Shaken baby syndrome


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  • Shaken baby syndrome is when someone shake an infant or toddler and the brain bounce back and forth against skull, as it shows in the picture. The cause of shaking the baby can cause swelling, pressure and bleeding in the brain. This can easily cause a child permanent brain damage or death.
  • In the scenario the babysitter need to know the method or practice of her self to calm down. when baby cry the caregiver need to calm their self down to prevent the child from hutting by their frustration or angry, as in the scenario “the baby sitter got angry at her crying and shook her resulting in Shaken Baby Syndrome”. As an early childhood educator I can understand that parents and caregiver get angry and frustrations we need to keep the child in safe place and not touch the child. We can let the child cry for sometimes and the parent or caregiver need to calm their self by listening music , take deep breath or focus their mind on something else. Then the caregiver can go back to the baby and give comfort to the child. The parents and caregiver need to think them self, whatever they do to the child would be danger to the children, physical or emotional development. Also in this scenario the baby sister and mother need to be better educated about the symptoms and diagnostic methods for Shaken Baby Syndrome.
  • The shaken baby syndrome caused by when someone vigorously shake a child and usually happens when a caregiver is angry and loses control. According to the research one third of child die from Shaken Baby Syndrome also the survivors suffer lifelong disabilities such as blindness, paralysis, mental disabilities, growth and development problems and seizure disorders. Also some babies have broken ribs or arms from being held tightly and shakes.SBS syndrome occur in any age but mostly in infant less than 1 year of age. The cause for the shaking might be when the baby cry, demand and it became frustrate for the parents or care giver to shake the child. The symptoms of shaken baby syndrome include extreme irritability, lethargy, poor feeding, breathing problems, convulsions, vomiting, pale or bluish skin, head turned to one side, Unable to lift or turn head, Pinpointed, dilated, or unequal size pupils,Blood pooling in the eyes,Pupils unresponsive to light,Bulging or spongy forehead, No smiling or vocalization, Poor sucking or swallowing,Rigidity,Semi-consciousness, lethargy, or decreased muscle tone,Difficulty breathing,Seizures or spasms, Swollen head, which may appear later.!symptoms
  • In the child care setting, as ECE I would provide the available support for the child and family because the parents will have many concern about their child and as an ECE our responsibility to understand the child and parents needs. We should provide the child with proper educational setting, so in the child care setting we can observe the child and can have an ongoing communication with parent about the child behavior and changes. Also provide the parents with other source of service. Discuss about the child need to professional person that who have the experience and knowledge working with the children that who had brain injury. In the childcare setting, I would take the children outside in the stroller with another assistance help for children to get nature breath, inside the room I would rock the child, dance holding the child hand for music, Lower environment noise and lights. Make the parent to be aware of Shaken Baby Syndrome by giving parents newsletter about Shaken Baby syndrome .
  • I would refer this family to the Shaken Baby SyndromePrevention Program, they support prevention information to parents and caregivers; to develop leaders in health care and community-based prevention of inflicted infant head trauma (SBS) across Ontario; and to create centers of excellencethat will act as resources and central sites for other health care settings and communities in their regions. They have information provided in 19 languages.The agency get funding support from the Ministry of Health and Long- Term Care, works with consumers, researchers, practitioners, policy and decision makers to create the necessary changes to reduce this injury and to improve the quality of life for those wholiving with this injury. They provide 3 program of Injury Prevention, Acquired Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury.This is the link I have got the information about to prevent and help for the brain injury. 90 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 601 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaM4P 2Y3 Tel:             (416) 422-2228      Fax: (416) 422-1240General E-mail: info@onf.orgRichard Volpe, PhDPrincipal Investigator & ProfessorONF Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention ProgramLaidlaw Research CentreInstitute of Child Study, OISE/University of Toronto45 Walmer RoadToronto, Ontario M5R 2X2ph:             416-934-4511       fax: 416-934-4500email: richard.volpe@utoronto.caChristine DavidsonCoordinator, Academic SupportLaidlaw Research CentreInstitute of Child Study, OISE/UT45 Walmer RoadToronto, Ontario M5R 2X2ph:             416-934-4513       fax: 416-934-4500email: christine.davidson@utoronto.caemail:
  • Throughout the Meeting the need of children and families assignment I had some challenges and strengths. This assignment has given me a great opportunity to learn about the special needs and the cause of that disability. I already watched a video of this happen to a child at an other class, so this injury I heard about it, but by doing this assignment I have find out more information about the shaken baby syndrome . As a future ECE I could able to tell the parents or, make a note about “NEVET SHAKE A BABY” and can make a parents news letter about the cause of Shaken Baby Syndrome for the parents to be aware. Also provide the parents some tips of what they can do when they get frustration to keep the children safe from the danger.My strength are starting the assignment ahead of time so get more time to do the assignment to meet the assignment requirements. The challenge part I had in this assignment is finding in agency that help for the parents about the child needs. My weakens is making lots of grammar mistake and have to read my work 2 or 3 times. If I don’t get enough time , I sometimes don’t proof read my work as a result I get lots of grammar mistake.
  • Shaken baby syndrome

    1. 1. Shaken baby syndrome Brain injury
    2. 2.  The baby sister and parents need to be provided with practical methods of dealing with the babys crying and their own frustration Provide the mom with parent support program child development, parenting programs and anger management for baby sister and parents. educated about the symptoms and diagnostic methods for Shaken Baby Syndrome
    3. 3.  caused by when someone vigorously shake a child one third of child die from Shaken Baby Syndrome suffer lifelong disabilities such as blindness, paralysis, mental disabilities, growth and development problems and seizure disorders.
    4. 4.  Provide children safe environment, stable, and nurturing relationships. The parent need educational message, know strategies, knowing existing programs for parents Engage the child in activities
    5. 5.  funded by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation has recently expanded its Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Provide support and information to the parents about health care for the shaken baby syndrome.
    6. 6.  syndrome.html SBSPrevention/!symptoms syndrome_images haken-baby.html