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Enmas o & m broucher new

  1. 1. EN AS O&M SERVICES PVT . LTD.M RedefiningRedefining Power Plant Life CyclePower Plant Life Cycle 3rd Floor, Guna Building Annexe, 443 Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai - 600 018.INDIA Tel : 91 44 4901 7050 Fax : 91 44 4901 7060 E-mail : marketing@enmasindia.com Website : www.enmasindia.com EN ASM O&M
  2. 2. EN ASM O&M ENMAS has established a unique place in the Thermal Power Plant market, with high quality equipment and services. The High Pressure Steam Generators designed and supplied by Enmas –, Coal fired (AFBC, CFBC, PF), Chemical Recovery Boilers for Pulp and Paper mills, Biomass, Oil / Gas, WHRSG for GTCC and process Waste Heat Boilers, for Captive and Independent Power Plants, havebeenservingthecustomerwithhighefficiencyandreliability. As an OEM and EPC provider of Thermal Power Plants, the Group has been offering their services from Concept to Commissioning. ThroughEnmasO&MServicesPvtLtd.,thegroup'sspectrumofservicesextendstotheentireLifeCycleoftheplant. As more and more IPPs & CPPs are being promoted, a professionally managed O&M support is the need of the day. Enmas offers integrated O&M services including Chemical cleaning of boilers /condensers & Spares management, taking full responsibilityofthetotalPowerIsland,andenablethecustomertofocusoncorebusinessalone. Having accumulated O&M experience on total plant capacity of 1000 MW, in the last five years, and technical work force of 1500 staff on rolls, spread over 25 Power Plants, across India, Enmas has established a strong brand for dependable long term OperatorprovidingintegratedO&MservicesofhighestStandardswithQualityandSafety. The plant, engaging the services of Enmas O&M will have the advantage of getting an intelligent and responsive service network backedbyamature organizationhavingawidedesignknowledge,manufacturingandsupplycapabilities,inThermalPower ENMAS in O&M The key specialties ¥BackedbytechnicallyandfinanciallysoundgroupinEnergySector,havingexperienceofmorethan25years, inThermalPowerPlant. ¥CollaborationwithPIC GroupInc.USA(MemberofMARUBENIGROUP)forPowerplantO&MandAsset ManagementServices. ¥ProvideinterfaceservicesduringfinalstageofErection,Start-upandCommissioningofNewPlant.Awell experiencedgroupofspecialiststaffwillbeplacedinElectrical/Instrumentation/CFBC/AFBCcommissioning, WaterTreatment,materialhandlingsystems. ¥Accesstothestateofthearttechnologiesfromgroup’scollaborationwithleadingglobalorganizations. ¥Experienceintheplantbetterment,RLAstudies,performancemonitoringandtesting. ¥AdvantageofGroupcompaniesbeingOEMsforsteamgeneratorsandauxiliaryplants-ProvideSparesManagement services-preparationofdrawings,improvements,manufactureandsupplybesidesplanningandinventorycontrol. ¥CompleteElectrical&Instrumentation(E&I)servicesfromthegroupcompany. ¥Group’sexperienceinpowerplantconsultancy. ¥Largepoolofdedicated,andKnowledgemanpower withinthegroup. ¥Wellequippedin-houseO&MTraininginstituteforinductiontrainingandaswellforadvanced training. ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥
  3. 3. Services offered ¥Plant Start -up and Commissioning services ¥O&M training and development ¥Operation Management with MIS ¥Plant Operation, Control room and field ¥Fuel management and Water treatment ¥Plant Maintenance -Preventive, break down maintenance & plant shutdown planning and execution; ¥Maintenance Planning, Equipment History, CMMS. ¥Consumable planning, procurement and stores. ¥Spares Management Planning, procurement, stores and inventory control ¥Periodical performance review, analysis and optimization ¥Audit services of plant safety, condition monitoring of critical equipment & NDT Service ¥Energy studies & Performance testing ¥RLA studies, Plant betterment services, Renovation & Modernization (R&M) Main objectives of Enmas O&M ¥EnsurehighplantavailabilitywithwelldefinedMaintenancepolicy,schedulesandsparesmanagement.Management