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Михайло Бєлов "Презентація стартапу Gas visor"

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Михайло Бєлов "Презентація стартапу Gas visor"

  1. 1. GasVisorUltimate app for your carand your pocket.Presenter: Michael Belov, co-founderLviv, UkraineJune 07, 2013
  2. 2. Background• Oil demand will rise 14%between 2010 and 2035*• Oil prices will rise 100%from $113 to $212 a barrelby 2035*• Fuel price difference withinone area can constitute upto 35 cents/gallon• 59% of all consumers wouldalter their route to save 3cents per gallon*** According to International EnergyAgency** NACS consumer fuel report2
  3. 3. Our Solution:save your money5 cents price differencecould result in at least $100annual savings• Search for gas stationswith the cheapest gasprices in the selectedarea• Plan travel routesaccording to the fuelprice information3
  4. 4. Our Solution:get added value• Find out services providedby gas station• Users will have a chance togive feedback and rate gasstations based on servicelevel and/or fuel quality• Utilize possible discountand incentives for fuel orservice• Ability to report claimsdirectly to gas station officemakes users more satisfied4
  5. 5. What is the market size?Drivers using smartphones with Android and iOSAnnual growth of smartphones volume vary from 25 to 75%.Android share increase by 11% only in 2012 and got 43% oftotal smartphones market.Total addressable market will increase by at least 1 millionusers annually only in Eastern Europe.• GfK• TomiAhonen Consulting 2011Mobile Market SmartphonesShare *Android & iOSMarket *Target Niche(assumption)Ukraine 30 M 8.9%2 670 000840 000 200 kPoland 41 M 25.0%11 000 0005 M 1 MRussia n/a 11.8%25 000 00010 M 2 M5
  6. 6. Are we alone?LoyaltyPrograms ofGas StationsGas PricesMobile AppsDiscountCardsNavigation6Added value services is a key benefit
  7. 7. Business Model:Option OneSUBSCRIBERSUSERSFree service +Discount 2%Free serviceGas price data +Discount 2.5%We get 0.5% of gas price each time oursubscribers fill up car tankORAround $14 per subscriber annually.7
  8. 8. Business Model:Option TwoUSERSFree servicePaidadvertisement:pushnotifications,promotions,coupons, etcWe could assume only max $5 per userOR$100 per involved retail point annually8
  9. 9. Sales Strategy• Sales force – one pereach country• Lead time – from a halfto one year• Decision maker (Buyer)– Marketing Manager• Partners –crowdsourcing webplatforms, like––– Stacjebenzynowe.pl9
  10. 10. Revenue Model• Gross profit will accountfrom $10-14 persubscriber annually10SubscriberAnnual Distance 20,000 kmFuel Consumption 10 l per 100 kmFuel Volume 2,000 l/yearGas Price $1.4 per lFuel Value $2,800 annuallyMargin 0.5%Annual Revenue $14
  11. 11. Our position nowStrengths WeaknessesSmartphonesmarketBig enough and growing Low penetration yet;Sales andMarketingEstablished contacts withseveral gas station chains.Lack of sales force;Competition Added Value informationprovided to users;Gas chains discount programsintroducing own gas priceprojects;Development Own development team;iPhone version is underdevelopment;Internal processes are notstructured yet;Part time employees.Finance Enough resources to continuedevelopment;Lack of resources to expandquickly and globally;Monetization concept has to beproved firstGas StationDataReliable sources available;Crowdsourcing introduction.Partially paid data;11
  12. 12. What is the next?MonetizationDevelopmentNew markets coverageDon’t give up!For more information, contact:Michael Belov+380 67