Максим Ткаченко "Flash platform: Tools, Frameworks, Clients"


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Максим Ткаченко "Flash platform: Tools, Frameworks, Clients"

  1. 1. Flash PlatformTools, Frameworks, Clients
  2. 2. What Flash is all about• Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video and interactivity to web pages• Flash is frequently used for advertisements, games and flash animations for broadcast• Flash manipulates vector and raster graphics to provide animation of text, drawings and still images
  3. 3. What Flash is all about• More recently, it has become positioned as a tool for “Rich Internet Applications”• It supports streaming of audio and video• It captures user input via mouse, keyboard, microphone and camera• Flash contains an object-oriented language called ActionScript• Can be deployed and displayed on various computer systems and devices
  4. 4. The way things areTouch, Video, Performance, Security and Openness.
  5. 5. ActionScript 3.0• ECMAScript compliant object-oriented language• Language itself is open-source, open-source compiler and free runtime environment• AS3 code executes up to 10 times faster then legacy ActionScript code
  6. 6. Flash Classes Hierarchy
  7. 7. Basic Classes• Sprite, Shape, MovieClip• Stage• Loader, SWFLoader, URLLoader, URLRequest• Bitmap, BitmapData• Sound, SoundChannel• Video, NetConnection, NetStreem• Timer• EventDispatcher• XML, XMLList
  8. 8. Event Handling as an Idea
  9. 9. Event Handling in Blood and Code
  10. 10. MXML• XML-based user declarative interface markup language• In combination with AS can be used to implement business logic to develop Rich Internet Applications
  11. 11. Add-ons• SWFObject• SWFAddress• Tweener• Papervision3D• Box2D
  12. 12. Flash ToolsFlash Professional Authoring ToolFlash Builder (former Flex Builder) Flash Catalyst
  13. 13. Flash Framework Adobe Flex
  14. 14. ComboBox
  15. 15. DataGrid
  16. 16. ProgressBar
  17. 17. Tree
  18. 18. VSlider
  19. 19. Button
  20. 20. DateChooser
  21. 21. RichTextEditor
  22. 22. Accordion
  23. 23. Form
  24. 24. Panel
  25. 25. TabNavigator
  26. 26. Flash ClientsAdobe Flash Player Adobe AIR
  27. 27. Flash Security Sandboxes
  28. 28. Local Sandbox
  29. 29. Forbidden Love!
  30. 30. Non swf content
  31. 31. RequestIn April 2010, Steve Jobs, former CEO of AppleInc. published an open letter explaining whyApple wouldnt allow Flash on the iPhone, iPodtouch and iPad. One of the six reasonsmentioned was security. Jobs wrote "Symantecrecently highlighted Flash for having one of theworst security records in 2009."[38]
  32. 32. RespondAdobe responded by pointing out that, in reality, "the Symantec GlobalInternet Threat Report for 2009 found that Flash Player had the secondlowest number of vulnerabilities of all Internet technologies listed(which included both web plug-ins and browsers). This is significantwhen you consider that Flash Player is among the most widelydistributed and used pieces of software in the world.“ Quoting directlyfrom the report:“In 2009, Symantec documented 321 vulnerabilities affecting plug-insfor Web browsers (figure 9). ActiveX technologies were affected by 134vulnerabilities, which was the highest among the plug-in technologiesexamined. Of the remaining technologies, Java SE had 84vulnerabilities, Adobe Reader had 49 vulnerabilities, QuickTime had 27vulnerabilities, and Adobe Flash Player was subject to 23vulnerabilities. The remaining four vulnerabilities affected extensionsfor Firefox”
  33. 33. The TRUTHWired Magazine:“Allowing Flash—which is a development platform of itsown—would just be too dangerous for Apple, a companythat enjoys exerting total dominance over its hardwareand the software that runs on it. Flash has evolved frombeing a mere animation player into a multimediaplatform capable of running applications of its own. Thatmeans Flash would open a new door for applicationdevelopers to get their software onto the iPhone: Justcode them in Flash and put them on a web page. In sodoing, Flash would divert business from the App Store, aswell as enable publishers to distribute music, videos andmovies that could compete with the iTunes Store”
  34. 34. The EndThank You :)