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I struggle with feeling rejectedLiving Water Counseling                                                I have unrealistic ...
Break Free From the Past                                           Gain new                                               ...
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Life Skills Class Brochure


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Life Skills Class is where you can learn life changing skills to build healthy and lasting relationships

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Life Skills Class Brochure

  1. 1. I struggle with feeling rejectedLiving Water Counseling I have unrealistic expectationsLife Skills of Southern OregonA ministry of Trinity Presbyterian Church1332 Mt Pitt St. Medford, OR 97501541-840-1924 I have trouble communicating I yell at others, especially those I love Life Skills I feel angry and/or depressed I make excuses for others’ behavior I have been abused I am easily intimidated LEARN LIFE-CHANGING I have difficulty making decisions SKILLS TO BUILD HEALTHY AND LASTING RELATIONSHIPS I believe other people cause my problemsDr. Paul Hegstrom, the founder of Life Skills I seek the approval of othersInternational. He was an abusive husbandand father. His pattern of abusive and I don’t trust anyonereactive behavior drove him to divorce his I feel isolatedwife, abandon his children and nearly losehis life. He has since made a completerecovery, remarried his wife and restoredhis family. For Paul’s credentials and fullbiography check out We Can Help! FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 541-840-1924 and visit
  2. 2. Break Free From the Past Gain new Tools For healthy living! Anger Management  Male/Female Differences  Conflict Resolution  Reactive Lifestyles Defining and Identifying Abuse  Communications  Developing Trust  Self-Esteem Childhood Wounds  Forgiveness  Guilt and Shame  Healthy and Lasting Relationships What is the Learn weekly to Live program?Our 30 week program consists ofone three hour session weekly.Classes are conducted separately Learnfor men, women, and teens. Our to Lovefacilitators present the curriculumthrough an oral presentation, Our goal is to helpworkbook study, group discussion, each individual increaseand videos. their capacity toThe curriculum was originally function in relationships,created to support and aid people and where possible to offer hope of reconciliation. There is a one-time intakeinvolved in abusive relationships. fee of $50. Class fees areHowever, Life Skills has proven to based on a sliding scalefine-tune and bring healing and according to eachenrichment to any relationship, individual’s gross annualwhether abuse is present or not. income.