ofcorrosionwitheffective watertreatmentanderosioncontrol. ¥AchievingthetargetPLFwithproperfuelmanagement,capacityutilizationandestablishappropriateStandard OperatingProcedures. ¥KeepupthedesignedplantefficiencyandHeatRate.Enmasisawareoftheimpactoffuelcostsonvariable componentofgenerationcostandconfidentofcontributingtowardseconomicgenerationcostbywayofparticipating withthecustomerinchoosingappropriatefuelmix,tuningcombustioncontrol,MaintainBoilerefficiency,monitor closelyturbineheatrate,optimizeauxiliarypowerconsumptionetc., ¥Accidentfreeplantoperationandwithawarenessofenvironmentalimpact,bydefinedSHEpolicy ¥Providecustomerassistanceintakingappropriateassetmanagementpolicyandclaims,meetingstatutory compliances,Water,ashandaffluentmanagement. ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ EN ASM O&M
  4. 4. ­PICisaleading,independentglobalproviderofservicesandprogramstothepowergenerationindustry. Thecompanyhas6officesandapproximately700employeesworldwide. ­ThePICintegratedportfolioofservicesrangesfromturnkeystart-up&commissioningtoOperationsandMinor MaintenancetocompleteMajorMaintenanceoutageservicesforfacilitiesworldwide. ­Sincethecompany'sformationin1988, experienceinLargeUtilitiesCoal/oil/GTCCandincludesmorethan: ­ ­ ü3,000 MW of plants installed ü5,000 MW of plants under long-term maintenance agreements ü13,500 MW of plants supported under O&M ü25,000 MW of plants commissioned ü50,000 MW of plants maintained / repaired. To meet the demand of power plant engineers , Enmas O&M in association with SQUAM Institute, Trichy, Tamil Nadu provide trainingonpowerplantOperationandMaintenanceandtheninductthemintotheorganization. Besides usual methods of training through class room lectures, case studies / Group discussions, training by Simulator and practicaltrainingataPowerstationisprovided. AdvancedtrainingforthepersonsalreadyinthejobisprovidedbySimulator,in-planttrainingandatOEMworks. AnindoorSimulatorwithhighqualitysoftwareisinstalledattheinstitute. Collaborator : O&M Training and Development PIC Group Inc, USA– MARUBENI GROUP www.picworld.com EN ASM O&M
  5. 5. As part of Enmas O&M Services effort to provide life cycle service to the plant, Supply of non-proprietary spares and Servicing of Equipmentistakenupasaseparatebusiness. Our group being OEM for all types of boilers, we can design, manufacture ,supply of all boiler spares & replacement of the same and sourceotherpartsfromour associatecompanieswithstringentquality standards. A. PRESSUREPARTS: ThepressurepartssparesforBoilersshallbe manufacturedasperIndianBoilerRegulationsandInternationalstandards for exports withnecessarydocumentation. B. Spares forBoilerFuelfiringequipment ComponentsoffuelfiringequipmentinAFBC/CFBC/Stokergrate/spreaders,Feeders, Dustcollectors,dampers, manholedoorsetc. C. MiscellaneousSpares: Piping,fittings,supports,conventionalvalves,Safetyvalves,controlvalves,motoroperatedvalves,levelgaugesetc. Boilerexternalsteamandfeedwaterpiping–fittings,traps,valves,fixedandvariablesupportsandaccessories. D. SparesforElectricalandInstrumentationequipments. Spares & Equipment Service STEAM DRUM ECONOMISER DUCTS BOILER BANK TUBES AIR HEATER STEAM DRUM SUPERHEATERWATERWALLS DEAERATOR CONDENSATE TANK COMBUSTOR EN ASM O&M
  6. 6. Pressure parts and Fuel handling equipment spares are manufactured in the following group companies. GB Engineering Enterprises Pvt Ltd: Located at Trichy , Tamil Nadu, India (Manufacturer of Boilers , pressure parts and related spares, Certified under ISO 9001 : 2008 quality standard, Authorized to stamp ASME “U” & “S” ) Fully qualified for EU norms and CE marking requirements. Enmax Engineering(India) Pvt Ltd : Located at Rangaready (Dt.),Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh ,India. Manufacturer of Boilers , pressure parts and related spares, Certified under ISO 9001 : 2008 Spares & Equipment Service: EN ASM O&M
