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Alcohol Education program/EDU 653

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Alcohol edu653

  1. 1. At Risk Behavior Alcohol Misuse/Abuse ~Lori Wangberg, CMU Health Educator
  2. 2. Learning Objectives  Define standard drink & binge drinking  Identify myths versus facts  Identify short term & long term effects  Define blood alcohol content  Understand alcohol poisoning  Understand alcohol is a drug
  3. 3. What is alcohol?? Photo by: Joe Cashin
  4. 4. Alcohol – What does it do?  Affects Central Nervous System (CNS) (spinal cord, brain and nerves) Short term effects: impaired judgement and coordination, increased risk for injury Long term effects: irreversible damage to brain, liver and heart
  5. 5. Alcohol Myths/Facts  Taking a cold shower will sober me up Fact: Time is the only thing to sober a person up  Wine is the safest of all drinks Fact: Alcohol no matter what form is alcohol  Drinking makes me cool Fact: Doing things such as vomiting or passing out is not cool, and you are more likely to make bad choices under the influence of alcohol Source: actsBrochure_508compliant.pdf
  6. 6. Statistics….. For a frame of reference: Over 1,700 college students 18-24 die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries each year (NIAAA). Over 696,000 college students are injured each year while under the influence of alcohol (NIAAA) Over 97,000 are involved in sexual assaults while under the influence of alcohol each year (NIAAA) *NIAAA – National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  7. 7. Standard drink equivalents Photo by: William Cho All drinks are not created equal
  8. 8. : Compare the difference…..
  9. 9. Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) •Defined as the amount of alcohol circulating in the blood at any given time •BAC’s are subjective, they can vary between individuals even if you drink the same amount of alcohol
  10. 10. Number of drinks and BAC
  11. 11. Binge Drinking  Consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. ~About 5 drinks for a man ~About 4 drinks for a woman Dangerous because it can result in alcohol poisoning, when your body cannot metabolize it fast enough
  12. 12. Alcohol Poisoning  Large consumption of alcohol can result in alcohol poisoning.  When to call for help/ 911 Slow breathing (less than 8-10 breaths/minute) Bluish color/cold, clammy skin Inability to wake up the person ng.aspx
  13. 13. Alcohol Poisoning  Can result in death, body cannot eliminate the alcohol so it builds up and death by poisoning occurs.  Watch the following video clip from the / story of a young college co-ed who died from alcohol poisoning
  14. 14. Sam Spady story  vd_preview.html
  15. 15. Michigan Laws/Alcohol  It is not legal to buy, drink or even have alcohol with you in the State of Michigan  It is not legal to have alcohol in open cans/bottles/cups on Michigan highways  It is not legal to purchase/give alcohol to people under the age of 21 (These are all misdemeanors) For a full summary of Michigan alcohol laws, see nd_Procedures/Summary_of_Selected_Michigan_Laws.htm
  16. 16. FYI – Need Help/Resources  Campus Counseling Center Foust 102 / 774-3381  University Health Services Foust 200 / 774-6599 Or visit the following websites:
  17. 17. Thank you to the following…. ngMaterials/Documents/1College_Bulletin- 508_361C4E.pdf BAC charts/standard drinks hart.php Myths versus facts: Stats ctsBrochure_508compliant.pdf Alcohol laws Alcohol_Policies_and_Procedures/Summary_of_S elected_Michigan_Laws.htm
  18. 18. For making this presentation possible…  CNS depressant  pers/Documents/ETOHBIOFx.htm  Alcohol image/margarita  828155/sizes/m/  sa/2.0/ photo by William Cho
  19. 19.  BAC   binge drinking  sheets/binge-drinking.htm  alcohol poisoning  /OtherAlcoholInformation/factsAboutAlco holPoisoning.aspx  Sam Spady 