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The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Magazine, June 2011

"The Art of Doing Business"
The art of doing business is actually the art of connection - building meaningful relationships with customers and consumers to elevate the relevancy of your brand. As society and our economy evolve, so must the way we approach our everyday business interactions - continually finding new and innovative ways to communicate, to connect and to collaborate.

Download the June 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice to learn more about the "art of doing business."

This monthly news magazine is distributed to nearly 10,000 local business professionals every month.

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Business Voice June 2011

  2. 2. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce6671 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Ste. 300 President’s Message Las Vegas, NV 89119-3290 702.641.5822 • 2011 Board of Trustees Executive Committee M Michael J. Bonner Chairman of the Board My first week at the helm, I asked you for Greenberg Traurig, LLP some personal advice. I wanted to know how Kevin Orrock Chairman-Elect you thought I should approach my new role The Howard Hughes Corporation here at the Chamber. Here is some of the Hugh Anderson Anderson & Delutri @ Merrill Lynch advice I received from you: Jay Barrett The Marnell Companies • Listen, observe and keep an open mind to new ideas Kevin Burke Burke Construction Group, Inc. • Engage with the business community - be visible, bold, creative, Steve Hill CalPortland and a strong and enthusiastic advocate Vicky VanMeetren St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, • Be available, open, balanced, flexible and inclusive St. Martín Campus Nancy Wong Arcata Associates, Inc. • Keep asking for feedback and employ a personal touch Kristin McMillan Kristin McMillan President & CEO President & CEO • Drive this organization forward - determine goals and live them! Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Trustees • Take advantage of unique opportunities facing us in terms of Bob Ansara changes in political and organizational leadership, forming Ricardo’s of Las Vegas, Inc. meaningful alliances for the benefit of Southern Nevada Bob Brown Las Vegas Review-Journal Senator Richard Bryan • Focus on the long-term impacts of the Chamber’s positions - Lionel Sawyer & Collins don’t be short sighted Marilyn Burrows Cox Communications • Understand the Chamber’s members, help them connect with Tim Cashman Las Vegas Harley – Davidson each other and help small business Doris Charles Wells Fargo Bank • Each day: deep breathe, take an aspirin, get 8 hours sleep, Cornelius Eason Workforce Connections exercise and drink two glasses of wine Jonathan Halkyard Caesars Entertainment Corporation • And, last but not least, Carpe Diem Dallas Haun Nevada State Bank I was inspired by your guidance and have displayed this list in my office. And, while I may not Corey Jenkins SAVMOR Rent a Car exercise enough or get my 8 hours sleep, I do aspire to Carpe Diem - each day, every day. Bart Jones Merlin Contracting & Developing Carpe Diem – two words that sum up the Chamber’s purpose: helping you seize the day. I want Russ Joyner to continue the conversation we started last month to ensure the Chamber is helping you achieve Miracle Mile Shops your goals. William (Bill) Nelson Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern Karla Perez As you get to know me better, you will learn that I crave feedback and am driven toward positive Valley Health System action. To continue listening and engaging and driving things forward, I am now asking you to Gina Polovina Boyd Gaming Corporation help in a deeper dive. continued on page 19 Dilek Samil What’s inside NV Energy Larry Singer Grubb & Ellis - Las Vegas Dr. Neal Smatresk University of Nevada, Las Vegas Bruce Spotleson Greenspun Media Group 6 14 Chamber News Spotlights 18 Member News Anniversaries John Wilson MedicWest Ambulance Cover photo by Francis + Francis 8 embrace Artof 16 the Calendar of Events 20 Ribbon Cuttings 24 doing Business Thank you to ‘ Chamber Centennial 1960sTHE LAS VEGAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MAGAZINE MystereTM by Cirque du Soleil ® at Treasure Island Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice June 2011 3 Volume 31 Number 6 Costume Design: Dominique Lemieux
