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The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Magazine, February 2011

"A Look at Oscar's Good Run"

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Business Voice February 2011

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  3. 3. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce6671 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Ste. 300 Las Vegas, NV 89119-3290 Chairman’s Message702.641.5822 • 2011 Board of Trustees Executive Committee Michael Bonner Chairman of the Board I Greenberg Traurig, LLP Kristin McMillan am gratified to see the level of optimism for economic recovery Immediate Past Chairman CenturyLink growing in Las Vegas. Kevin Orrock Chairman-Elect Granted, it has been a challenging time for many, and there are The Howard Hughes Corporation Hugh Anderson still many miles to go before we can firmly say we are on a solid Anderson & Delutri @ Merrill Lynch and stable road to a full recovery. What I believe we are starting Jay Barrett The Marnell Companies to see, however, is a renewed sense of community – a “we are all in this Kevin Burke together” mentality that has helped solidify our business community in Burke Construction Group, Inc. Steve Hill a way we have not seen in some time. CalPortland During the past several months, we have been seeing business and Vicky VanMeetren St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, community leaders coming together, not with a die-hard sense of fierce St. Martín Campus Nancy Wong competition for business, but with a real willingness to share ideas and Arcata Associates, Inc. philosophies, build on the strengths of each other and start looking for Trustees viable ways to pull all of us out of this economic slump. People are asking Michael Bonner Bob Ansara Chairman of the Board Ricardo’s of Las Vegas, Inc. for help… others are offering help. We are all recognizing the necessity Bob Brown and the potential long-term rewards of economic diversification and a Las Vegas Review-Journal Senator Richard Bryan sense of solidarity within our business community. This attitude is a good one, and I believe it will Lionel Sawyer & Collins help us make serious inroads to long-term economic stability. Marilyn Burrows Cox Communications In the midst of the rapidly changing dynamic of our Southern Nevada community, we are Tim Cashman Foghorn Consulting celebrating the Chamber’s 100-year anniversary by taking an in-depth, year-long look back at our Doris Charles history and the earliest days of Las Vegas’ business community. At the same time, we are once again Wells Fargo Bank Cornelius Eason preparing to host Preview Las Vegas on February 11, 2011 – an annual event known for its economic Workforce Connections forecasting and for providing a glimpse into the future of our city on numerous levels. What is Jonathan Halkyard Caesars Entertainment Corporation interesting to me are the many parallels that can be drawn between what was happening 100 years Dallas Haun ago and what is happening today. In many ways, our history provides valuable clues as to how we Nevada State Bank Corey Jenkins might best handle our present problems. SAVMOR Rent a Car If you are at all familiar with Las Vegas’ earliest days, you probably know that some of the city’s Bart Jones Merlin Contracting & Developing greatest tragedies eventually led to some of its greatest triumphs. A devastating flood that wiped out Russ Joyner Miracle Mile Shops the early railroad ultimately led to the creation of alternative transportation routes. Early business William (Bill) Nelson forefathers made their mark by recognizing opportunities to fill unique needs. A need for operating Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern Karla Perez continued on page 12 Valley Health System Gina Polovina What’s inside Boyd Gaming Corporation Larry Singer Grubb & Ellis - Las Vegas Dr. Neal Smatresk University of Nevada, Las Vegas Bruce Spotleson Greenspun Media Group 4 Ideas, Insight and Inspiration Chamber News 8 Centennial Feature 12 “Chamber Day” at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway 18 Member News Anniversaries John Wilson MedicWest Ambulance 6 Cover Story: Mayor Oscar Goodman 10 Preview 2011 14 Spotlights 20 Ribbon Cuttings Michele Tell Woodrow Preferred Public Relations, LLC Cover photo: Francis + Francis 16 Calendar of Events 22 New MembersTHE LAS VEGAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MAGAZINE Volume 31 Number 2 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice February 2011 3
  4. 4. Ideas Insight Inspiration Vegas well-positioned to build on international business opportunities A By Tim Cashman, Foghorn Consulting s we try to move our economy forward, is well-positioned to explore and forge new business it is essential that we look for new business opportunities with our counterparts from around the opportunities from new sources. One area world. of opportunity lies in building business If you think about it, the world comes to Vegas. As a relationships in the international market. Chamber and a business community, we should reach Last month, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce out to these international delegations who visit the hosted a business delegation from the Dubai Chamber multitude of trade shows held in our city. of Commerce & Industry at a breakfast reception. Las Vegas has many assets upon which we can build These business people, who were in Las Vegas to international relationships, including: attend the Consumer Electronics Show, wanted • Las Vegas is a globally recognized brand. Think to take the time to not just meet members of our about it – no matter where you go in the world, people Chamber, but also explore potential opportunities for smile in recognition when you say you’re from Las business and trade that could be developed between Vegas. Our city has established good relationships Las Vegas and Dubai. with international visitors through our hospitality and Reflecting upon this meeting, I realize that Las Vegas convention industries. We have the expertise in how to continued on page 30 Chamber News Chamber recognizes contributions of late President and CEO Matt Crosson Tickets still available for February 11 Preview Las Vegas There’s still time to purchase tickets for Preview Las Vegas to be held Friday, February 11 at Thomas & Mack Center - Cox Pavilion. Preview gives you hard-hitting, up-to-date business information that helps you prepare your company for the future. Tickets are $60 for Chamber members, $80 for non-members. To purchase tickets, visit or call 702.641.5822. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Matt Crosson passed away on Thursday, December 23, at MountainView Hospital New Superintendent will Address Business in Las Vegas. Crosson was 61 years old and is survived by his wife, Community at March 16 Luncheon Clark County School District Superintendent Dwight D. Jones Elaine Crosson, and their son, Daniel, 13. is the featured speaker at the March 16 Chamber Business Power Crosson joined the Chamber on April 26, 2010. Prior to that, Luncheon. Jones will share his vision for the Clark County School he was president and CEO of the Long Island Association. During District, discuss how he plans to improve the quality of public his brief tenure with the Chamber, Crosson made a number of education in our community, and provide his perspective on working contributions that will have lasting effects. Committed to finding with the business community to strengthen our future workforce. ways for the Chamber to help members recover from a devastating Go to or call 641.5822 to secure your seat. economy, Crosson was proactive in reaching out and working with continued on page 30 community partners, including those in business, government, education and labor. His leadership and vision will be missed.4 February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice
