance can be attached to the fact that this strike was allowed to go ahead and even to be reported on by official media? MONTAGNE: 你知道嗎,即使如此,有多大的意 義可以附加一個事實,就是這次罷工被允許繼續 進行,甚至會被官方媒體報導嗎?
  8. 8. • LIM: Well, it does appear to be part of a trend. Authorities do appear to be allowing sporadic peaceful protests. And in this case the strike was, even as you say, given coverage in the state-run media. But many wonder whether this could be linked to the fact that the company involved was Japanese, not a Chinese company. LIM: 恩,它似乎是一種趨勢的一部分。當局似乎允許 一些零星的和平抗議活動。而在這種情況下罷工,就 如你所說,會在國營媒體給予報導。但很多人想知道 這是否會被連接到該公司是日本的而不是中國公司的 事實。
  9. 9. • Yesterday, local media, however, reported that there was some violence, there were some clashes between strikers and members of an official government-authorized union who in theory are supposed to represent workers but were actually trying to get them back to work. And today weve seen fewer reports in the official media. So this may signal that authorities are beginning to lose patience with this strike after two weeks. 昨天,當地媒體報導,然而,報導了一些之前的暴力事件,有一些理論上應該代 表工人,但實際上是試圖讓他們回去工作的官方授權的政府聯盟成員與罷工的工 人們發生衝突。今天,我們看到在官方媒體上的報導已經比較少了。因此,這可 能暗示著當局在這次罷工後的兩個星期已經開始失去耐心了。
  10. 10. • MONTAGNE: And, Louisa, this strike at Honda comes after a spate of workers suicides at a Taiwanese-owned electronics factory, also in south China, which led to a 20 percent wage hike. Is there a connection between the two? MONTAGNE: 那麼,Louisa,在本田的罷工事件 之後接著發生的在台資電子廠的工人自殺事件, 而且也發生在中國南方,這因此導致了20%的工 資上漲。請問這兩者之間是否有所關聯性嗎?
  11. 11. • LIM: Yes. Well, I mean, I suppose both cases are bringing the spotlight onto working conditions in Chinas factories. And they seem to indicate that Chinas low-wage workers are being pushed to their very limits. And in the case of the electronics factory you talked about - Foxconn - maybe even beyond their limits. At that factory theyve had 10 suicides in the past few months. And a number of different factors are behind blamed - long working hours, lots of overtime, and an almost military discipline on the production lines, which some said were making workers depressed. LIM: 是的。恩,我的意思是,我認為這兩種情況會給中國工 廠的工作環境帶來受矚目的焦點。他們似乎表明,中國的低 工資工人已經被推到極限。然後你所說的富士康電子廠的案 例可能甚至超出了他們的極限。而該工廠在過去的幾個月裡 已經有十個人自殺了。然而,在背後有好幾種不同的指責, 工作超時,大量加班和在生產線上的管理幾乎像是軍事紀 律,以導致有些工人說工作使人鬱悶。
  12. 12. • So some people are now wondering whether the era of cheap Chinese labor could be coming to an end. And, indeed, if you look at the demographics, factory workers in China are gaining leverage. Maybe because of the one child policy, in the past decade the number of workers in that labor pool - 20 to 39-year- olds - has fallen by 22 percent. So that in many ways does increase their bargaining power. 因此,有些人現在想知道是否中國的廉價勞動力時代 即將結束。因為,事實上,如果你看人口統計,在中 國工廠的工人是有影響力的。也許是因為一胎化政 策,在過去的十年中,工人的勞動圈 - 20到39歲的孩子 - 也下降了22%。因此,在許多方面會增加他們的議價 能力。

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