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Logitech usb desktop microphone black silver find ebays best deals!


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Logitech usb desktop microphone black silver find ebays best deals!

  1. 1. Logitech USB Desktop Microphone (Black/Silver) I Love Anything That Does What It Promises Move up to true digital quality audio-without drivers to install or download. Includes noise-cancellation technology for better voice recognition and superior speech recording. Features: * Advanced digital USB * Noise-canceling microphone * Power switch * Adjustable microphone Personal Review: Logitech USB Desktop Microphone (Black/Silver) I read a couple of reviews saying that this item does not work with Windows Vista, that put a hold on my purchase, but after reading one of
  2. 2. the good reviews saying that it does work and saying how to get it to work, I thought I would give it a shot. The item arrived, I plugged it, the computer read it right away and it was installed. I proceeded to my sound recording program and tried it, the volume was low. HERE IS HOW TO MAKE IT W ORK; I then moved onto reading the reviews of the people who have said that it does work with Vista, and here is how I got mine to work. Go to control panel, type in sound and go to your system sounds a window with three tabs should pop up, go to the tab that reads recording when you get there, you should see something other than your new microphone selected as default, just change it, go to properties and change the volume to a higher one (mine was down to 9, I went up to 100 and noticed the HUGE difference) and you will be all set. Open your sound recorder and enjoy. Great product, I have only had it for a day, so I have no reviews as to its endurance of time, but it will definitely last long if you take care of it, a s with everything else. eBay is the ULTIMATE shoppers paradise. At any given time eBay has millions of auctions from the latest electronics, books and child products to the most obsolete items that can’t be found in stores. eBay just announced the “eBay Buyer Protection” plan that covers your purchases on eBay! Shop with confidence and click the link below to see the BEST eBay Auctions right now: Click To View The BEST eBay Auctions On Logitech USB Desktop Microphone (Black/Silver)