  5. 5. Cover Story OSCAR. F ew mayors in America are known outside their cities – Michael Bloomberg in New York, Richard Daley in Chicago and Oscar Goodman from Las Vegas. Big names associated with big cities. And in the Entertainment Capital of the World, the mayor stands out as one of the top headliners in town: Cher, Celine and Oscar. As Mayor Goodman rounds out his final term after 12 years in office, Chamber Chairman Michael Bonner visited with the Mayor about his tenure, his outlook regarding redevelopment of the city, and what qualities he is looking for in our city’s next chief.6 February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice
  6. 6. Bonner: Downtown redevelopment has been one of the focal points of A sports team gives you that. I like it downtown because it is a neutralyour term. What are the next components of redevelopment? site, the casinos can all participate in suites and licenses, all those thingsIt is exciting that Zappos has chosen our downtown. We are going to have that provide the wherewithal to make a team successful. There is very easythousands of young people coming into the downtown community who access, and it is available to the entire valley here.basically will form the future of downtown organically. Whatever takes And the cons?place will take place as a result of their thought process. I think that is one It’s going to be very difficult to build an arena without some kind of publicarea that is very exciting. The second, of course, is an arena. I’m hoping funding source. But I think it can be overcome with a tax improvementthat the downtown will be the home to an arena, and we will have an district, where you site it in a place where nothing is taking place andNBA and NHL franchise down here, which will cause, as it does in other whatever sales tax is generated by what is taking place, a certain portioncities, a lot of development surrounding it. I think we will be seeing that would go to retire the debt. I think it is very doable, just a matter ofwithin the next five years. overcoming public perception that they don’t want to spend money forWhat do you think about getting people to move and live downtown? private owners to make money.I think downtowns serve a purpose and people who want an urban When you talk about economic diversification, do you think there are anyexperience yearn for a downtown where they can walk to shows such as particular areas we should be focusing on in terms of downtown?the ones that will be at the Smith Center. Everything we are doing as far as There were three things I wanted to accomplish when I settled in asdeveloping the downtown has the residential component. I think we are mayor. The first, I wanted to have academic medicine because you don’tcatering to folks who want to have that urban experience. have a world-class city unless you have great medicine. The second,What are the pros and cons for bringing a sports arena to downtown? great culture, because you don’t have a world-class city without that.I was critiqued by a professor from Wellesley College early on in my And the third is a great sports team. With academic medicine, havingmayoralty when I said the reason I wanted an arena wasn’t to generate the Cleveland Clinic here is critical. I believe that if they really are theconstruction jobs and employment positions, but rather to have a sense of masters of it - and we are able to entice people to come here and receiveself or place identifying with a community. I think the one thing Las Vegas great medical care, that we could become a Mecca for medical tourism. I continued on page 24misses more than anything else is a feeling of roots, a tie to community. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice February 2011 7
  7. 7. Centennial Feature Business community influenced legislative process from the earliest days of Vegas’ history E ven during Las Vegas’ earliest days, it was clear to the McCarran International Airport. In 1945, then-Chamber chairman bourgeoning business community’s forefathers that if Las Vegas Maxwell Kelch created the Livewire Fund to promote Las Vegas as a was going to be successful, it must have a voice in the legislative tourist destination, aided by these new means of transportation in and process. out of the valley. “Southern Nevada was pretty much ignored up north for “Legislators in 1920 might not have expected that they’d see a awhile,” explains College of Southern Nevada history professor, population of two million in 2010, but we cannot deny that they did Dr. Michael Green. It was in 1915 that Las Vegas truly had the voice anticipate many things,” says Green, noting that legalized gaming, of its business community heard in Carson City. Peter Buol was a transportation and promotion of Las Vegas as a tourist destination were Nevada State Senator that year. He was also Las Vegas’ first mayor, and of great importance to early leaders, and remain a major part of our according to Green, Buol “was involved in every business you could economic structure today. think of.” Of course, the issue of taxes was, and continues to be, a contentious Buol’s dual position of lawmaker and businessman started a trend issue among Las Vegans. Early Southern Nevada business leaders and that would see prominent Las Vegans donning lawmaker caps to ensure legislators struggled to find the balance between raising enough tax the interests of Southern Nevada were both promoted and protected at revenue to build the infrastructure necessary to support a growing all levels of government. city, tourism destination and business base, without over-burdening In 1917, E.W. Griffith served as a Nevada State Senator. He was businesses with crippling tax debt. also a businessman who established Las Vegas’ first post office and While today every member of government can be reached via e-mail, supported the building of the first hotel on what would eventually be the early years of Nevada’s legislative undertakings were not quickly known as the Las Vegas Strip. Additionally, in his capacity as a state known by the general