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Agenda for training


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Top Dog Sales and Marketing Training

Published in: Business
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Agenda for training

  1. 1. Top Dog Training<br />Sales and Marketing Training for Small Businesses<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Week One<br />Know Thyself and Customer<br />Uncover your personal value and your business value. <br />Learn how to clearly differentiate from the competition<br />Understand your prospect and the real value you bring. Identify qualified prospects vs. unqualified<br />Identify strategic partners<br />Accountability in sales<br />Take Away<br />Perfected 30 second commercial<br />The cost of change for your prospect, versus the cost of not changing<br />Targeted messaging to your individual markets<br />Clear list of strategic partners and a sales call sheet for each<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Week Two<br />Prospecting and Cold Calls<br />Create a list of hot prospects – who, what, why, how and when<br />Pre-call Plan<br />Networking – maximizing leads<br />Ways to “cold call” – think in and out of the box<br />Converting your prospect into the sales process<br />Post Call Plan<br />Take Away<br />Hot prospect list – all information<br />Pre-call planning worksheet<br />Post call planning sheet<br />Prospecting strategy / plan and ways to measure effectiveness<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Week Three<br />The Sales Process<br />Learning the five stages of the sales process: initial meeting, pain, motive, economics, closing<br />Funnel Movement<br />Objections (Identification and handling)<br />Hitting the brick wall in the process and how to get moving again<br />Closing the deal<br />Take Away<br />Hot prospect list – all information<br />Pre-call planning worksheet<br />Post call planning sheet<br />Prospecting strategy / plan and ways to measure effectiveness<br />List of objections and three ways to handle each<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />4<br />
  5. 5. Week Four<br />Creating Your Sales Strategy<br />Identifying gaps that exist currently in your process<br />Understanding profitability in sales and cost of sales in business<br />Writing your sales plan – including short term and long term goals<br />Measuring your sales plan<br />Strategy for Up-selling and cross selling to your existing customers<br />Take Away<br />CRM strategy<br />Final sales strategy document in alignment with business strategy and goals<br />One year sales goals and projections<br />Month-to-month goal analysis<br />Activities tied to plan<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Week Five<br />Lead Generation Tools<br />Prospecting, lead acquisition tool identification – customized for your business <br />Email campaigns, email platforms that are cost effective and setting up your email campaign<br />Clear understanding of content that is relevant to your prospects<br />How to write a case study and best ways to deliver the case study<br />Seven hit strategy – planning for seven tools to get you in front of your prospects <br />Take Away<br />Email platform and an html design for immediate use<br />Newsletter template for immediate use<br />Case study written for immediate use<br />3 clear stories for future case studies or content<br />Lead generation plan sheet and measurement goals<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />6<br />
  7. 7. Week Six<br />Social Marketing Strategy<br />The right way to launch a social marketing campaign vs. the wrong way<br />Understanding of four main platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin<br />How to setup and manage your social platforms<br />Content to post on your social platforms<br />Using your platforms for lead generation, referrals and customer interfacing<br />Take Away<br />Facebook page, Linkedin business group, Twitter setup and a business YouTube channel and easy steps for one-click posts to all platforms<br />Ten articles to post immediately<br />A Twitter, FB and Linkedin guide for reference<br />Guide for measuring effectiveness<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />7<br />
  8. 8. Week Seven<br />Your Web Platform<br />Evaluation of existing websites<br />Search Engine Optimization, organic search tools and adwords<br />Using Google analytics to measure web activity<br />Why blog? <br />Setting up a Wordpress blog<br />Take Away<br />Wordpress Blog <br />Three blog posts<br />Google analytics setup and handbook for understanding ongoing evaluation<br />Plugins and forms to get information from your web traffic<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />8<br />
  9. 9. Week Eight<br />Video<br />Why you use it and how you use it <br />Types of video production and identification of usage<br />How to shoot video with a Flip camera (we will actually shoot each other’s video in class)<br />Editing video with your Flip camera<br />Getting your video out to the web<br />Take Away<br />Video strategy – calendar and topics for video production and placement<br />Completed video overview of your company (shot, edited and loaded to social sites)<br />Flip camera for immediate use<br />Creative topics for video<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />9<br />
  10. 10. Week Nine<br />Podcasting and Webinars<br />Why you use podcasts and how to use for best results. Using your referral and networking partners as part of the podcast<br />When is a webinar or in-house seminar appropriate and what topics are relevant?<br />Setting up your webinar<br />How to tape a podcast<br />Platforms that make sense<br />Take Away<br />An audio interview podcast and placement on itunes<br />Ways to sell through webinars<br />Free webinar platform<br />A strategy for getting exposure to the maximum number of prospects in minimal time<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />10<br />
  11. 11. Week Ten<br />Monetizing Your Efforts<br />Creating a strategic partner (channel) sales force and tools for your partners<br />Ways to obtain funding for your ongoing marketing through “creative thinking”<br />Forming an advisory board – creating a peer to peer plan with the training group<br />Presenting your sales and marketing plan<br />Getting immediate referrals<br />Take Away<br />Five strategic partners and packaged tools for partners to sell<br />Five referrals from the group<br />Peer to peer calendar and advisory group creation<br />A completed sales and marketing strategy<br />Working Dog Multimedia, Inc.<br />11<br />