  3. 3. Chamber endorsements for municipal elections The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce endorsed candidates in City of Las Vegas F + F AD the current municipal elections, including in the races for mayor and city council for the City of Las Vegas, City of Henderson and Mayor the City of North Las Vegas. Carolyn Goodman City Council Ward 3 The Chamber-endorsed candidates have each made a commitment Bob Coffin to preserving and enhancing the pro-business environment that is vital to rebuilding our economy. It is essential that candidates City of Henderson who are elected will listen to the business community and understand the impact proposed legislation can have on already City Council Ward 4 struggling businesses. Early voting ends on Friday, June 3. Sam Bateman General Election Day is Tuesday, June 7. For more information regarding the City of North Las Vegas Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Department visit us online at or contact us at 702.641.5822 City Council Ward 4 Richard Cherchio Last for small Business excellence CaLL awards nominations! Give your business or a fellow Chamber member the recognition All qualified nominees are announced on the Chamber’s website and exposure it deserves! Nominations for the 2011 Small and in an upcoming issue of The Business Voice. Finalists, chosen Business Excellence Awards (SBEAs) are due by July 4. Take by a selection committee of volunteers, are broadcasted through advantage of this opportunity to publicize your business by all Chamber media, and will be filmed for a special video self-nominating, or nominate a fellow Chamber member for an presentation to be aired during the Small Business Excellence award in one of five categories: Awards luncheon on September 22. • Non-Profit of the Year At this distinctive luncheon, winners are announced and • Green Business of the Year presented with a BizE awards trophy and a special gift package, • Women or Minority-Owned Business of the Year as well as letters from local dignitaries and additional publicity, including photos and testimonials on the Chamber’s website. • Small Business of the Year (5 or Fewer Employees) • Small Business of the Year (25 or Fewer Employees) For more information on how to nominate a Chamber business for a Small Business Excellence Award, nomination criteria, or “The BizE awards are a terrific way to bring exposure to local the selection process, visit or call Member businesses in the Southern Nevada community and celebrate Services at 702.641.5822. their achievements,” says Steve Brooks of Sandler Training, a 2009 SBEA winner.4 June 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice June 2011 5
  4. 4. ChaMber news the Chamber needs Chamber to hear from you The Chamber will be conducting its annual membership Membership directories being distributed survey during June and July and needs your valuable input and insight. This years survey is an in-depth deep dive The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce annual Member- into your perception of the value you receive through your ship Directory has been mailed to all members. We Chamber membership. When you receive the survey, please encourage you to use this book as a guide for familiariz- respond promptly so we can make sure we capture your ing yourself with valuable Chamber benefits, programs, thoughts and feedback. events and resources. This directory is designed to provide you with a “who’s who” overview of Chamber what’s your Chamber suCCess councils, boards and committees, and provide direction story? we want to know! on how you can get involved with the Chamber at the level that suits your business and personal preferences. We love hearing stories about how the Chamber has We also encourage you to use this directory as your helped members increase business, develop new business own preferred reference guide when planning purchases relationships or get more involved in the community. or choosing a service provider. When Chamber mem- Has the Chamber helped you in a way that’s worth shar- bers do business with one another, it supports our local ing? Maybe you made a contact at a Chamber luncheon economy, the Chamber membership as a whole and it that led to a big contract, or you found your company’s provides a significant return on everyone’s Chamber newest vice president at a Chamber mixer. Perhaps you membership investment. Many Chamber members attended a Chamber seminar that helped you shore up even offer special discounts exclusively to other mem- costs and balance your budget or participated in a work- bers – another reason to remember the ABC motto: shop that helped you improve your sales and marketing Always Buy Chamber! strategies. If the Chamber has played a role in your busi- ness success, please send us the details of your story. We’ll feature Chamber success stories in future issues of The Business Voice and online at Please be sure to include your name, title, company name and con- new member–foCused tact information. Stories can be sent to Greta Seidman at wednesday email beginning June 1 