population. Las Vegans, however, eventually senator, Griffith was a vocal advocate for the highway construction that made their position on the issues of the day very clear to their would become a key component of Las Vegas’ economic infrastructure elected representatives. According to Green, many early lawmakers and tourism lifeline. who supported increasing taxes were not re-elected, “The issue of “At that time, the people who were involved in starting the Las Vegas government taxation and how it effects business – I hope nobody Chamber of Commerce were making sure they were providing a voice thinks this debate just began yesterday.” Green also notes that by 1930, for Clark County that would otherwise have not existed,” says Green. Las Vegas had a population of about 5,100. “If you cast a really stupid “Those early days of Las Vegas saw six degrees of separation – true vote back then, you couldn’t hide! There was only one post office and giants of Las Vegas like John Park, Ed Clark, Pop Squires and Walter only one or two markets – you couldn’t avoid the wrath of the public.” Bracken were on the scene. They were all investing with one another, Early Las Vegas business leaders and legislators also had to contend working with one another – they were not easily separated.” with the “mini depression” that struck Las Vegas when the railroad left. In 1931, Nevada Governor Fred Balazar signed laws approving Pushing for construction of Hoover Dam was one way business leaders, “wide open” gaming and reducing the residency requirement for Chamber officials and lawmakers worked together to ensure job and divorce from three months to six weeks, two decisions that would business-building opportunities continued to be available in Las Vegas. have a major impact on Nevada’s economy and business environment. Of course, with so many of Las Vegas’ earliest business people In 1932, opportunities for the business community continued to simultaneously running business ventures while holding elected office, expand as Pat McCarran’s election to the U.S. Senate led to Las the issue of conflict of interest arose. Were our founding father business Vegas being granted a number of federal projects through Franklin leaders self-serving in their elected roles, or were they striving to create a Roosevelt’s New Deal. “greater good?” The legislative issues of today are not so different from those that “When Clark County legislators went north, they were thinking lawmakers and business and community leaders faced 100 years ago. about what was best for their constituency,” contends Green. “But Of concern was education, transportation, social services, mental frankly, like most elected officials, while they tried to vote according to health, the economy and even water – though at that time, water issues what they thought was best for their constituency, they often disagreed dealt primarily with cleanliness rather than availability. about what exactly ‘best’ was. It was a very different time, but it is more “Early legislators also had to be involved in issues related to legalized similar today than many of us realize.” gaming and divorce. People were moralists,” explains Green. “They As we embark upon the 2011 session of the Nevada State Legislature, wanted legislators to legislate morality, though the state couldn’t easily the Chamber will continue to serve as a vocal and influential advocate afford to be moral.” of the Southern Nevada business community. Chamber members In 1941, Chamber leaders worked with Nevada U.S. Senator Pat and business leaders can rest assured knowing the long history of the McCarran and Charles Belknap in the early development phases of Chamber’s influence and pro-business representation at the legislative8 February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice level will continue.
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  9. 9. High-level networking a key element of February 11 Preview Las Vegas E very year, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Preview Las Vegas program serves as a leading venue for high-level executives, business professionals and decision makers to begin making connections for the coming months. This is where your business needs to be to launch a successful year of new business-building and successful networking. More than 2,000 top business executives attend Preview each year to learn what to expect from a business and economic standpoint in the year ahead. They Practically Radical: Unleashing Big Change also come together to reconnect with one another, tour exhibitor booths and network in Tough Times with colleagues and business and community leaders. In addition to the valuable Las Vegas in the 2020s: Bill Taylor Five Key Steps to networking opportunities associated with Preview, the program’s comprehensive Co-Founder, Fast Company Magazine Becoming a World City analysis of the latest economic indicators will help business professionals from all Robert E. Lang, Ph.D. industries gain perspective on what to anticipate in the months to come. In a quickly- Executive Director, shifting economic environment, this is information your business needs to plan its The Lincy Institute and UNLV Director, operating strategy for 2011 and beyond. Brookings Mountain West About Preview… Slated for Friday, February 11 at the Thomas & Mack Center - Cox Pavilion, Preview brings together leading national speakers as well as local economic experts who have their fingers on the pulse of Las Vegas’ ever-changing economic heartbeat. It’s hard- hitting information is accurate, up-to-date and provides a roadmap with which to navigate the valley’s road to economic recovery. Tickets are $60 for Chamber Tourism Trends in 2011 members, $80 for non-members. Rossi Ralenkotter To purchase tickets, visit or call 702.641.5822. President & CEO, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) 2011 Economic Landscape Jeremy Aguero Principal Analyst, Get your Preview tickets today! Applied Analysis10 February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice
  10. 10. It’s all connected. With smart grid and smart meter technology, yourhome will have loads of new tools to help manage energy use and lowercosts. Soon, they’ll all be right at your fingertips.The future of energy. It’s right in our backyard. Learn more at Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice February 2011 11
