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Crazy commute presentation

  1. 1. CrazyCommuteBoyu Li
  2. 2. What is the game about A digital Board game A racing board game A single player or multi player game single player - against with AI multi player - people play on one device future -a online game A 2D game This board game was created on ludology class from last semester
  3. 3. Game View and Control It’s 2D game, camera will follow the currently vehicle. A click game – touch screen. Cursor scrolling the camera and give player more view of the game
  4. 4. User Interface
  5. 5. Setup a Game Three parameters need setup before start a game.  How many players in the game.  How many laps will race.  Which vehicle player will choose.
  6. 6. Start a Game A game start with the placement of the vehicles on the track. They start at start point of the track. Two ability cards are randomly chosen and associated with each vehicle. Each player must roll the dice to determine who goes first. Highest number goes first. Each vehicle will played one by one follow the order that determined at the begin.
  7. 7. How to play In every turn, player can do following things.  Use an Ability Card. (optional)  Abandon an Ability Card. (optional)  Roll the dice and move forward.  You can randomly got a ability card when you land on ability card square or cross the start point. The winner is the first vehicle cross the finish line at final lap.
  8. 8. Game Element• 3 different maps – Contain special ability cards in each map.• 4 different type vehicle could choose o each vehicle has unique ability• Ability card o A variety of ability cards. o Ability card has different effect on different vehicle o Player can use ability card at every round o Ability can use on player vehicle and competitors vehicle
  9. 9. Ability Cards Ability Card provides a variety of function to help player win the game. The function include stop other player, slow other player, speed themselves up and etc. The usage of ability cards has 4 different types  Could use on the competitor vehicle  Could use on the player vehicle  Could use on both player and competitor vehicle  Could became to a item and leave on the particular space on the track
  10. 10. Ability Cards
  11. 11. Maps Forcurrent design, there have 3 different map could choose: Track, Iceland and Volcano. Some of map have special ability card that only belong to this map.
  12. 12. Maps: Iceland Special Ability cards  Snow - every vehicle move extra two space forward for one round.  Freeze – every vehicle stop for one round.
  13. 13. Maps: Volcanic Special Ability cards  Volcanic eruptions – Rock randomly fall form the Volcano, if it hit a vehicle then that vehicle stop for a round.
  14. 14. Vehicle Vehicle: car, tank, bus and bus Each vehicle has three attributes: 1. Moving Speed – the maximum square can move forward at each turn 2. Attack Range – the range of ability card could use. 3. Capacity of Ability Cards – the amount of ability card could hold
  15. 15. Vehicle Tank Spee Bus Spee d d Attac Attac Capa Capa k k city city Ran… Ran… Car Motobike Spee Spee d d Attac Attac Capa Capa k k city city Ran… Ran…
  16. 16. Save/Load Game Player can save current game. Player can load a previously saved game and continue play
  17. 17. Why would they keep playing After play test on board many times, It is balanced between each vehicle. Every vehicle has chance to win the game, depend on what ability card they have and how to use it。 Even you are the last one on the track, You still have chance to win. You cant know who will win the game since last second. If you want to win the game, you must attack other player to stop them. The fun of the game is fighting between each player. It’s different game when every time you playing.
  18. 18. Other Game:A single player game
  19. 19. This game:Play Together
  20. 20. Everything in the game
  21. 21. Persona Li 25 years old Live in Beijing 1 hour at the subway
  22. 22. Persona John 27 years old IT staff
  23. 23. Persona Karl 38 years old have 3 children
  24. 24. Persona Tina 12 years old Play on parent’s tablet
  25. 25. Initial Requirement 2D display of the game environment UI system that will show all information about player, opponents and game state. Simple menu system Sound FX Main player control base on the mouse click for pc and touch screen on mobile device, system use automatic/manual camera. Save game state. Animation for use different ability card & vehicle movement. Simple AI system. Multiplayer systems that allow multiplayer play game on one device.