Free, helpful resources to help you run your business new Chamber members now will be appearing in your inbox every Wednesday, getting more online exposure beginning June 1. This weekly email includes a blog written by Chamber members with helpful informa- If you’re a new Chamber member, we’re taking you tion and advice, member news, best practices, quick online! Every month the Chamber is posting a list of tips and even some fun tidbits that will help you be new Chamber members on And as a more effective business owner and manager. Alos, an added benefit, we’re including a link to your business you can give us your feedback and tell us what is on website. This new benefit was designed to enhance your your mind. Watch for it in the weekly new member- Chamber membership and serve as a business promotion focused Wednesday email. tool for new member businesses.6 June 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice June 2011 7
  5. 5. The art of doing business is actually the art of connection connection, those actions alone are no longer enough. Art embrace – building meaningful relationships with customers and con- Today, success comes from a multifaceted approach to sumers to elevate the relevancy of your brand. As society communication, marketing and relationship development and our economy evolve, so must the way we approach that is fluid and flexible, and promotes your business brand the our everyday business interactions - continually finding new seamlessly and simultaneously on a wide range of levels. and innovative ways to communicate, to connect and to collaborate. Now more than ever marketplace success depends upon building a relationship with your customers that is based Think about everything you do to promote your brand, from upon their needs and their interests, and makes your busi- traditional face-to-face networking and handing out your ness relevant to them. business card, to marketing and advertising – are you just going through the motions? Has “business as usual” Successful brands are infusing themselves into the lives become stale and boring? Now is the time to refresh your of their customers and community. The marketplace is brand. Invigorate and energize your business by embrac- changing – social media, smart phones and other hand ing change. Market innovation conjoined with your creativ- held devices - deliver information quickly and in many ways ity and business niche can transform, energize and lift your customized to suit the user’s interests. business to new heights and stand apart in the crowd. In addition to taking a fresh approach to traditional forms of In today’s digital world, the art form called “social network- business connection and marketing, such as face-to-face ing” is changing the culture of business. It symbolizes a networking, trade shows, print, radio and television adver- fundamental shift in the way we are now communicating. tising and websites, social media is adding new modes of Social media is not only redefining the way we connect marketing options that can help your brand soar. and engage with others on a social basis, it is dramatically changing the way consumers hear about, talk about and We are in an era of building relationships; consumers want recommend products and services. For businesses, these to connect with brands for which they have a personal af- changes present a true opportunity to elevate, energize and finity. Price alone are no longer enough to drive business; enhance your business. more and more customers are seeking an experience that goes beyond transactions. Particularly exciting, social media gives small businesses a new platform to effectively compete with larger companies While at first glance this new world of fast moving commu- that traditionally have had a marketing advantage due to nication modes - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – may seem relatively large budgets for advertising campaigns. Social intimidating and overwhelming, if you step back and think media is a kind of marketplace “equalizer”, allowing entre- about the mechanics of these new tools, you will begin to preneurs, start-ups and small companies to launch market- see how you can effectively incorporate them into how your ing campaigns cost-effectively, broadly and easily. business works. While nothing beats getting out into the marketplace and Technology has continuously evolved over the ages, ofBusiness meeting new potential customers and making a personal and businesses that have endured have embraced the doing photography by francis + francis Thank you to ‘ MystereTM by Cirque du Soleil ® at Treasure Island Costume Design: Dominique Lemieux8 June 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice June 2011 9