  11. 11. Get your motors running for “Chamber Day” at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! T his is one high-octane event you won’t want to miss! Office Depot is sponsoring and hosting “Chamber Day” Chamber Day at the at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 4. Exclusive Las Vegas Motor Speedway for Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce members, this Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Blackjack Club, 7000 Las Vegas Blvd N. 10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.: Check-in, networking, Tony Stewart Q & A, special event includes a host of unique opportunities to Lunch, Neon Garage tours network, enjoy great food, win fabulous door prizes, meet Tentative Track Schedule: Race times subject to change your favorite race car drivers and watch the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Nationwide Practice: 11:00 - 11:50 a.m. practice and qualifying rounds! Sprint Cup Practice: 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. This action-packed day will include a Q&A session with Office Sprint Cup Qualifying: 3:40 p.m. Depot race car driver Tony Stewart. Office Depot vendors will be The Neon Garage is also home to concession stands, full-service bar and available in the Blackjack Club, located on the third floor of the Media merchandise. Guests will enjoy entertainment throughout the day. Center, with views of the Superspeedway. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to enjoy an insider’s look at the In addition to all the excitement taking place in the grandstands Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Tickets are priced at just $40 (a $200 value!) and in the club, guests will have the opportunity to take a special VIP and this limited-entry event is open exclusively to Las Vegas Chamber tour of the Speedway’s famous “Neon Garage.” Garage visitors can of Commerce members. No children under 18 permitted. RSVP by meet pit crews and drivers, get an up-close-and-personal look at the calling 702.641.5822 or visit race cars, and have their favorite NASCAR merchandise autographed. Chairman’s Message ... continued from page 3 capital gave rise to the valley’s first banks. A growing population this potentially means to your business, I encourage you all to join created the need for housing development and utility infrastructure. us at Preview Las Vegas on February 11 as we revisit our past and Even before legalized gaming took hold, founding Nevada business glimpse into that future. Our speakers will provide solid, realistic people were thinking on an innovative level, promoting the area as statistical and analytical information that will be an asset to you a tourist destination, touting its fine weather and beautiful springs. as you make critical business decisions in the coming year. They The first president of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, will also delve into the philosophical, exploring unconventional James Givens, summarized the role of the Chamber (both past and and innovative ways to navigate a new economic reality many of present) very well, when in January 1911 he proclaimed, “The us have never dealt with before. I believe Preview 2011 will be a Chamber’s goal is to advance every worthy movement for the best fascinating and informative program that will reenergize you and interests of Las Vegas town and valley and Clark County.” That help you develop tactical strategies for moving forward in much the commentary, today, remains a valuable philosophy. same ways our forefathers did 100 years ago: with determination, As we continue this year, looking from the lessons of the past to perseverance, and a little Las Vegas luck. With more than 2,000 the possibilities for the future, one thing is certain – the same sort of business decision makers in attendance, you will also have the camaraderie and innovation that helped the city grow from a dusty opportunity to revisit good-old fashioned networking strategies railroad town to one of the most enviable economic environments that worked pretty well 100 years ago: in person, face-to-face and in the world will be in high demand. To discover more about what with the shake of a hand. I look forward to seeing you there!12 February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice
  12. 12. LAS VEGAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DAY AT LAS VEGAS MOTOR SPEEDWAYDATE: Friday, March 4th, 2011TIME: 10:00AM – 1:30PMLOCATION: Las Vegas Motor Speedway Blackjack RoomTICKETS: $40.00· Need to be 18 years of age or older· Business casual attire· Remember to bring your business cards!EACH ATTENDEE WILL RECEIVE:Networking event admittance to include:· Complimentary Food & Beverages· Free Parking· Q & A Session with Tony Stewart· Neon Garage Access· Grand Stand TicketGrandstand tickets for track activities*· Nationwide Qualifying· Sprint Cup Practice· Sprint Cup Final Practice* In & Out Gate Privileges for all on track activities Fridaywww.LVChamber.comWith any questions call:Member Services at 702.641.5822Limited Space Available. No On-site Registration.Registration ends Thursday, March 3rd at 5PMNASCAR® is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. The Tony Stewart®, Stewart-Haas Racing™ and the # 14™ are trademarks of Stewart-Haas Racing and are used under license. Office Depot® and the Office Depot logo are registered trademarks of The Office Club, Inc. © 2011 Office Depot, Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. President’s Club Spotlights Francis Baytan Danielle Bisterfeldt Long Ric Jimenez Paul Montgomery Randy Morton Gregg Olewinski Francis Baytan Ric Jimenez Randy Morton President’s Club Digital Artist General Manager President & COO Francis + Francis Boulevard Mall Bellagio New Members Francis Baytan started Ric Jimenez is responsible Randy Morton is responsible his career in analog. for coordinating and for all operations at the JP Morgan Chase Paints, pencils, and paper managing the Boulevard 3,933-room, AAA FIve Cree Zischke eventually led to mice, Mall’s 140 retail boutiques Diamond resort property. Tropicana Las Vegas tablets and Macintosh and restaurants, as well Morton led development Jeff Heckard computers. Baytan’s resume as handling the daily and implementation of “Five UBS Financial Services, Inc. includes creative positions operations and tenant Steps Beyond Excellence,” Scott Chamberlain, CFP CRPC , in advertising and film relations. Jimenez is a guest recognition Rolf Maile & television production. involved in the Las Vegas program that underscores David Winchell He has helped film and Chamber of Commerce, a commitment to offering Gary Rosenberg television directors envision UNLV Alumni Association the ultimate in service Kimberly Parker-Hansen Matthew Shaughnessy their projects by illustration and the Las Vegas Latin and securing the resort’s and storyboards. He has Chamber of Commerce. prestigious status in the Verizon Wireless also produced strong brand He received his degree in hospitality industry. Honored Chester Williams identities for products and Business Administration as Nevada Hotelier of the Marcos Olayo Heath Johnston companies. He is currently from the University of Year at the 2008 Hotel Carla Thomas developing scripted TV Nevada, Las Vegas and World Expo & Conference, Vaughn Pyne comedy. is certified as a Project Morton’s career has Management Professional extended more than 28 Danielle Bisterfeldt Long by the Project Management years. Executive Level Associate General Manager Institute. Gregg Olewinski New Members Fashion Show Mall Paul Montgomery Vice President, Nevada Danielle Long oversees all