  7. 7. O&M Reference Projects EN ASM O&M 1. OPG Power Generation (P) Ltd : 80 MW IPP 2. Uttam Galva Steels Limited : 60 MW CPP Maharashtra 3. Finolex Industries Limited : 43 MW IPP Maharashtra 4. Sitapuram Power Limited : 43 MW IPP Andhra Pradesh 5. SAL Steel Limited : 40 MW CPP Gujarat 6. ISMT Limited : 40 MW CPP Maharashtra 7. Surana Industries Limited : 35 MW CPP Karnataka 8. Adhunik Metaliks Limited : 34 MW CPP Orissa 9. Star Metallic Limited : 32 MW CPP Karnataka 10. Dalmia Cement(Bharat) Ltd : 27 MW CPP Tamilnadu 11. Gallantt Metal Limited : 25 MW CPP Gujarat 12. Sambav Energy : 20 MW IPP Rajasthan 13. Deccan Cements Limited : 18 MW CPP Andhra Pradesh 14. Shyam Century Ferrous : 15 MW CPP Meghalaya 15. R.R. Energy : 15 MW IPP Chhattisgarh 16. Sova Ispat Limited : 15 MW CPP West Bengal 17. Cauvery Iron & Steel(India)Limited : 15 MW CPP Andhra Pradesh 18. Ankit Metal : 12 MW CPP West Bengal 19. Prathyusha Power : 10 MW IPP Tamilnadu 20. Hothur Steels : 10 MW CPP Karnataka 21. Synergy Shakthi Renewable Energy Ltd (Lucas TVS) : 10 MW CPP Tamilnadu 22. OPG Renewable Energy : 10 MW IPP Tamilnadu 23. Aurobindo Agro Energy : 8.5 MW IPP Tamilnadu 24. Amrit Environmental Tech P ltd : 8 MW IPP Rajasthan 25. Cabot India Limited : 4 MW CPP Mumbai 26. MRF Limited : 30 TPH Coal Fired Boiler Tamilnadu 27. MRF Limited : 2x35 TPH Coal Fired Boiler Andhra Pradesh 28. KKNPP : Commissioning For Sea Water System Unit-2 Tamilnadu : 3x25 TPH .AUX Boilers Tamilnadu29. KKNPP 30. Ranhill : 190 MW GTCC Malaysia 31 IOCL – Panipat (Ansaldo) : 2 x 406.5 TPH Boiler Haryana 32. Arkay Power : 59 MW GTCC – HRSG Tamilnadu 33. ISPAT Energy (Ansaldo) : 2 x 55 MW CPP (RLA) Maharashtra 34. Seshasayee Paper Boards : Recovery Island Tamilnadu 35. Jindal Stainelss Limited : 13 MW CPP Orissa 36. HI - Tech Minerals (Covai) Limited : 12 MW CPP Tamilnadu 37. Indsil Energy : 12 MW CPP Chhattisgarh 38. Delta Paper Mill : Recovery Island Andhra Pradesh 39. GAP Insat : Recovery Island Turkmenistan Tamilnadu
  8. 8. Enmaszion Aqua Private Limited - between Enmas O&M Services Pvt. Ltd (60%) and Zion Enviro Systems Private Limited - Chennai, ( 40%) which has supplied more than 100 WTP upto capacity of 170 m3/hr. Steamgen Equipment - Complete range of process, waste heat and co gen boilers upto 50 TPH. A Joint venture company between Enmas O&M Services Pvt. Ltd (60%) and Enmax Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. Hydrabad,( 40%) which has got qualified manufacturing facility and supplied more than 50 nos boilers of various capacity with the specialization in Waste heat & sulphuric acid plant boilers. Effimax Air cooled Condensers Pvt. Ltd - Enmas O&M has strategic alliance with Effimax Air cooled Condensers Pvt. Ltd, Chennai which has technology partner Complete Heater solution- USA to meet the demanding market for Air cooled condensers. ENMAS RVS Powergen Private Limited - A joint venture company between Enmas O&M services Pvt. Ltd and RVS Spinners to promote Captive cogen Power plant of 2 MW & 6 TPH Process steam at Kovil patti, Tamil Nadu. Enmax Engineering(India)Private Limited - Manufacturing Facility GB Engineering Enterprises Private Limited - Manufacturing Facility Enmas GB Power Systems Projects Limited - EPC of power Plant Vikaash Marketing - Product Marketing Ancy Technologies Private Limited - Software Development Resurgent Corporate Support Services Private Limited - FMC Services Complete range of Water Treatment Plants ( WTP). A Joint venture company Group and Associates : 3rd Floor, Guna Building Annexe, 443 Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai - 600 018.INDIA Tel : 91 44 4901 7050 Fax : 91 44 4901 7060 E-mail : marketing@enmasindia.com Website : www.enmasindia.com Global Associations “ A GLOBAL POWER GENERATION SERVICE PROVIDER” (for Plants above 100 MW) 1165 Northchase Parkway, Suit 400, Marietta , GA 30067 - USA PIC Group Inc, “The Best of the Best” SONNEN SYSTEME Trunkey Solution for Solar PV With advanced tracking Technology, USA.