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Daily routine power point


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Daily routine power point

  2. 2. What do you do every day?
  3. 3. I eat breakfast. You watch T.V. We go to school. They do the homework. She eats breakfast. He watches T.V. Susan goes to school. David does the homework.
  4. 4. I don´t read the newspaper. You don´t play computer games. We don´t eat lunch late. They don´t go to school on weekends. She doesn´t read the newspaper. He doesn´t play computer games. Patty doesn´t eat lunch late. Richard doesn´t go to school on weekends.
  5. 5. Do I wake up early in the morning? Yes, you do. No, I don´t. Do you sleep in the afternoons? Do we eat cheese at breakfast? Do they go to the movies on weekends? Yes, they do. No, they don´t. Does he wake up early in the morning? Yes, he does. No, he doesn´t Does she sleep in the afternoons? Does my father eat cheese at breakfast? Does Susan go to the movies on weekends? Yes, she does. No , she doesn´t.
  6. 6. FREQUENCY ADVERBS 100% ALWAYS ________________________________ USUALLY ___________________________ OFTEN _____________________ SOMETIMES ___________ NEVER Jack ALWAYS gets up at 5:30 a.m. Mary doesn´t USUALLY go to bed late. Do you OFTEN go to the movies with your friends?
  7. 7. MY SATURDAY Saturday is my favorite day of the week. In the morning, I always get up late, at 10:30. I usually have a big breakfast with my brother and then I surf the Net. It´s easy! In the afternoon, I usually go rock climbing. That´s two hours of fun! It´s a difficult sport but I´m very good at it. Someday I want to climb K2. In the evening, I´m usually very tired but I always go out with my friends. We often go to the movies. We are all crazy about horror films. We sometimes go to a coffee shop near my house too. We have fun!
  8. 8. Answer the questions according to the text. 1. What time does Alex get up on Saturdays? 2. What does he do after breakfast? 3. When does he go rock climbing? 4. What does Alex want to do someday? 5. Does Alex always go to a coffee shop on Saturday evenings?