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Marisa Silva “Is your PMO ready for the future?” Kyiv Project Management Day


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Marisa Silva “Is your PMO ready for the future?” Kyiv Project Management Day

  1. 1. What’s next for PMOs? MarisaSilva,TheLuckyPM Marisa Silva, The Lucky PM
  2. 2. Oh, the joy of teenage years!
  3. 3. • Experienced PPM consultant, trainer, and speaker • Passionate and intrigued by projects and PMOs • Senior Consultant at Wellingtone Project Management • Managing Director at in2PMO • Programs Director at Project Managers Without Borders • Secretary at the APM PMO SIG • Mentor at Project Managers Against Poverty • Author of ‘Bedtime Stories for Project Managers (and others with trouble sleeping)’ • IPMA Young Researcher Award 2017 Finalist • MSc in Strategic Management of Projects (UCL) • PMP, PRINCE2, MSP, MoP, P3O, IPMA-D, PRINCE2 Agile, MCP, PMD Pro- 2, PMO-CC
  4. 4. YOUR TURN Go to and use the code 97 11 7
  7. 7. WHAT MAKES A PMO A PMO? Instrument of integration Trusted source of truth Serve the customer Enable capability Learning organization
  8. 8. Source: Journal of project management, APM 2014 1970’s Defence & Government Specific Technical focus 1980-90’s Project Support Office Internal stakeholders Iron triangles 1990-00’s Programme Office Specific Internal & external stakeholders Critical success factors 21st Century Portfolio, Benefits & Strategy Owner & sponsors Organisational Context A BRIEF HISTORY OF PMO
  9. 9. THE WORLD HAS BECOME COMPLEX Coffee in 1996 Coffee in 2018 Source: Truth Facts
  10. 10. It’s a VUCA world out
  11. 11. PMOs MUST GO OR GROW
  13. 13. Strategy Planning Strategy Delivery PMOs ARE A COMMUNICATING BRIDGE
  14. 14. RESOURCES RISK RETURN BALANCING the Iron Triangle of Project Portfolio Management
  15. 15. PMO Reporting Tools Training Methodolo gy FROM INWARD-LOOKING “I need a status report by Friday” “You need to complete your timesheet every week.” “Sorry, we need a project plan in MS Project” “What do you mean, no Change Request is needed? You must follow the methodology!” “What training courses should we give them this year?”
  16. 16. PMO Value Objectiv es Support Engage ment TO THE PMO AS THE INFORMATION RADIATOR “Are we doing the right projects?” “Have we achieved the project’s objectives?” “How can the PMO help you?” “Are the stakeholders happy?”
  17. 17. Source: PRINCE2 Agile. Axelos. YouTube
  18. 18. Is this how your PMs are reacting?
  19. 19.  Refers to the use of resources that are to hand to resolve unforeseen occurrences  The ‘Bricoleur’ solves unplanned problems (vs ‘Engineer’ by Levi-Strauss)  Leverages potentially undervalued (and tacit) knowledge already present in the organisation PM BRICOLAGE  Is closely related to improvisation but different concepts!  It is not an excuse for bad planning!  It does not dismiss the importance of best practices!
  20. 20. The least amount of structure and process we can get away with to avoid total chaos. Source: Spotify Engineering Culture, Vimeo MINIMUM VIABLE BUREAUCRACY
  21. 21. PMO Portfolio Office Transformation Office Value Driven Office Agile PMO Get rid of the PMO Change the PMO’s name! Just get on with it, you’ll be fine... THERE’S A NEW WAY OF WORKING IN TOWN
  22. 22. AGILITY AGILE>
  23. 23. Source: LinkedIn (Jesus Galindo de la Torre); PMI Mindset over Toolset
  24. 24. 'The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.' Alvin Toffler
  26. 26. • Professionalization • Increased role in Portfolio Management • Information radiator • Project Management Bricolage • Agile & Agility • Focus on mindset • Organizational learning SO, WHAT COULD BE NEXT FOR PMOs?
  27. 27. HOW CERTAIN AM I ABOUT THE FUTURE? I think there is a world market for about five computers. Thomas J. Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943 No matter what happens, the U.S. Navy is not going to be caught napping. Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy, 4 December 1941, just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor A severe depression like that of 1920-1921 is outside the range of probability. The Harvard Economic Society, 16 November 1929 Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. Lord Kelvin, British mathematician, physicist and president of the British Royal Society, c. 1895
  31. 31. Let’s keep in touch. @TheLuckyPM

Editor's Notes

  • Whoever gets the 5 right, will receive a free copy of my book!
    There’s hope for you too!
  • The other thing you need to know about me: I’m Portuguese.
    Yesterday I learned my first Polish word: malina (raspberry) – dobra and tac
  • Value is your ‘bang for the buck’.
    I really want to convince you on how PMOs can helping you unlock business value so instead of 10 slides, I have a 35 slide presentation.
  • PMOs have gotten a bad reputation: ambiguous role (what does the P stand for?), process-driven instead of business-oriented, just an overhead, or an admin role that fails to add value, ineffective in achieving results.

