How To Select RIA


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How To Select RIA

  1. 1. AJAX or Adobe How to select RIA Technologies
  2. 2. • Needs of RIA • Ajax showcases • Flex showcases • Strength/weakness • Interoperability
  3. 3. Needs of RIA • Improve responsiveness • Client/Server balance • Network efficiency • Asynchronous communication
  4. 4. AJAX Showcases
  5. 5. Bubble tooltips - Amazon Star rating bar - Amazon Dropdown menu – Google docs
  6. 6. Modal dialog – Flickr File uploading– In-place-edit–
  7. 7. Tab menu - Flickr Sortable/resizable/editable table Drag & drop – iGoogle
  8. 8. Standards-based presentation Dynamic display and interaction Document Object Model Data interchange and manipulation XHTML & CSS XML & XSLT Server side system XMLHttpRequest Asynchronous data retrieval JavaScript AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
  9. 9. AJAX: an fast lane to a better user experience The Benefits For Enterprises For Developers • AJAX helps meet time- • Leverage developers’ to-market needs existing web skills like • AJAX favors gradual JavaScript, CSS, etc re-factoring of existing • Easy to integrate AJAX web apps widgets into existing web • AJAX can deliver apps speedy performance • Open source communities
  10. 10. AJAX: Chaos The Drawbacks • Easy to choose wrong framework • Difficult to find best-of-breed AJAX development tools • Cross-browser compatibility issues increase testing costs • Not so predictable • Loss of visibility to search engines • Bookmark issues • ……
  11. 11. Adobe Flex Showcases
  12. 12. A car locator used by Volkswagen UK demo
  13. 13. Yahoo! Maps demo
  14. 14. amCharts demo
  15. 15. Flex runtime architecture
  16. 16. Flex Application framework
  17. 17. Adobe: Powerful, Predictable and Productive The Benefits For Enterprises For Developers • Flex is evolving quickly • Combines powerful and has a predictable development tool(Flex) track with a near-universal • Allows easy access to browser plug-in(Flash) business data and • Flex builder improves rules thus works well developer productivity and for large-scale RIAs collaboration with • An rich, unified designers controls library • Widespread adoption of Flash speeds deployment
  18. 18. Adobe: New things The Drawbacks • Developers have to learn two new languages and an extensive run-time framework • Hard to find qualified developers • Upgrade issues can defeat the deployment value proposition • Invisible to web analytical tools and search engine • ……
  19. 19. Common Limitations Limitation Ajax Adobe Ease of enterprise Connecting to multiple data Integrating data sources and integration sources and reliable messaging web services are less requires developer customization intuitive less some or integrating multiple frameworks commercial Ajax framework Client-side Client frameworks have low Upgrade process is not installation consumer penetration, and seamless, causing users to experience JavaScript may be disabled abandon at high rates Maturity of Fractured ecosystem retards Adobe has not created a ecosystem growth and delays improved tool partner market for add-on support controls, tools, analytics, or vertical offerings Support from Storyboard and wiring tools are Functional testing tool extended not standard and are poorly support of Flex is limited, but development tools integrated with professional design leading vendors will improve tools on this front in 2007
  20. 20. Which to use Use Ajax • When time-to-market is critical and updates are frequent • To build RIA capabilities into existing apps with small, frequent releases • When you have existing, internal JavaScript and HTML expertise Use Flex • When you need to implement large-scale user productivity applications • When you require sophisticated, interactive data visualization • When video & audio playback or web camera / microphone capture is a requirement • When you require complex animation or bitmap manipulation • When graphical design is critical to your business Use Both • When SEO and attractive experience is equally important • When neither can satisfy your requirements
  21. 21. Interoperability
  22. 22. Google Finance
  23. 23. Great features • Easy to see the stock’s value at different levels of details with zooming and tooltips – all easy to do in Flex/Flash, but difficult in Ajax • Landmarks in the stock’s performance to news about the company that may told why the value is taking up or down Communication between the two • When you click a milestone on the graph or the news, it will highlight the corresponding one in the other • Scrolling the graph keeps the news in sync A great example of each technology in it’s place and working together for a great application.
  24. 24. If you want more... Flex And AJAX, Friends or Foes?