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Anti-bullying Poem


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cool poem i worte in fifth grade thought it would be cool to share. enjoy!

Published in: Spiritual, Career
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Anti-bullying Poem

  1. 1. I Am... Lexi Watson I am an Inquirer and Confident. I wonder why there is so much bullying. I hear the sound of teasing and laughing. I see children running and hiding from others.I want to stop the fear that is in these children. I am an Inquirer and Confident.I pretend as if there are no bullies in this world. I feel depressed as the kids are hurt and afraid. I touch the kids who are sobbing and sooth them.I worry that one day these bullies will be in jail.I cry when I think about the bullies taunting kids. I am an Inquirer and Confident. I understand the pain of the kids who are afraid. I say to my friends to stand up to the bullies. I dream that the bullies will learn their lessons.I cannot stop thinking of the kids who are bullied. I hope that one day bullying will stop. I am an Inquirer and Confident.