  6. 6. network attraction to? Are there people you follow on Twitter or entrepreneurs and small businesses. There is no corporate Facebook or on the Internet who you enjoy? How are other structure or legal department that has to approve your plan. companies and entrepreneurs doing it? Adapt their best It’s just you, your vision, your creativity, your voice. You practices in a way that fits your style and brand. can position yourself and your brand as friendly, approach- able, innovative, irreverent, in-the-know, altruistic, artistic, Evaluate what you are doing already. Get inspired by the community-minded – or any combination. The possibilities possibilities of new technologies, and figured out how to use them to promote their artistry of your business – embrace the natural passion are limitless. companies, and to ensure continued relevancy in the marketplace. The printing you have for your business, the excitement that originally press, telegraph, radio, telephone, television, fax machines --- all of these tools were led you to believe in what you are doing, and capture The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is here to help you. at one time new and unfamiliar. And with every one of these changes, businesses that enthusiasm. The Chamber continues to be a resource to proactively help that wanted to survive and grow learned how to adapt and adopt in order to compete. members make connections and build their businesses, In some ways, infusing personality into a brand is easier for and the area of social networking is no exception. But it can be intimidating. It’s a new world for the generations whose brains are not hard-wired to conceptualize communication as a series of virtual and very public con- versations. While running away or ignoring these trends may be tempting, it would be a missed opportunity and perhaps even a strategic mistake. Overlaying these new communication platforms can quickly broaden your reach and add new dimensions to your business. The potential payoffs are huge – but they do require fresh thinking, innovation and creativ- ity in using them to their full poten- tial. They may require you to let go of old thought processes and challenge yourself to think differently, approach your busi- ness from a new angle. This exercise in itself can give you a powerful new perspective on your business. Step back… think of all of the tools that you have at your dis- posal, educate yourself and ob- serve how others are succeed- ing, and then begin to build your own orchestrated strategy. You don’t need to do everything at once. Pick one or two ways to get started. Find examples to follow. Are there particular brands you feel a personal 10 June 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice June 2011 11
  7. 7. stAnd out expo business expo 2011 2 011 Through the recently-launched Chamber University series, the Chamber is focused on helping you learn, understand and incorporate social media into your every day business plans. We will soon be launching even dATe: more classes to bring you up-to-speed on how to best Wednesday, June 22 use this new technology to benefit your business. THe gReATesT sHoW in business As social media further expands and evolves, the Chamber will continue to embrace these new connec- tion tools and strive to demonstrate best-practices on how to incorporate social media into your marketing and LocATion: Nearly 2,000 business professionals will come to- communication strategies. gether at the World Market Center Las Vegas on World Market Center Las Vegas – June 22 to be part of one of the best networking It’s an ever-changing world. Businesses that allow Building C, events of the year — Business Expo 2011, “The Art themselves the freedom to embrace innovation and con- of Doing Business.” 495 S. Grand Central Pkwy. tinuously look for creative ways to differentiate their brand while In a competitive market, companies can blend to- Food booths and exhibits open: still delivering on the prom- gether in the minds of consumers to the point where Noon - 5:00 p.m. ise of their core value your company may be hard to distinguish from your proposition are discov- competition. The solution? Creating brand aware- ering the new formula ness – and Business Expo is the place to do it! Expo for success. gives you the opportunity to give potential customers and business contacts a visual, hands-on experience with your company. This gives you the chance to set Admission: yourself apart and define what it is that makes your $10.00 and your business card. business better than your competition. Open to members and non-members One of the great things about Business Expo is that Ticket(s) may be purchased by visiting everyone is there for the same purpose: to network and connect. Every year, Business Expo brings to- gether