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If you're a marketer, and you find yourself in a selling role with your digital marketing agency, it can be difficult to adjust. This business development and sales training for marketers could be just what the doctor ordered. Learn more about what you can discover about yourself as a seller and how you can overcome fears, challenges and speed bumps to close more inbound and digital marketing retainer deals.

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  • Explain the process of spaced training. This is what we say to clients who engage us to help with their inbound marketing efforts.

    Series – there are a number of modules within the series. These are basically classes

    Side note: Live online session every two weeks. Recorded sessions available for review. Rolling Program
  • Not flashy… not heavy… common sense easy to use. The value is the field.
  • You will be receiving an email with a sample assessment and additional information on options for discusssing this with me.
  • Business Development for marketing training

    1. 1. Business Development Training for marketing business development professionals A straightforward business development training for Inbound Marketing Agencies
    2. 2. who are you? John Shea Sales arm of Alignment Group John has closed just about everything you can think of over the course of the past 25 years – long- term copier contracts, document management software, and sophisticated workflow and process enhancement systems. He understands today’s consumer and how the landscape is changing for the buyer into a content and inbound focused market.
    3. 3. who are you? Lindsay does a lot on the marketing side, from HubSpot implementations and management for clients, to blogging, to speaking gigs across the country about social media, lead gen and digital marketing. But today, this is John’s show …. Lindsay Kelley Marketing arm of Alignment Group
    4. 4. It’s a Tough World Out There • Only 26% of business development people are “successful” • 3 out of 4 business development hires fail
    5. 5. Why Do Inbound Agencies Struggle to Increase Revenue? • Never had formal Business Development training • Business Development Role often times requires wearing multiple hats • Difficulty selling HubSpot and closing retainer services • Deals that never close
    6. 6. Most agencies encounter this problem because…
    7. 7. Ineffective Business Development • Ineffective training or no training at all • Little or no focus on developing skills • Little or no focus on the individual strengths necessary to support business development skill sets • Hiring the right people
    8. 8. What will it take for Agencies to Succeed ?
    9. 9. Question 1. Can we be more effective? 2. How much more effective can we be? 3. What will it take to accomplish that? 4. How long will it take to accomplish that?
    10. 10. Successful Agency Formula 1 2 3 Know thyself Implement a business development process Improve skills and identified weakness
    12. 12. Know Thyself
    13. 13. Know Thy Self Desire Commitment Outlook Responsibility
    14. 14. Know Thy Self = Lindsay Approval Emotional Discipline Self Limiting Beliefs Money Buy Cycle 35% 20% 25% 20%
    15. 15. Follow Me to the Light
    16. 16. • Consistent sales process • Provides consistent, predictable & profitable results 10% Increase in prospects yields 25% increase in Revenue BusinessDev.Process
    17. 17. Consultative approach helps BD person: – Differentiate – Sell value – Become trusted advisor BusinessDev.Skills Solid BP process + commitment to overcome weakness = Effective BDP
    18. 18. How to Solve the Problem
    19. 19. Evaluation
    20. 20. Where to Focus • I.D. current skill sets • Current ability to achieve consistent results • I.D. the severity of the major weaknesses • Growth Potential • Strengths that support the selling process • Weaknesses that can neutralize strengths and skills • Challenges you may encounter in the field • Recommendations
    21. 21. Business Development for Marketing
    22. 22. What We Do for You Label what’s working Think about what works throughout your day Introduce and reinforce new information 1 2 3
    23. 23. Time Commitment Training Length: 9 Months – Series One: Basic Foundation – Series Two: Advanced practice One Module every two weeks One Hour per week includes: o Field work o Homework o Feedback
    24. 24. How Does the Training Work?
    25. 25. Online Modules • Kickoff Meeting • New module assigned every two weeks • Content • Workbook • Field exercise • Feedback • Graded
    26. 26. SummaryStep 1 Evaluation to understand skills, strengths, weaknesses, recommendations Step 2 Commitment to becoming a professional Business Development Person Step 3 Commit to training and accept it will take time and effort to be successful
    27. 27. Questions John Shea CEO 240-397-8652 Lindsay Kelley CMO 240-397-8652