Manager of Center Region The Investment Counsel Company Operations Discount Tire Company Randy Garcia operating responsibilities Kathleen Parker for Fashion Show Mall, Calply Door Systems Gregg Olewinski is Michelle Konstantarakis including management Paul Montgomery is responsible for the overall Carlene Gaydosh of daily operations and the manager of center operations of Discount operations for Calply Door Tire’s Nevada Region. In Novero Neurology, LLC personnel. She is an Jimmy John Novero accomplished marketer Systems, a division of L&W his role as vice president, with more than eight Supply and USG Corp. he establishes sales and Shuffle Master, Inc. years of experience in Montgomery brings more profitability goals as well David Lopez than 30 years of strong as designs sales programs Terri Conway retail marketing, with an Deron Hunsberger emphasis on tourism and managerial experience and strategies for retail Lin Fox new business development. to his position. Calply is store outlets in the region. Long is a member of the involved with national Olewinski has been with Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition projects and maintains Discount Tire since 1983, Ann Lynch International Council of Charles Perry Shopping Centers, Vegas its base operation in and was appointed vice Young Professionals and the Las Vegas. Montgomery president of the Nevada UPS‑ United Parcel Service Leadership Las Vegas Class understands the needs and region in 2005. Olewinski Lou Schenk of 2007. complexities of his industry completed courses at The and offers solutions for the Thunderbird Garvin School of success of projects. International Management.14 February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice
  14. 14. Executive Level Courtney Barth Area Marketing Manager Dunkin’ Donuts Courtney Barth began her career working for the Arizona Diamondbacks’ marketing department. In 2008, Barth joined a franchise that owns several Dunkin’ Donuts, the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain. Barth’s personality, passion for people and ability to build Courtney Barth Robert Beville Cornelius Eason Randy Garcia Don Giancursio relationships has made her a valuable member of the organization. Barth is a branch board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Phoenix. Robert Beville President Harmony Homes Prior to joining Harmony Homes in 2009, Robert Beville served as managing director for The Atalon Dr. Christopher Joe McMenamin Angie Vargason Wallace Y. Watanabe Craig Heber Group, an operational Khorsandi turnaround management firm working on projects Randy Garcia where he attended on campus, co-authored positions before that included the troubled CEO California State University, a textbook chapter and establishing her own firm, Lake Las Vegas community. The Investment Fullerton, graduating on participated in surgical providing supplemental Beville is on the board of Counsel Co. the Dean’s List in 1982 rotations at various benefits to countless directors for Desert Capital Since 1978, Randy with a bachelor’s degree in hospitals. Dr. Khorsandi is organizations, including the REIT. He is a Certified Public Garcia has successfully business administration and dedicated to providing a employees of the Las Vegas Accountant (inactive) and provided investment marketing. better quality of life for all Chamber of Commerce. a member of the Southern guidance to affluent of his patients. She and her agency have Nevada Home Builders families, corporations and Craig Heber also garnered numerous Association and the charitable institutions. The President Joe McMenamin awards including the Turnaround Management Investment Council Co. is Legacy Environmental Director of Sales & President’s Club award from Association. recognized as one of the Concepts Marketing a major national carrier, top independent financial Craig Heber has been Environmental Ink and District of the Year (for Cornelius Eason advisors in America by Dow president of CMS Facilities Joe McMenamin is several years) in employee Director of Regional Jones/BARRON’S, Forbes, Maintenance and Legacy the director of sales & supplemental benefits. Strategies MONEY and Wealth Manager Environmental Concepts marketing for Environmental Workforce Connections publications. Garcia has (LEC) for the last 30 years. Ink, an eco-friendly Wallace Y. Watanabe Cornelius Eason serves also been selected as the CMS was originally founded printing company that President & CEO in a leadership capacity number one independent in Las Vegas while Heber is owned by WENDOH Aloha Pacific Federal with several organizations advisor in the state of was attending University of Media. Originally founded Credit Union (APFCU) including the Nevada Nevada by several national Nevada, Las Vegas. LEC was in 2003, Environmental Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Staffing Association, and publications. inspired by the hospitality Ink has grown into one of Union (APFCU) has been the Las Vegas Chamber industry’s need for a value- the premier design & print providing a full range of of Commerce Board Don Giancursio based outsourcing service companies in Las Vegas. financial products and of Trustees. He is past CEO in the areas of public Other WENDOH companies services to members since chairman of the Leadership UnitedHealthcare Nevada area cleaning, EVS and include Vegas SEVEN, 1936. Wallace Watanabe Las Vegas Council and Prior to being named CEO, engineering. SpyOnVegas, and 944 is responsible for short a 2001 graduate of the Don Giancursio served as Magazine. and long-term strategic program. Eason is a past the senior vice president Dr. Christopher Khorsandi planning, growth and president of the Urban of sales and marketing Chief Resident Angie Vargason development. He joined Chamber of Commerce for UnitedHealthcare Brown Hand Center President and Founder APFCU in 1972 and has led and is a member of the Nevada, which included A relatively new resident of AK Vargason and the organization since 1993 Southern Nevada Work Health Plan of Nevada, Las Vegas, Dr. Christopher Associates by emphasizing member Force Investment Board. the state’s largest health Khorsandi brings a Angie Vargason began her value and quality service. maintenance organization wealth of experience and career as an extremely Watanabe is president of (HMO). Born in Rochester, knowledge to Brown Hand successful and highly the Oahu Aloha Chapter NY, Giancursio grew up Center. He has founded a regarded agent, holding and chairman of the Hawaii in Southern California chapter of Operation Smile a variety of management Credit Union League. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice February 2011 15