exhibitors, food vendors, consumers and busi- or by calling 702.641.5822 and asking for ness owners looking to establish productive business relationships. Nearly 200 exhibitors will be show- Member Services. cased during Expo, giving the Las Vegas business community an inside look at the latest and greatest local products and services on the market. In addition Limited exhibit space and sponsorship to being a great place to connect and reconnect with clients, customers and colleagues, Business Expo opportunities are still available. For details call is an ideal venue to invite prospects to attend. For 702.641.5822 and ask for Member Services. only $10 per ticket, you can send pre-paid tickets to people you’d like to see at Expo!12 June 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice June 2011 13
  8. 8. sPotLights Peter Bernhard Of Counsel Kaempfer Crowell Peter Bernhard has lived in Executive Level Nevada since 1952. After graduating from Harvard University and George Washington University’s National Law Center, he has handled real estate, commercial litigation, complex restructurings and other civil matters. He has served as chair Peter Bernhard MaryKaye Cashman Caroline Ciocca Pamela Egan Phillip Gardiner of the Nevada Gaming Dave Archer Jay Barrett Deborah Krause Felix Rappaport Phil Ruffin Bruce Spotleson Commission. He worked extensively on the President’s Club Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in downtown Las Vegas. He is a frequent speaker on legal and gaming issues. MaryKaye Cashman Chief Executive Officer/ Vice Chairwoman of the Board Dr. Christopher Josh Miller John Pohorsky Jeffrey W. Shaw Angie Vargason Dave Archer Krause’s honors include an holdings quickly grew to Chief Executive Office some of Las Vegas’ most recognizable properties, “American Express Gold 65 stores in four states. President’s Club Cashman Equipment Co. Established in 1931, Khorsandi NCET - Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and including the Bellagio, the Wynn and The M Resort. Star” Epicurean Award and recognition in In Business Ruffin’s diverse ventures expanded to gaming in New Members Cashman Equipment Co. is one of the oldest Caterpillar Advisory Board and the the Tonopah Test Range and throughout the Nevada Affairs from the University of Virginia. He serves on Gas in 1988 as director of Internal Audit. He was Advisory Committee for Technology Jay Barrett serves on Las Vegas’ “40 Under 40.” 1998 with the purchase dealers in the United Test and Training Range. the boards of the Las Vegas promoted several times Apex Linen Participatory Democracy. Dave Archer connects the Executive Committee of the Frontier Hotel and States. Before assuming Phillip Gardiner has more Rotary, the Public Education throughout the years before Marty Martin Nevadans to the resources for the Las Vegas Felix Rappaport Gambling Hall, which he full-time duties in 1995, than 27 years of experience Foundation, the Nevada being named CEO. Shaw Pamela Egan they need to start and grow Chamber of Commerce President and Chief renamed The New Frontier MaryKaye Cashman was a in services contracting Taxicab Authority, and the serves on the boards of the Eclipse Aquiring President/ successful businesses Board of Trustees and Operating Officer Hotel and Casino before Donald Kasdon registered nurse. She is a performing in a variety of Nevada Captive Insurance American Gas Association, Executive Director through programs including the Government Affairs The Mirage selling it in August 2007 member of the Chamber’s technical, management Association. He is also the Desert Research Nevada Partners, Inc. the NCET Entrepreneur Committee, and has Felix Rappaport is for a record $1.24 billion. Trialogue Direct Government Affairs and business development involved in various other Institute Foundation, the Pamela Egan is responsible Expo and the Governor’s dedicated a significant responsible for overseeing Ready to return to the Strip, Jerry Kramer Committee, the World capacities. community organizations in UNLV Foundation and as for strategic planning, Cup Collegiate Business amount of time and all operations at the 3,044- Ruffin purchased Treasure Presidents’ Organization, Southern Nevada. chairman of the Western program development and Plan Competition. Prior resources to a variety of room Polynesian paradise, Island on March 20, 2009. the Committee of 200, Dr. Christopher Khorsandi Energy Institute and day-to-day management to joining NCET, Archer professional, civic and an iconic Las Vegas executive Level the Nevada Development of Nevada Partners (NPI), Medical Director John Pohorsky president of the Las Vegas spent more than 25 years charitable organizations in property that ushered in an Bruce Spotleson Authority, the Boys Brown