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Богдан Гаталяк


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“Особливості роботи з близькосхідними клієнтами”

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Богдан Гаталяк

  1. 1. Specifics of work with Middle East customer
  2. 2. About me Bohdan Hatalyak Program Manager at Eleks, PMP 18 years of experience in IT 8 years on management positions Leading the teams of more than 50 people Main domains - IT for logistics and ERP systems
  3. 3. Size Revenue The 4th biggest logistic provider in the world Over 1B per year Key locations Main activities South Africa, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman Shipment of parcels from the internet e-commerce sites Main facts about the customer
  4. 4. Presale process Profile at Broken Contact us form on the web site Late evening call to the office, but fortunately we picked up the phone Agreed on the meeting at Eleks office next day
  5. 5. Disqualified lead
  6. 6. Contract signing ● Complicated vendor selection process ● Negotiations with 3 departments: - IT - Legal - Procurement ● Arguing for price and discount ● 2 rounds of negotiation during 1.5 month
  7. 7. Start of cooperation Discovery IT structure Getting acquainted with customer’s business Environment, departments, areas of responsibility Projects Teambuilding Discussing goals, milestones and team structures Very good hospitality from customer side. Guest are from Allah :)
  8. 8. Cultural difference - Power distance Power distance Management Style Strong power distance and vertical hierarchy. Always try to find out titles and status of the people you are meeting beforehand so as to show the right amount of respect. Bosses may reprimand employees on the meetings, even if people from vendor side are present Decisions Language Management does not explain their decisions to employees. Employees do not discuss management decision. Decision-making can be slow and bureaucratic formalities tend to add to delay – keep this in mind throughout your business transactions. Direct language is OK and accepted. Aggressive style like in post-soviet countries
  9. 9. Cultural difference - Bargaining
  10. 10. Cultural difference - Bargaining We always bargain when we talk about money If you do not bargain with me - you do not respect me! Bargaining on all levels in the company hierarchy There are special techniques for bargaining
  11. 11. Cultural difference - Personal relations What we agreed verbally is more important than what we have signed. Business decisions are made in informal atmosphere. Personal relations are more important than business. Family and friends come before anything else.
  12. 12. Cultural difference - Conservatism Resistance to changes Bottom-up initiatives usually not supported by management Any good idea must be their idea
  13. 13. Cultural difference - Attitude Deadlines Calls Deadline is deadline, no matter when we need it, even if we are not ready I can call you anytime and I expect you will answer Meetings Time off It is OK if we come late. Be patient, and do not take it as a lack of respect. You must approve with me your vacation schedule, but I may not inform you about my absence
  14. 14. Lack of structured approach to the work Low business analysis skills Why we have to do a user testing, if we know our users? We use scrum, but we want to be able to change requirements at any time Give us a firm price
  15. 15. Money for the results. Only. Investments We do not do R&D, because we can’t predict the results PoC Proof of concept must be production ready
  16. 16. The most challenging project
  17. 17. Project Start Timeline Requirements 2 weeks discovery, 1 week on- site. No time to complete analysis and create/approve specification. Bad understanding of requirements. Bad understanding of the big picture. Estimation Staffing Client asked to start project without proper estimation. Approximate estimate was given. Lower range was communicated to business owner. No time for staffing. Customer wanted to start from next Monday. Tech lead was on vacation.
  18. 18. Project Execution Technology Requirement Due to improper analysis technology and architecture were not properly selected 2 product owners with difference in visions Estimation Scope creep Client asked to start project without proper estimation. Approximate estimate was given. Lower range was communicated to business owner. Some requirements were removed, but other added, which in total added 20% of additional scope
  19. 19. The Best Project
  20. 20. Project Start Discovery Requirements There was enough time to create initial design, backlog and approve it. Requirements were gathered by Eleks BA. Good cooperation with PO, how was opened to changes. Estimation Staffing Ballpark estimation at the beginning. Followed Scrum methodology and removed low business value scope at the end. Had enough time for team selection.
  21. 21. Lessons learned The client is always right, they do not accept opposite Assumptions are OK at the beginning of project, if you work with US or EU customer. In case of Middle East, every small detail need to be discussed with customer, because their assumptions are quite different. Customer will never forgive you mistakes. You will definitely pay for them. SOW need to be detailed enough to cover all cases that may arise during project execution. Culture and mentality difference understanding is key to success.
  22. 22. Cooperation summary Projects Partnership 18 projects completed during 2 years Recognized by client as primary technology partner Team References Build a team of more than 50 members during first 3 month Received a references and gained few more customers Partnership Recognized by client as primary technology partner References Received a references and gained few more customers Visits 16 on-site visit to customer 8 visits of customer to Eleks Brainstorming 4 brainstorming sessions about business improvements with Eleks
  23. 23. Stereotypes People
  24. 24. Stereotypes Women Inspired by Technology. Driven by Value. Have a question? Write to Find us at Link for a video