  15. 15. Events 16 Wednesday February Guerrilla Marketing: Find Clients In Any Economy - Business Education Series Learn how to out-market your competition and find clients Two easy ways to register for Chamber events: in any economy with Guerrilla Log on to and find your event on the Event Calendar, or call Member Services at 702.641.5822. Marketing. You will take home valuable information like how 2 Wednesday 15 Tuesday to uncover hidden strategies for marketing on the Internet, discover more than 100 no-cost SCORE Counseling Free Legal Solutions for Small or low-cost marketing weapons SCORE counselors will be on hand to provide FREE Business and develop a strategic seven- one-on-one help sessions exclusively for Chamber Attorneys from the law firm of Holland & Hart will provide legal step marketing plan. members. Expert business professionals will help you counseling to Chamber members. Lawyers will be on hand 7:00 - 7:30 a.m. Registration, networking and assess your business concerns and provide you with to provide counseling on commercial business transactions, continental breakfast the advice, tools and resources you need to help your employment matters, contract law, litigation, intellectual 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. Program business operate in this slow economy. property law, bankruptcy and tax, among other areas. CenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 & 4:00 p.m. - One member per time slot Appointment times: 6:00 – 6:50 p.m. Chamber of Commerce, 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., CenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas 7:00 – 7:50 p.m., two members per time slot Ste. 300, 89119 (at Town Square) Chamber of Commerce, 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., CenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas Chamber $30 for members Ste. 300, 89119 (at Town Square) of Commerce, 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Ste. 300, 89119 (at $45 for non-members Complimentary, Chamber members only. Town Square) Complimentary, Chamber members only. 9 Wednesday Chamber Voices Toastmasters Looking for a way to improve your communication 15 Tuesday 16 Wednesday Simple Steps to Starting skills in both your personal and professional life? SCORE Counseling The Chamber Voices Toastmasters group is open to Your Own Business SCORE counselors will be on hand to provide FREE all members to aid in the development of speaking, presentation and leadership skills. Session 1: Business Concepts one-on-one help sessions exclusively for Chamber Business Concepts is a workshop that gets you started members. Expert business professionals will help you 10:45 a.m. - Noon to assess your business concerns and provide you developing a feasibility plan for your business. You will CenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas with the advice, tools and resources you need to help learn how to clearly identify the features or benefits of your Chamber of Commerce, 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., your business operating in this slow economy. product or service along with critical information about your Ste. 300, 89119 (at Town Square) 9:00, 10:00 & 11:00 a.m. - One member per time slot industry, customers and competition. $45 every six months, guests always complimentary. CenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. CenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas Chamber Chamber of Commerce, 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., of Commerce, 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Ste. 300, 89119 (at Ste. 300, 89119 (at Town Square) 11 Friday Town Square) $34.95 individual session, workbook provided Complimentary, Chamber members only. Preview Las Vegas $99.95 package includes sessions 1-4 Network with more than 2,000 professionals and $150 for two attendees from same company executives while hearing from dynamic national speakers, local economic experts and industry leaders in a conference and trade-show event that is unmatched in Las Vegas. 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Thomas & Mack Center - Cox Pavilion 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy., 89154 $60 for Chamber members RSVP policy $80 for non-members The Chamber RSVP policy encourages early registration for popular programs and allows our event partners adequate time to prepare for functions. Any reservation made the week of an event will be subject to a $5 surcharge, so please register early.16 February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice
  16. 16. 18 Friday February EventsHealthcare Industry Action CommitteeThe quality and consistency of the delivery of healthcare services is centrally important to To RSVP for VYP events visit www.VegasYP.comthe well being and future growth of Las Vegas. The Healthcare Industry Action Committeewill address the issues facing the industry from Federal healthcare reform, healthcaredelivery systems and providers, local and state legislative and regulatory mandates, andopportunities and challenges related to the industry. 1 Tuesday2:00 – 4:00 p.m. VYP Morning BuzzCenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Are you interested in learning more about Vegas Young Professionals6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Ste. 300, 89119 (at Town Square) (VYP)? Are you a new member and want to learn more about how VYP canComplimentary, open to Chamber members and their employees benefit you? Is VYP’s demographic your company’s target audience? If you answered yes to any of these questions, VYP’s Morning Buzz is for you! 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. CenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Ste. 300, 8911922 Complimentary. Hosted by: TuesdaySimple Steps to Starting Your Own BusinessSession 2: MarketingThis Marketing workshop will help you start to develop a marketing plan to identify yourtarget markets, create a consistent marketing message, and discuss different marketing 9 Wednesdaymethods. VYP Toastmasters: Strip View Speakers6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Exceptional communication skills are vital to success in the businessCenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, world. VYP has created a Toastmasters group for all members to aid in6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Ste. 300, 89119 (at Town Square) the development of speaking, presentation and leadership skills. Help$34.95 individual session, registration required, space limited, workbook provided. yourself and take advantage of what VYP Toastmasters can offer you. 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. Registration & networking 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Meeting The Platinum Hotel, 211 E. Flamingo Rd., 89169 Free for guests, $60 to join, $36 every six months23 Sponsored by: WednesdayNew Member BreakfastStart your new Chamber membership off right at this exclusive event for all newmembers of the Chamber. Each participant will have the opportunity to introducethemselves and their business and network in a friendly and upbeat atmosphere. Bring 28 Mondayplenty of business cards! VYP Toastmasters: Strip View Speakers7:00 - 7:30 a.m. Registration & Networking See February 9 for details9:00 a.m. Program 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. Registration & networkingCenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Meeting6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Ste. 300, 89119 (at Town Square) The Platinum Hotel, 211 E. Flamingo Rd., 89169By invitation only, complimentary. Free for guests, $60 to join, $36 every six months Sponsored by:23 WednesdayChamber Voices ToastmastersSee Wednesday the 9th for details10:45 a.m. - NoonCenturyLink™ Conference Center at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce,6671 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Ste. 300, 89119 (at Town Square)$45 every six months, guests always complimentary. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice February 2011 17
