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Pokemon colosseum find e bays best deals!


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Pokemon colosseum find e bays best deals!

  1. 1. Pokemon Colosseum The Gamecube Gets Pokemon! Pokemon Colosseum - If youve conquered the Pokemon Stadium games, then the next step up is winning in the massive Colosseums! In this game, youll be challenged to retrain and convert the infamous Dark Pokemon. These are Pokemon that were mistreated during training. Open their hearts through kindness & training, then battle them against champion trainers in the Colosseums! Work with Dark Pokemon to develop a strong relationship with them -- open its heart so that itll fight for you in the Colosseum! Features: * After clearing various parts of the story, youll compete in the incredible Pokemon Colosseums in every town * Fight your way through a series of difficult battles, using more Pokemon and more complex strategies as you reach for the top * Exciting RPG-style storyline and quests for a more advanced level of gameplay
  2. 2. * Upload Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and battle them against friends with a GameCube * Join with a friend for four-player multi-battles Personal Review: Pokemon Colosseum This game tickled my fancy from the get-go. Since I didnt have the option of owning Stadium for the N64, I purchased the next-best thing. I was initially blown away. I had never seen my Pokemon in 3d before, and my jaw dropped when I first saw them in a battle. Dont get me wrong, there are flaws in this game, and the premise might be a little too dark for younger Pokemon players, but I was searching for a little more grit and grime in my Pokemon taste, and this game fit the bill quite nicely. I REALLY miss the sounds that the Pokemon make, saying their names and whatnot, but I can overlook the little flaw and see the game for the Pokemon enjoyment that it really is. Pros: Its Pokemon in 3d! Graphically superior to Pokemon Stadium Sounds are good during battle sequences Transfers from Ruby/Saphire are possible Cons: No trademark sounds from your favorite Pokemon characters Gritty, dark..youre kids might not like this version Overall: Great game to add to your Gamecube collection, and great game for any Pokemon fan to enjoy. Get its sequel as well if youre a collector of all things Pokemon. eBay is the ULTIMATE shoppers paradise. At any given time eBay has millions of auctions from the latest electronics, books and child products to the most obsolete items that can’t be found in stores. eBay just announced the “eBay Buyer Protection” plan that covers your purchases on eBay! Shop with confidence and click the link below to see the BEST eBay Auctions right now: Click To View The BEST eBay Auctions On Pokemon Colosseum