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Accessible Conferences


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How to arrange an accessible conference. The topic is particularly relevant to those of us who organize conferences. My objective is to show why we have to do an accessible event and how we can do it.

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Accessible Conferences

  1. 1. How to arrange an accessible conference
  2. 2. Benefits of accessible conferences What is accessibility How to arrange an accessible conference STRUCTURE
  3. 3. Everyone should be able to participate BENEFITS OF ACCESSIBLE CONFERENCES Assume that everyone has different limitations Who gains ? EVERYBODY
  4. 4. WHAT IS ACCESSIBILITY Ramp Bathroom
  5. 5. We do more We can do more DESIGN FOR ALL Information Equipment Furniture Transport
  6. 6. Writing conference invitations HOW TO ARRANGE AN ACCESSIBLE CONFERENCE Choosing conference premises Advice and tips Other points to think about Planning conference programmes
  7. 7. Choosing conference premises The same entrance Indoors Place wide enough where vehicles can stop Parking for disabled people Passable for people using wheelchairs Access without barriers Access to all facilities
  8. 8. Choosing conference premises Conference rooms Group rooms
  9. 9. Writing conferences invitations
  10. 10. 1ST. TRANSNATIONAL SEMINAR EUROPEAN NETWORK ON UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY   ZARAGOZA, 18 mayo 2010 Centro Joaquín Roncal – Calle San Braulio, 5-7, 50003 Zaragoza BOOKING FORM   Use one form per person, complete and return before 13/05/2010 to:   Information about Programme, Accomodation and premises Name and details of person attending the convention Name: Job title: Organisation: Adress: Postcode: Tel: Fax: E-mail:       Any other special needs Mobility problems, wheelchair use...: Special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free or nut allergy): Personal Asistant: Documentation in digital form on a USB or easily-read: A sign language interpreter, audio description or audio equipment:
  11. 11. Breaks Planning conference programmes People may need a rest
  12. 12. 1ST. TRANSNATIONAL SEMINAR EUROPEAN NETWORK ON UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY -Social labour insertion of people with special needs- ZARAGOZA 18 MAY 2010   09.00 Register 09.30 Welcoming 10.00 Round Table I: Inclusive Measures 10.55 Round Table II: Access to employment 11.50 Coffee 12.00 Conclusions 13.00 Lunch   14.50 Round Table III: Corporativa social responsability 15:40 Conclusions 17.30 Visit to the Aljaferia Palace 20.00 Dinner
  13. 13. Involve the speakers Other points to think about Programme timing Speaking straight to the microphone Speaking clearly Describing all the pictures, reading the words of power-point During the meeting Inform about resources, food and drinks, formats Avoid strongly-smelling flowers or perfumes Indicate the different rooms of the meeting