  17. 17. The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is proud to provide members with a place to publish their current announcements. Email news items to Member News or fax to Public Relations at 702.735.0320. President’s Club Member Executive Level Member n Coming Events Colliers International hired Amy Katz as broker support to help with marketing efforts CORE Construction was awarded the Best of 2010 “Government/Public Building” for Office One. award from Southwest Contractor regional Workforce Connections, through its Project magazine for the Campos Building and 5000 Kids program, and area businesses Kathy Gamboa has become campus director Parking Structure. are giving hundreds of local kids the ability for the University of Phoenix Las Vegas to experience a variety of careers through campus and three learning centers in Carole Fisher, president and chief executive National Job Shadow Day on February 2. Southern Nevada. officer of Nathan Adelson Hospice, was selected to participate in the National n Community Service Jenna Byrd joined Proforma element 7 as Operations DJ, and will focus on marketing Hospice Work Group, a professional coalition of executives from the nation’s largest and Commercial Roofers donated its services to and branding solutions for non-profit clients. most innovative hospices. reroof the home of an elderly couple through City National Bank hired Susan Lopez as vice the Rebuilding Together of Southern Nevada non-profit program. president and branch manager of its North n Wheeling/Dealing Summerlin branch in northwest Las Vegas. Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center Dr. Joel Stokes of Eastern Canyon Dental Nevada Development Authority named announced plans to renovate and expand its gave a short presentation on the relationship Michael Murphy, president and general adult inpatient Rehab Unit. The project will between stress and disease and explained manager of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue be completed by Fall 2011. a simple stress reduction technique at a Multiple Sclerosis Foundation support Shield in Nevada, to its executive committee. MGM Resorts International launched its Live group meeting. Craig Newby has been named partner of the the M Life Sweepstakes through as law firm McDonald Carano Wilson. part of its new M life loyalty program. Kolesar & Leatham law firm delivered five decorated holiday trees and numerous Nate Rosenberg joined national Commercial Executives brokered a presents for the residents of Life Care Center telecommunications provider XO 61-month lease of 3,275 square feet of office of Las Vegas. Communications as a major account space valued at $452,990. The Greater Las Vegas Association of executive. CloudApps Now launched its new website, REALTORS® donated more than $64,000 in, featuring social cash and in-kind contributions to deserving local charities in 2010. n Announcements media activity including a blog, Twitter and Facebook. The Glenn Group received three Gaming n Congratulations Voice Awards at the 10th annual American Gaming Association Communication 10e Public Relations is the exclusive public relations agency for the American Casino Mark Clayton, Erin Flynn and Jennifer Awards ceremony recognizing outstanding & Entertainment Properties Company, also Roberts have been named shareholders of the achievement in advertising and corporate know as ACEP. law firm of Lionel Sawyer & Collins. communications. Anniversaries 10 Years 5 Years +20 Years Fair, Anderson & Langerman 26 Alexander Kalifano AARP Nevada State Office Nevada Development Authority 26 Allstates Racing Services Desert Rose Resort Plant-It Earth 26 The Beef Jerky Store Direct Appliance Service, Inc. J.A. Tiberti Construction Holiday Royale Suites 26 Distinctive Insurance DonYeYo Cigar Factory Co., Inc. – Lic # 04632 AB 60 Morrissey Insurance 25 DJS Consulting Earl Turner Show GES, Global Experience Specialists 55 McDonald Carano Wilson LLP 24 Gold Leaf Lawn Care, Inc. IBM Corporation 55 DEX 21 Paladin Advertising, Inc. JNM Solutions, LLC KNEWS Radio/KNUU Radio 49 Mark, Bruno, Financial, Inc. 21 Park Animal Hospital Jones Consulting Group, LLC HAJOCA/Kelly’s Pipe & Supply 47 The Fremont Street Experience 20 PSI Marketing Consultants, Inc. New Look Collision Center, LLC The Spanos Corporation 35 15 Years R & S Printing Platinum Hotel and Spa The Molasky Group of Companies 34 Summerlin Kumon Math Residential Fire Protection, LLC Opportunity Village, ARC Inc. 33 & Reading Center Sam’s Club #8177 Fashion Show Mall 30 Nevada Trust Company Swanson Law Firm, LLC Stage Coach Depot Las Vegas Convention and Park Terrace Apartments, L.L.C. Titanium Investment, Inc. Townsend Pest Control Visitors Authority 30 San Moritz Apartments TMI US Saks Fifth Avenue 30 V & J Insurance-Vida Chan Lin Academy of Hair Design 2718 February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice
  18. 18. The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is proud to provide members witha place to publish their current announcements. Email news items or fax to Public Relations at 702.735.0320. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice February 2011 19
  19. 19. Ribbon Cuttings Red Carpet Red Carpet Las Vegas, Realtors, a leader in the real estate FPK Security & FPK Security & Investigations expands to Las Vegas. FPK Las Vegas industry for over 40 years, has opened its new location at 5175 Investigations provides unarmed security and private investigations as well S. Durango Dr. Call 702.776.8888 to speak with our professional as employment background checks. Call 800.459.4068 or visit sales executives regarding your real estate needs. Trifecta Gallery Trifecta Gallery is proud to announce the grand opening of Super Media Super Media is the provider of and its new location at 107 E. Charleston Blvd. in the Arts Factory Internet products. Super Media can help businesses with small Downtown. It specializes in contemporary narrative paintings to large budgets and offers Internet video products, as well as from emerging and mid-career artists, both local and national. SEO and SEM. Call 702.287.1052 or visit Call 702.366.7001 or visit Brown Hand At Brown Hand Center, caring for hands and upper extremities Café Rio Café Rio Mexican Grill celebrated its new location at 4830 Blue Center is the focus of our life’s work. For more than 10 years, patients Diamond Rd., with a ribbon cutting. Café Rio presented a check for from around the world have relied upon the expertise of our $2,500.00 to the Children’s Miracle Network. Cafe Rio has received Executive trained physicians and philosophy of respect in our clinics. Call numerous regional and national awards and recognition. Call 702.824.9655 or visit 702.968.1300 or visit February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice
