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Want to be "greener," but unsure of how to go about making your business more environmentally-savvy without a lot of time and expense?

The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is introducing Green Roots, a new tiered program that gives members the tools and resources to launch, cultivate and expand the green efforts of their businesses. You can start slow or shoot for the stars with this self-audited program

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Green level 4 form

  1. 1. Evaluation Information & Instructions See bottom of survey for submission instructions & contact information Print the survey and complete boxes with an X or check mark Highlighted terms can be found on the Green Initiative page - Terms & Definitions The Fruit - Level 4 Completed Not Applicable 1 Complete 75% of possible improvements from the action plan $ 2 Virtualize your computing environment $ 3 Install a sheltered entryway if possible 4 Install variable speed drives on fans and pumps $ 5 Install energy efficient windows 6 Install solar hot water heating 7 Install high efficiency HVAC $ 8 Install solar panels $ 9 Change 100% of lighting to energy efficient lighting $ 10 Reduce lighting density to at least 10% below IECC Standard $ 11 Install high-efficiency toilets and urinals Green Roots Level 4- The Fruit 80% of all applicable items of each tier must be completed to each that level $ - Indicates rebates or incentives available to your business to go "green". Resources are highlighted to help you complete your level survey Check the appropriate box Contact SNWA (702) 862-3734 Page 1
  2. 2. 12 Retrofit standard cooling towers with high-efficiency technologies $ 13 Retrofit ice makers to high efficiency water/electric models $ 14 Exchange at least 50% of existing appliances with high-efficient Energy Star appliances $ 15 Have a hybrid car for employee work related use 16 Provide compressed work schedules, or offer telework days for employees 17 Design and implement desert landscape features to minimize heat island effects 18 Sponsor a Going Green event or contest in the community 18 Donate/provide green learning materials to schools Member ID # Directory designation added (date): 092309CG Weblink updated by: Contact Person Title Name of Company Address City/State FOR OFFICE USE: Zip Code Contact Phone Contact E-mail Website Green Roots is a self-administered and self-audited program. Members that complete the survey will receive Green Roots Business designation in the Chamber's on-line Business Directory. Once you have completed 80% of the applicable items on the Level 4 - The Fruit Survey, submit the form via at fax 702.735.0406 or e-mail to All surveys will be verified. Please ensure that contact information is complete and legible. Submission Information: Contact Person Contact SNWA (702) 862-3734 Contact SNWA (702) 862-3734 Contact SNWA (702) 862-3734 Contact NV Energy (702) 402-5555 Contact NV Energy (702) 402-5555 Page 2