Silent hill find e bays best deals!


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Silent hill find e bays best deals!

  1. 1. Silent Hill In The Modern World Of Hd, Xbox 360, Playstation 3. This Game Is Still Scary. A downright creepy survival horror title, Silent Hill succeeds where most Resident Evil-inspired titles suck: keeping you hooked and instilling you with fear throughout the game. Players are cast as Harry Mason in his desperate search for his daughter, who mysteriously disappeared after their car crashed into a gully outside of a desolate resort town. The 3-D environments in Silent Hill are bathed in fog or darkness, making its dismal setting all the more eerie; this also allows for some spectacular lighting effects when using a flashlight in the dark. Granted, there are some pretty coarse graphics being obscured here, but its a fair trade-off, considering the games short load times. Silent Hill is played from a third- person perspective, viewed from both fixed and moving camera angles. As with similar games, the viewpoint can be awkward at times, especially during combat, which here is so clunky that you should try to avoid it whenever possible--something you should do anyway, as this isnt Tomb Raider. Rather than resort to cheap scare tactics, Silent Hill features a gameplay twist that works very well with its limited visibility environments. Harry carries a radio with him that crackles wi th static whenever the games nasties are near, and continues until theyre no longer in the vicinity or have been killed off. (Enemies may require further whacking when theyre down, as they like to play dead.) Additionally, the supported Dual-
  2. 2. Shock controller pulsates in a heartbeatlike fashion whenever youre moderately or seriously injured. --Joe Hon Pros: Suspenseful story with bone-chilling gameplay Short load times Excellent lighting and fog effects Five possible endings add replay value Cons: Coarse graphics Clunky combat Personal Review: Silent Hill Ahhh, my favorite game ever. Dont miss out on this lovely gem. Expensive, but worth it! Youll love this game. A cult classic, to be sure...soon enough, you too will have a new fondness for radios, flashlights, steel pipes and sirens. It has a surprisingly large environment given that its such an old game. Lots of levels, lots of detail, lots of story, lots of monster, lots o stuff, thats for sure. Its a bit of a pain to get used to moving around, but youll get used to it. Were just so spoiled by this intuitive new-gen games. ;) I inherited my original copy from a neighbor, and I was lucky enough to stumble across a brand new copy in a used records, dvd and game store to replace my horribly scratched one for only 20 bucks. Having said that, I would definitely recommend looking around in pawn shops in your town before buying this online. >_> eBay is the ULTIMATE shoppers paradise. At any given time eBay has millions of auctions from the latest electronics, books and child products to the most obsolete items that can’t be found in stores. eBay just announced the “eBay Buyer Protection” plan that covers your purchases on eBay! Shop with confidence and click the link below to see the BEST eBay Auctions right now: Click To View The BEST eBay Auctions On S ilent Hill