Cutting 101: Can Has Ultimate Domination?


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Cutting 101: Can Has Ultimate Domination?

  1. 1. Intro to Cutting • Your Cuts! Should be “sharp like cheddar” (and crisp like bacon) • Here is a simple 3-step sequence of cuts: 1.Go deep/downtown • Come in/”under” • 7-cut to breakside/clear
  2. 2. Step 1: The Deep Cut Goin' downtown
  3. 3. Scenario: ho stack forcing forehand...
  4. 4. a) stack up closer to the handler! (gives you room or "space" to move in this white box)
  5. 5. b) anticipate the swing before going deep
  6. 6. swinging...
  7. 7. swinging... again!
  8. 8. now start busting deep! at least 4-6 steps "downtown"
  9. 9. you opened up some space on the far right of the field here, now go thataway!
  10. 10. you opened up some space on the far right of the field here, now go thataway!
  11. 11. the other inside cutter is going breakside, to clear
  12. 12. yay! you're gonna pull down that huck!
  13. 13. Deep Pitfalls 1) You cut too early, the handler isn't ready to huck! 2) You cut too late, stall count is high 3) You started too far away from the thrower (no space to work) 4) You cut directly away from the thrower (only): throw goes over your head and is hard to read 5) You cut directly to the open space without "opening a window": defender has an easier time
  14. 14. Step 2: the Lobster Cut If the deep look is pump faked off / is not viable, what next?
  15. 15. in theory yellow space is open... but "D" is guarding that space now
  16. 16. what if you go "downtown"... (as if going deep)
  17. 17. taking at least 4-6 steps (running stride)
  18. 18. and defense goes deep too...?
  19. 19. just chop your feet (get low), plant, and lobster cut back / "come in" to the open space!
  20. 20. zomg nice gainer!
  21. 21. In-cut pitfalls 1) You only juked / did not take 4-6 steps going deep: Defender does not "buy" the cut or commit hips, and thus they stay with you as you come in :( Solution: sell the cut! make them "respect the deep threat" by taking at least 4-6 steps and seeing when they commit hips 2) You run too far downfield (12-20 steps): Uh oh, too far away from handler, by the time you come in it's too late 3) Not angling cut towards the open (yellow) space / "passing lane"
  22. 22. Step 3: Clearing / 7-cut How to clear out
  23. 23. forcing forehand... "go-to drill" distance away
  24. 24. in theory yellow space is open... but "D" is guarding that space now
  25. 25. maybe you went deep but it's not viable
  26. 26. you come in after planting for a nice in-cut... but the D is right there!
  27. 27. good thing you "opened a window", that is: cut way to the open side to "open a window" of space...
  28. 28. now cut horizontal to use the window space
  29. 29. yay! you catch here or a I/O flick to break the mark
  30. 30. 7-cut pitfalls 1) You come too close to the handler (electric fence!) Handler sadface 2) You cut towards the handler rather than to open space: There's no window! 3) You cut to open space but not towards the sideline: Window is too small, 7-cut fail 4) You cut back in the direction from whence you came: Uh oh, you're using up someone else's new cutting lane!
  31. 31. You did it! 1) Deep look 2) Coming in 3) 7-cut to clear out