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Passion project framework


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Framework for passion Project

Published in: Education
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Passion project framework

  1. 1. Passion Project Framework
  2. 2. Framework Model
  3. 3. Step 1: Brainstorm What do you care about? What are you passionate about? What makes you angry? What makes you sad? What do you wish could be changed today?
  4. 4. Step 2: Research and Record Background information regarding your topic Research-based information regarding any changes in policy (if applicable) or research into topics origins Record findings to use in your project
  5. 5. Step 3: Reflect Why does this topic matter? What impact does this topic have on you/community/world? If applicable - why does there need to be reform/change? Relevance
  6. 6. Step 4: Present Well-organized presentation Presenting facts with research to back them up Focus on Why - Why was this chosen? Why should the audience care? Speak calmly and in a manner that can be understood by the audience
  7. 7. Student Achievement All of the steps in the framework correspond to Reading, Writing, and Communication standards that students have in many classes. By practicing these skills students become better readers, researchers and speakers.