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Donor Relations and Campaigns


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Donor Relations and Campaigns

  1. 1. Donor Relations Momentum after a Campaign Lynne M. Wester @donorguru
  2. 2. • Donor relations for every donor: – Major and principal gift donors – Mid-level donors – Campaign volunteers • Donor relations in each phase of the campaign • Preparing a campaign donor relations plan AGENDA
  3. 3. THE FACTS
  4. 4. • Gifts • Plaques • Certificates • Donor Honor Roll WHAT WE THINK DONORS WANT
  5. 5. • Access • Information • Experiences WHAT DONORS REALLY WANT
  6. 6. • Impact reports • Insider information • Evidence-based measures of progress, outcomes and impact WHAT INFORMATION IS MOST IMPORTANT?
  9. 9. • Tours • Events • Meetings with beneficiaries EXPERIENCES THEY WILL NEVER FORGET
  10. 10. • Evaluate and analyze all current efforts • Plan for future of next campaign • Retain staff and build for the next campaign • What do we do for those still paying on pledges? CLOSING
  11. 11. IN SUMMARY CAMPAIGN PHASE APPROPRIATE DONOR RELATIONS ACTIVITIES PLANNING • Donor relations needs seat at the table • Begin a staffing and strategic plan • Perform an Audit SILENT • Hire new teammates • Evaluate existing processes and policies • Revise as needed PUBLIC • Develop consistent messaging and communications • Begin to plan for campaign close CLOSING • Assess efforts of campaign • Work on retaining staff • Plan for next campaign
  12. 12. 1. Assess and document your existing programs and activities 2. Note the strengths and weaknesses of your current efforts; identify future needs and opportunities 3. Standardize guidelines for recognition levels and naming opportunities - ask your governing board to adopt a formal policy PREPARING A CAMPAIGN DONOR RELATIONS PLAN
  13. 13. 4. Develop plans for commitments to the new campaign, as well as plans for continuing stewardship once all pledges are fulfilled 5. Secure a budget to cover both ongoing donor relations needs and unique campaign-driven demands 6. Secure internal commitment to the program and its implementation PREPARING A CAMPAIGN STEWARDSHIP PLAN
  14. 14. 7. Establish a systematic recording, tracking, and reporting system 8. Educate and train staff and other participants 9. Communicate elements of the plan to donors as necessary PREPARING A CAMPAIGN STEWARDSHIP PLAN
  15. 15. Thank You, Questions? • Lynne M. Wester • • @donorguru