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LESPN Presentation Steve Kerr 26 June 2012


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LESPN Presentation Steve Kerr 26 June 2012

  1. 1. London Employment and Skills Policy Network Steve Kerr, Policy Officer
  2. 2. About LESPNFunded by Trust for London, run by LVSCCurrently 200+ groups, 500+ people on mailing listEst. Jan 2010, funding secure to Dec 2013Quarterly meetings, monthly ebulletinRepresentation on LEP Skills and Employment WorkingGroup (and before that, London Skills and EmploymentBoard)
  3. 3. LESPN ObjectivesTo influence employment and skills policy andprovision to serve disadvantaged communities in LondonTo provide a forum for VCS to share information andgood practice on employment and skills issuesTo raise profile of the work of the London VCS inemployment and skills
  4. 4. LESPN key areas of work Influence Influence employment skills provision provision LESPN: LVSC + members Support Evidence frontline impact of VCS orgsVCS delivery Support representative on LEP
  5. 5. Influencing employment policy and provisionGather evidence on how major programmes are working:Work Programme, Jobcentre Plus, DWP ESF, GLA andLondon Councils programmes, etc• How are London’s disadvantaged groups served?• What is role of VCS?•How could programmes work better?Report findings, make recommendations to: DWP,Mayor/LEP, primes, funders, VCS orgs
  6. 6. Influencing skills policy and provisionSurvey London VCS providers to gather evidence onVCS delivery of skills, working with FE Colleges, anddevelop issues paperSome key issues: impact of policy changes ondisadvantaged learners, management fees andsubcontracting issues, linking up skills and employmentfunding (Apprenticeships etc)Report findings to stakeholders: SFA, colleges, trainingproviders, Mayor/LEP, funders, VCS orgs
  7. 7. Evidencing impact of VCS in LondonGoing back to first principles to make the case topolicymakers, commissioners and funders, LEP for theunique value of VCS deliveryCollect and produce case studies demonstrating:• performance of VCS projects against contract• added social value of VCS delivery• how VCS projects address gaps/weaknesses inmainstream provision
  8. 8. Support for frontline VCS orgsCurrently, LVSC has very little resource available fordirect capacity building work.LVSC is leading a bid to deliver ESF ‘TechnicalAssistance’ - free capacity building support for VCSemployment and skills orgs (one-to-one surgeries,workshops, partnership support, mentoring etc)LVSC and partners are developing London VCS deliveryconsortium as part of ‘Transforming Local Infrastructure’PEACE: VCS-specific employment law andHR advice
  9. 9. Supporting representative on LEPEmma Stewart (Women Like Us) sits on Skills andEmployment Working group of London Enterprise PanelDisseminate information on LEP’s work out to networkLESPN is a conduit to inform Emma’s position withevidence of VCS delivery, making the case for the LEPto focus on addressing disadvantage, provide intelligenceon what’s working well (and not)
  10. 10. Challenges for VCSNew commissioning: few VCS groups have the scaleand cash to bid directly for mainstream programmes(large CPAs, outcome-based contracts). Big SFA, DWP,ESF contracts hard to access; LDA, WNF, etc goneSubcontracting: VCS groups negotiating roles in supplychains, requiring new kinds of skills. New problems – ‘bidcandy’, management fees, TUPE, etcDelivery challenges: employer engagement, sustainedemployment outcomes, tight labour market, risk/cashflowPolitical: little appetite for specialist interventionstargeting disadvantaged groups, inequalitiesWhat other challenges are you facing?
  11. 11. OpportunitiesSome new local employment initiatives appearing, e.g.Haringey Jobs FundBIG Lottery ‘Talent Match’ announcementChance to shape London’s ESF programme for2014-2020Big political drive to tackle youth unemployment (YouthContract, GLA NEET programme), and increaseApprenticeshipsPartnership working including cross-sectorLocalism, Social Value Act, Big Society Capital/social investment social enterprise
  12. 12.