Hand Center Owner Area Council of the Boy one of the state’s largest at Viacom, Time-Warner and AOL-Netscape in a Southern Nevada. era of destination resorts. With a recent multi-year Group Publisher Greenspun Media Group New Members and Girls Clubs of Las job training and career A relatively new resident of Scooters Pub Sports Scouts of America. Vegas, and serves on the preparation organizations. Las Vegas, Dr. Christopher Bar and Grill wide variety of U.S. and Deborah Krause transformation focused on Bruce Spotleson is a The Wealth Consulting Group Community Advisory board Khorsandi brings a A Las Vegas native, John Angie Vargason She serves on the international product Founder and CEO entertainment, dining and group publisher for Jimmy Lee of St. Rose Hospitals. wealth of experience and Pohorsky graduated from President and Founder Governor’s Workforce and market development A5 Group contemporary amenities, Greenspun Media Group, Charlie Hall knowledge to Brown Hand the University of Nevada, AK Vargason and Investment Board for the roles. Archer is a member Deborah Krause has The Mirage once again owners of Vegas Inc., Jeff Bouchard Caroline Ciocca Reno in 2003, then Associates Sue Lee State of Nevada and on Center. He has founded a of the Nevada System of more than 15 years of enjoys a leading position. Las Vegas Weekly, Las Director of Community chapter of Operation Smile returned to Las Vegas and Angie Vargason began her the Immigrant Workers Higher Education’s EPSCoR experience in developing Rappaport also served as Vegas Magazine, Vegas Relations on campus, co-authored started working in the career as an extremely Citizenship Project Board. Advisory Board and serves and maintaining some President of Luxor and Magazine, the Las Vegas SuperPawn a textbook chapter and casino business. In 2010 successful and highly Egan received a B.A. in on the Board of the Alliance of the most notable Excalibur. With nearly three Sun, and Caroline Ciocca develops participated in surgical he left the gaming industry regarded agent, holding Political Science from of Nevada Nonprofits. hospitality brands. Krause decades of management He programs to advance rotations at various to pursue his dream of a variety of management Gonzaga University and an has served as COO of positions, Rappaport is a is a graduate of Leadership the company’s mission hospitals. Dr. Khorsandi is owning and operating positions before MBA from UNLV. Jay Barrett PURE Management Group veteran of the hospitality Las Vegas and is a member and values, and directs dedicated to providing a his own bar, and opened establishing her own firm, Senior Financial Officer and as vice president industry. of the Board of Trustees for charitable giving for the better quality of life for all Scooters Pub Sports Bar providing supplemental Phillip Gardiner and Board Member of food & beverage for the Las Vegas Chamber of region. Ciocca earned of his patients. and Grill with his brother. In benefits to countless Program Manager The Marnell Companies the Silverton Hotel and Phil Ruffin Commerce. her Master of Business addition to his professional organizations, including the CSC During the past 30 years, Casino. Krause has also Owner Administration degree at Josh Miller role, Pohorsky serves on employees of the Las Vegas The RSS Program provides The Marnell Companies held executive positions Treasure Island the University of Nevada, President the executive board for the Chamber of Commerce. She base operations, airfield has been involved in the with Elizabeth Blau & Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and holds a KeyState Corporate & Boys & Girls Clubs Council and her agency have also management, facility planning, architecture, Associates, Starwood Phil Ruffin started his Bachelor of Arts degree in Captive Management of Henderson. garnered numerous awards maintenance, security, food construction, and real Corp., The Kimpton Group business in 1959 with one Marketing from Johnson KeyState provides including the President’s services, lodging, vehicle estate development of and Starbucks Coffee Co. convenience store, and his & Wales University. She corporate and captive Jeffrey W. Shaw Club award from a major maintenance, transportation serves on the following and range maintenance management services in Chief Executive Officer national carrier, and non-profit boards: Crime services for the United Nevada and Delaware. Southwest Gas District of the Year (for Stoppers of Nevada, States Air Force. Services Josh Miller received his BA Corporation several years) in employee UNLV College of Business are provided at Creech AFB, in Economics and Foreign Jeff Shaw joined Southwest supplemental benefits.14 June 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice June 2011 15