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Parasite eve find e bays best deals!


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Parasite eve find e bays best deals!

  1. 1. Parasite Eve Plain Old Fun Parasite Eve tells the story of Aya Brea of the NYPD on a case involving mass spontaneous human combustion, mutating animals, and the mitochondria revolution. Sound fun? Confusing? Parasite Eve is both. It begins when Aya is attending an opera at Carnegie Hall. The soloist bursts into song and the audience bursts into flames. Somehow, Aya is the only attendee who isnt affected. Not surprisingly, she wants to know whats going on. This curiosity, coupled with her duties as a police officer, grows into a full-scale investigation. Parasite Eves mechanics are simple, yet elegant. From combat to level advancement, the game runs easily and smoothly, making it ideal for someone new to role-playing games (RPGs). Experienced RPGers should still enjoy it for its brilliant storyline. Technically speaking, the games graphics and sound are good, but not spectacular. The full-motion cutscenes are superbly done. Parasite Eve is a good game--theres just not enough of it. While it doesnt feel crammed together, the story seems to resolve quickly. Brilliant while it lasted, Parasite Eve left me wanting more. --John Cocking Pros: Mutating dogs Involving storyline Elegant game mechanics Cons: Too short, and its confusing Features: * Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) video game * Tested & Guaranteed to work! * Return within 30 days if you are not satisfied! * This item is genuine & authentic (not a copy or bootleg)! Personal Review: Parasite Eve A fun game with only a few down points 1. its short, only 10 hours to beat and 2 discs. 2. Aya runs very slow and looks funny while running.
  2. 2. but besides that a very enjoyable RPG with a differnt attitude. The story of mitochondria eve told by sqauresoft in this game is a fasinating one. People say it is Final Fantasy meet Resident Evil, I say its True Science meets Stephen King. eBay is the ULTIMATE shoppers paradise. At any given time eBay has millions of auctions from the latest electronics, books and child products to the most obsolete items that can’t be found in stores. eBay just announced the “eBay Buyer Protection” plan that covers your purchases on eBay! Shop with confidence and click the link below to see the BEST eBay Auctions right now: Click To View The BEST eBay Auctions On Parasite Eve