  20. 20. Chamber Member discount offer To arrange your ribbon cutting, contact Georgia Allen at 702.586.3838 or e-mail Farmers Insurance is a local business taking care of the Fast Wrap Fast Wrap Southwest offers an affordable shrink wrap solutionInsurance insurance needs and financial services of the community. Southwest to protecting any asset from the sun with (12) months of UV Farmer’s specializes in personal service to all of its clients. protection. Fast Wrap Southwest is 100% mobile on demand. Its Farmer’s offers auto, home, life, health and business and financial technicians are highly trained OSHA certified. Call 702.375.9251 or services. Call 702.256.5000 or visit visit Morgan Miller’s unique concept enables a woman of any age SNMIC SNMIC is made up of health care and educational professionals,Miller’s Shoes to create her own shoe and have it custom-filled while she Executive community leaders and concerned citizens who develop health waits. She selects from many soles, straps and jewelry, very care opportunities in Southern Nevada. A key focus for SNMIC is much like “Build-A-Bear” for adults! Call 702.732.4047 or visit workforce development that assesses needs for the health care sector. Call 702.878.0001 or visit natureOffice covers all aspects of voluntary climate protection, Harmony Harmony Homes celebrated the grand opening of its newest from organizational changes to carbon offsets. natureOffice Homes neighborhood, Prominence, located in the master planned operates in Germany and South America since 2007 and opened Executive community of Aliante with a ribbon cutting. Harmony Homes has the Nevada office in 2010. From left, Andreas Weckwert, Germany, 17 new home communities throughout the valley. Visit Erwin and Puja Hudelist, USA. Call 888.975.1333 or visit for more information. Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice February 2011 21
  21. 21. Premier Member Crab Corner New Members Las Vegas Services, Inc. Pecos Law Group John Smolen James Denson Shann Winesett UNLV Alumni AssociationMutual of Omaha Bank Matt EngleElizabeth “Lisa” Molchon Crowbar Las Vegas Surveillance Service Premier Gaming Consultants,E. Philip Potamitis Al Muniz Sean Fitzpatrick LLC Vanguard Lounge Ronald Johnson Jennifer WheatleyNew Members CV and Associates Leading Edge Laura Cyr Communications PRS Of Nevada The Vegas Dog, LLC91 Degrees Michelle Killoran Tamara Cicchetti Melissa PatrickGene Wright David Magazine Max Friedland LJR Consulting, LLC R. Christopher Reade Chtd. Vitality Medical & WellnessACN‑Tina Helleberg Rachael Dilling Christopher Reade CenterTina Helleberg Downtown Vintage Guitars Cristy Thomas Mark Castillo LV Trading, LLC Law Office of Lisa RasmussenAdaven Children’s Dentistry Amir Ambar Lisa Rasmussen Vivix Credit SolutionsManny Rapp Durango Construction, Inc. Gabrial Brown Dennis Smith, Inc. RBGolfconsultAloha Air Conditioning Ralph Nero Rodney Bogg Warrior Wraps, LLCMario Talledo Fantasy RV Tours Mike Faulkner Nel Filliger Massi Insurance Services, Inc. Red AgencyAngles On Design, Inc. Dominic Massi David Barth Wegotdells.comRachel Fax Fast Wrap Southwest Charles Bubak Steve Simonson The Meeting Solution Retrospects Las VegasArrow Stage Lines Debi Kinney Gene Williams World Class Auto Service,Dan Elder Five Star Hydraulics, LLC LLC. William Swanson Meineke Car Care Center Ryan Goida‑ A Professional Chris TringasAssociated Supply Company, Frank Lee CorpInc. Four Seasons Dental Torry Goida Writing for ResultsLisa Roe and Med Spa MM & S Consulting Colleen Rice Carla Lindert Larry Moulton Senior Life Solutions, LLCAssured Strategies Chatty Becker Xpert Exposition ServicesDavid Chavez Fresh Grill & Bar Morgan Miller Shoes Dean Heim Kenny Blutman Gary Miller StringsBainbridge, Little & Co, Mike NewmannCPAs, LLP Gabel Distributors, LLC Moto‑ZoneMark Little II Jenni Schaffer Michael Goodwin Sushimon Keiko SugawaraBeauty Re‑Defined Gary Watson Accounting & Mountain West ChiropracticCenta Terry Auditing Service North West Taylor Made Treats Gary Watson Travis Sargent Andrea TaylorBrooke Dunn ConsultingBrooke Dunn Global Products Sourcing “We Mr. Automotive Services Tedesco Solutions, LLC Find Stuff” Robert Martin Harriette SchutschBruce Graves Development Lois CadwalladerBruce Graves Nevada Orthotics & Thistle Business Services H & R Block Prosthetics Deb SgambatiBryan Zane Terry & Associates Mona Chapman David StollsteimerBryan Terry Two Men and a Truck Hemophilia Treatment Center Old Sheepdog Defense Gordon ShafferCafe Rio of Nevada Jason JenningsGreg McNeff Christine Tonn U‑Drift Paradise Bay Pet Resort Chris NunneleyCagley & Tanner Iconic Construction, LLC Brandie HagganLee Cagley Jaime Rodriguez PCS Professionals, LLC Universal Health Care Group, Loretta Covelli NVClear Vision Eye Centers Interior Motives Joy JonesCraig Kuntz Alice RoussosClear/Wireless X Change International Custom Tailors Editorial Policy:Thad Jones Roma Assandas The Business Voice is a member newsletter of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.Cliff W. Marcek P.C. J. Chandler Financial Services,Cliff Marcek Inc. The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce welcomes input, ideas and suggestions from our members. As with any Scott Ward periodical, we must adhere to strict deadlines and we reserve the right to edit all materials submitted for publication.Comtech Communications Commentaries that are marked as such do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of the Chamber, its trusteesSystems J. Lyn’s Executive Services or employees. The Chamber cannot guarantee the validity or accuracy of the contents of paid advertisements.Bruce Smith Questions or concerns about content of The Business Voice can be addressed to Vice President of Marketing, Las Jackie Lynn Carney-Kahanaoi Vegas Chamber of Commerce, 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Suite 300, Las Vegas, NV 89119.Connected Structural Group, James White DDS, LLC The Business Voice (USPS #717-970) is published by The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.LLC James White 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Ste. 300Jesse Pryor Las Vegas, NV 89119-3290Contractors’ Plus JERO Annual Subscription $25Diana Bidlack Jeff Dubowe Periodical postage paid at Las Vegas, NV POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, 6671 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Ste. 300 Las Vegas, NV 89119-329022 February 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Voice