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Expert Interview - Ryan Joos on Local SEO Link Building


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Jason Weaver interviews Ryan Joos from Nifty Marketing/Law. Learn great real world examples of earning links. He covers guest posting, scholarship and super resource outreach.

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Expert Interview - Ryan Joos on Local SEO Link Building

  1. 1. Successful SEO Strategy Local Marketing Boot Camp
  2. 2. Search Queries in Google Users Your Site & Its Landing Pages
  3. 3. “Toledo Personal Injury Attorney” COMPETITORS = 51-100
  4. 4. Onsite Optimization What makes a good hook? “Making the hook”
  5. 5. Onsite Optimization -Title Tags -H1’s, H2’s, H3’s, etc. -in URL -1000+ Words -Content -Keywords
  6. 6. Onsite Optimization Tell Google What This “Hook” is About Like a Movie Cover Objective:
  7. 7. My Hook URL: /toledo-personal-injury-lawyer/ H1: Toledo Personal Injury Lawyers Title Tag: Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer | Groth & Associates Word Count: 2000+    
  8. 8. “Toledo Personal Injury Attorney” Theirs Ours What Should I do?
  9. 9. #1: Content Expansion More Hooks in More Waters
  10. 10. Keyword REsearch How you select Your Waters
  11. 11. Screenshot  from  Moz  Keyword  Explorer  
  12. 12. Screenshot  from  
  13. 13. Screenshot  from  Moz  Keyword  Explorer  
  14. 14. “Toledo Car Accident Attorney” Less Hooks = 11-50
  15. 15. #2: Link Building Turn this to this But How?
  16. 16. Ranking Factors h<p://­‐engine-­‐ranking  
  17. 17. Link Building Objective “That’s a good hook.” -Other Fisherman (sites) It’s like an Endorsement
  18. 18. Link Building Objective “That’s a good hook.” -Captain Ahab vs. “That’s a good hook.” -Random Fisherman
  19. 19. Link Building Objective Is a better site than
  20. 20. Screenshot from Moz Open Site Explorer
  21. 21. Ranking Factors Screenshot from CognitiveSEO
  22. 22. Link Building campaigns -SCHOLARSHIP -Content Marketing -GUEST BLOG POSTING
  23. 23. Scholarship -Offer Scholarship ($1000) -Make Scholarship Page -Add Application Form -Outreach
  24. 24. Scholarship Outreach
  25. 25. Content Marketing -Create Piece of Content -SELECT AN Audience -Infographic -Blog Post -Video -Tool -Promote Like Crazy
  26. 26. Infographic   Audience: -Mom bloggers   Topic: -Internet Safety for Children Outreach: -Email bloggers ask them to share infographic. -Offer to write post Results: -60+ links
  27. 27. Blog Post   Audience: -Mom bloggers   Topic: -Internet children about disabilities Outreach: -Email bloggers ask them to share blog post -Offer to write post Results: -70+ links
  28. 28. Summary Onsite Optimization “Make the Hook” Content Expansion “More Hooks/More Waters” Link Building “Better/Deeper Hooks”
  29. 29. Resources  page   Resources Moz on Page Grader Moz Open Site Explorer Moz Keyword Explorer