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Advocate a Healthy Lifestyle


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a power point that discusses each of the food groups and share ideas of different foods and recipes that practically fit into each group.

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Advocate a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. 1. What’s In Your School Lunch?Ms. Vonville, April 2013Safe Foods: Grades 11-12
  2. 2. FRUITS•Fresh, canned, frozen, dried,pureed, and juiced•Apples, pears, strawberries,cantaloupe, grapes, kiwi, star fruit,pineapples•Daily Recommended Amountdepends on age, sex and level ofphysical activity--Girls 14-18: 1.5 cups-Boys 14-18: 2 cups•Reduces risk of heart disease,cancer, obesity, diabetes and highblood pressure•Low in fat, sodium and calories;high in potassium, fiber and vitaminC•Potassium maintains bloodpressure, fiber reduces risk ofintestinal problems, and vitamin Crepairs body tissue and heals cutsand wounds
  3. 3. FRUIT IN YOUR LUNCH•Fresh Fruit•Mixed Fruit Medley•Dried Fruit Mix•Fruit Smoothie-MilkJuiceIceFruits of choiceAgave or Honey•Winter Fruit SaladApplesPearsBananasGrapesPomegranate SeedsVanilla YogurtCinnamonNutmegHoney
  4. 4. VEGETABLES•Raw, cooked, fresh, frozen, canned,dried, and juiced•Spinach, avocados, tomatoes,cucumbers, squash, bell peppers,garlic and onions•Daily Recommended Amount--Girls 14-18: 2.5 cups-Boys 14-18: 3 cups•Reduces risk of heart disease,cancer, obesity and diabetes•Low in fat and calories (whensteering clear of sauces anddressings); high in potassium, fiberand vitamins C and A (good for eyesand skin)
  5. 5. Vegetables In Your Lunch•Fresh Veggies with or without lowfat dip•Avocado Salsa with Corn ChipsAvocadoMangoCilantroLimeOlive OilSalt & PepperRed Onion•Mashed Cauliflower and ParmesanCauliflowerRoasted GarlicParmesan CheeseOlive OilSalt & Pepper
  6. 6. GRAINS•Anything made from wheat, rice,oats, cornmeal and barley•2 types of grains: Whole andRefined•Whole grains contain the entiregrain, while refined have had thebran and germ removed•Daily Recommended Amount--Girls 14-18: 6 oz (3 oz whole)-Boys 14-18: 8 oz (4 oz whole)•Reduces heart disease,constipation and helps controlweight management, as fiber makesyou feel full•Contains fiber, vitamin B and ironand magnesium
  7. 7. Grains In Your Lunch•Pita Bread and Hummus•Granola Bars•English Muffin PizzasWhole Grain English MuffinsPizza SaucePepperoniBell PeppersMozzarella CheeseOnionsMushrooms•Whole Wheat Chex Mix
  8. 8. PROTEIN•Meats, poultry, seafood, beans,eggs, nuts, seeds and soy•Beef, rabbit, duck, salmon, walnuts,sesame seeds, tempeh, cannellinibeans and octopus•Daily Recommended Amount--Girls 14-18: 5 oz-Boys 14-18: 6 oz•Contains protein, B vitamins,vitamin E, zinc and iron•Functions as building blocks forbones, muscles, cartilage, skin andblood•Iron reduces chances of anemia•Zinc helps immune system functionproperly•Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA)found in seafood reduce risk ofheart disease
  9. 9. Protein In Your Lunch•Italian Bean SaladCannellini BeansTomatoesParmesan CheeseBalsamic VinegarOlive OilSalt and Pepper(Onions optional)•Healthy Turkey Rollups•Grilled Buffalo Chicken on Salad•Tuna and Avocado SaladCanned TunaAvocadoFat Free MayoLemon JuiceSalt and PepperHot Sauce(Onions optional)
  10. 10. DAIRY•Choose fat free or low fat whenpossible (must also contain aconsiderable amount of calcium)•Calcium- fortified soymilk, low fatmilk, natural cheddar, yogurt, ricottaand low fat pudding•Daily Recommended Amount--Girls 14-18: 3 cups-Boys 14-18: 3 cups•Promotes bone health and reducesrisk of osteoporosis•Reduces risk of cardiovasculardisease, diabetes and high bloodpressure•Vitamin D helps maintain calciumlevels in the body which in turn leadto strong bones and teeth
  11. 11. Dairy In Your Lunch•Yogurt ParfaitYogurt (any flavor)Mixed Berries/ FruitMint (optional)GranolaHoney or Agave•Cheese and Apple Slices onCrackers• Natural Cheese Sticks•Cream Cheese RollupsLow Fat Cream Cheese VeggieSpreadCucumber SticksCarrot SticksTortillas
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