    However, I believe that the rumours of PMO’s death have been greatly exaggerated. I’m a great believer of the value of PMOs, I just think that they need to take a step back and rethink what value is. The world has changes and PMOs need to change and adapt to it.
  • In fact, the world has become quite complex and this adds to be the level of uncertainty we face. See, for instance, coffee. No longer is sufficient to just say black coffee or coffee with cream. We are offered a variety of choice and while this is good for the consumer it also adds complexity for us, project managers.
  • Volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous
    Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Do all of the above. PMOs are a COMMUNICATING BRIDGE – HELP BRIDGE THE GAP Between Strategy (Portfolio) and Execution (Projects and Programmes)
    HIGH PERFORMING PMOs don’t just support the execution of strategy through delivery of projects and programs, but they actually SHAPE the strategy by playing an active role in strategic planning. They have a seat the grown-ups table

    But this doesn’t happen in a day: ADDING VALUE IS A JOURNEY
  • Earth/Sun in the centre of the universe
    Receiver of information
  • Do not ask what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country: SERVANT LEADERSHIP
    Difusor of information

    Change the mindset: Commandant, we are surrounded by enemies from all sides! Great, it measn we can attack from any angle!
  • Fortune Wheel
  • Some say that this reaction – resistance – is not just because of the bad perception of the PMO but also because the traditional methods do not work as effectively as they could. And this takes us to Agile, which in fact, is not new (it has been around for about 20 years now) but has gained a lot of popularity in recent years
  • Is embedded in everyday experience and local knowledge
    Still, bricolage should not be considered as random, trivial or merely operational experimentation
    Effective bricolage requires a specific managerial mindset and project culture
    Bricolage is not the same as improvisation: bricolage can be planned! However, the more improvisational an act is, the bigger the chance of bricolage occurring
    Bricolage complements best practices by promoting a mindful, creative and improvisational mindset in project managers

  • Contrary to what some may say, Agile does not mean no documentation. Documentation – and governance – are still and much necessary.
  • One of three scenarios
    PMO: Pisses me off
    Make no mistake: P= people

    Three letters story: a new PMO Manager joins a company and is given three letters, that he should only open and read when ordered to do so. The company is in crisis and he is asked to open the first letter. It reads “blame your predecessor”; “launch a transformational initiative and call it strategic”, “write three letters”
  • Going beyond risk management; running what-if scenarios; capabilities of imagination and anticipation.
    AGILITY is you capacity to quickly respond and adapt to changes: fast and light
    Agility is more importante than Agile

    Response to VOLATILITY
  • If egg is broken from outside, life is lost. If broken from inside, means that new life is born.
    Mindset over Methodology

    the importance of BI project managers and leaders
    the appropriate mindset and competency to balance discipline
    and creativity
  • In fact, on average, by 2020, more than a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet considered crucial to the job today and social skills such as persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others will be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills, such as programming or equipment, according to The Future of Jobs Report, produced by the World Economic Forum. Hence, we need to start preparing now by learning, unlearning and relearning new skills.
  • But, very important, you need to be prepared to accept different realities, be humble to learn, and curious to try different approaches. If you continue to search for old solutions to new problems, don’t expect much progress. A new toolset require a new mindset.

  • A couple of reasons, in my opinion:
    First of all, because history show us that we are bad at thinking forward.
    We tend to believe that the future will be an extension of the present, of the world as we know it today, that what we’ll do tomorrow can have a slight change but will never be completely different from what we did today. This leading us, from a management and decision-making perspective, to face a paradox: all our decisions are about the future but the knowledge we rely on to make those decisions is all about the past.
  • Top Technologies Impacting CxO Agendas: fad, hypo, reality?
    Risks and Opportunities!

    If you work In the automotive industry – autonomous vehicles
    If you work in education – machine learning, smart machines
    If you work in construction – 3D printing
    If you work in IT - blockchain

  • Moore’s law
    Singularity: artificial intelligence – 2040-2050
  • QA: if I don’t know the answer, it makes me look good
    If I don’t, it makes YOU look good