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Local composer


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Local composer

  1. 1. The pride of Filipino in music industry
  2. 2. Bonifacio Abdon
  3. 3.  He studied at Ateneo municipal at he is part of the     choir in the school At the of 18 he already exposed in opera Most of Abdon’s musical compositions are in Tagalog zarzuela First filipino who conduct an opera in the country he was appointed as a violin instructor violin in the Conservatory of Music of the University of the Philippines in 1920.
  4. 4. Works of Abdon:  Misang Tagalog sa Balintawak (1910) – composed for the Aglipayan Church  Kundiman (1920) – unpublished; composed for the Russian concert cellist Bogumil Sykora  Instituto de Mujeres’ school hymn  Romanza  In Memoriam  Antipolo  Paghihinakit  Awit ng Pulubi  O! Dios sa Kalangitan!  Ang Bibingka – a part of one of Patricio Mariano’s works  Ang Anak ng Dagat  Ibong Adarna  Alaala
  5. 5. Nicanor Abelardo
  6. 6.  A native Bulaceño  At age of eight he already compose a song “Ang Unang Buko” dedicated to her grandmother  His family was know for being musician  Abelardo finally took up courses under Guy F. Harrison and Robert Schofield at the UP Conservatory of Music in 1916
  7. 7. Works of Abelardo:                Mountain Suite "Ang Aking Bayan" The Historical Pageant Processional March Concerto in B Flat "Nasaan ka, Irog?" "Kundiman ng Luha" "Magbalik Ka, Hirang!" "Mutya ng Pasig" "National Heroes' Day Hymn" "Ikaw Rin" "Bituing Marikit" "Kung Ako'y Umibig" "Doon Po sa Aming Bayan" "Un Cuento de Lola Basiang"
  8. 8. Freddie Aguilar
  9. 9.  Known as Bob Dylan of the Philippines  a folk musician of our country  best known for his rendition of "Bayan Ko", which became the anthem for the opposition to the Marcos regime during the 1986 People Power Revolution  and for his song "Anak", the best-selling Philippine music record of all time  Some of the songs that caused him to be banned from mainstream media include: "Kata-rungan" or "justice" (speaking for the unjustly accused), "Pangako" ("promise") (a leader's unfulfilled pledges to an abandoned people), and "Luzvi-minda" (an acronym for Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, calling on Filipinos to wake up to the reality of oppression)
  10. 10. Herminio Alcasid Jr.
  11. 11.  Known as Ogie Alcasid and recently marriage to     Regine Velasquez Alumni of La Salle,Grenhills and Univesity of the Philippines He is a singer,songwriter, composer,host,actor,comedian and entrepreneur He composed and arranged songs for television and films. He has since released 18 albums
  12. 12. Some major awards:  Popular Male recording  Artist Representative to the 1990 ASEAN SONG FESTIVAL, Kuala       Lumpur 2003 Famas Best Movie Theme Song of the Year (KAILANGAN KITA). 2004 Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Award Most Popular Male Singer/Entertainer 2008 24th Star Award for movies, movie theme song of the year, Pano Ba Kita Iibigin 2009 STAR AWARDS FOR MUSIC( Male Recording Artist-First Recipient) 2012 Multiple Intelligence for music award (Multiple Intelligence school) "Nandito Ako" (I Am Here) was awarded "Song of the Year" by local radio station Magic 89.9
  13. 13. Singles of Alcasid:  Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?  Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan  Kailangan Kita  Kung Tayo'yMagkakalayo  May Bukas Pa  Pangako  Kailangan ko’y ikaw  Hanggang ngayon
  14. 14. Joey Ayala
  15. 15.  An advocate of environmental protection  He composed song with nature,humanity,and dying tribes and culture as themes.  Ayala also served as the (2008–10) Chairman and ViceChairman (2011-13) of the National Committee on Music under the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.
  16. 16. Works of Ayala:              Panganay ng Umaga (Firstborn of the Morning) Magkabilaan (Dichotomies) Mga Awit ng Tanod-lupa (Songs of the Earth-Guardian) Lumad sa Síyudad (Native in the City) Lupa't Langit (Earth and Heaven) 16lovesongs Awit ng Magdaragat (Songs of the Seafarer) Organik Basta May Saging (As Long as There Are Bananas!) JoeyAyala: RAW Encantada (Music from a Ballet Philippines dance-drama, 1992.) Parol (Music from a Ballet Philippines Christmas dance-drama, 1995.) Palay Bigas Kanin (A multi-artist collaborative album directed by Ayala, 2010. Available for educational use via the web.)  Sita at Rama (In collaboration with sibling Cynthia Alexander. Music for a puppet theater production by Amelia Lapena Bonifacio.)
  17. 17. Heber Bartolome
  18. 18.  is a Filipino folk and folk rock singer, songwriter, composer, poet, guitarist, bandurria player, bluesman, and painter  His music was influenced by the “stylistic tradition” of Philippine folk and religious melodies  carried the trademark sound of the kubing, a native musical I  His “Tayo’y Mga Pinoy” (We’re Filipinos) was a finalist during the 1978 first Metro Manila Popular Music Festival instrument in the Philippines
  19. 19. Works of Bartolome: Bartolome’s famous songs include:  “Pasahero” or ‘passenger’ (1977),  “Almusal” or ‘breakfast’,  “Inutil na Gising” or ‘an awake fool’ (1985),  “Karaniwang Tao” or ‘ordinary person’ (1985).
  20. 20. Eleander B. Buendia
  21. 21.  Also know as Ely Buendia  a Filipino writer and musician who gained fame as guitarist, songwriter, and lead vocalist of the popular Pinoy rock band Eraserheads and Pupil.  Alumni of Pasig Catholic College,University of Perpetual Help rizal and later enrolled at University of the Philippines  Ely Buendia had a broadsheet column, entitled "CURSOR," published weekly (every Saturday) in the Entertainment Section of the Manila Bulletin
  22. 22. Works of Eleander:  Black whole  Sucker  Marble with sister Lally  Kung di rin lang ikaw for True Faith  Mga Babae and Something always Bring Me back to you for Novia  Stones Throw for Sponges Cola  Private Diane with Francis Magalona and Death Threat
  23. 23. George Canseco
  24. 24.  One of the foremost composer of original filipino music  Most of his songs were interpreted by the country's ace balladeer, Basil Valdez  His manner of writing songs was as unusual as his gift as he can draw bittersweet emotion from some imagined experience  His very first composition was "I'll Never Be Yours."  He then finished journalism at the University of the East and even worked as one for the Philippines Herald and Associated Press where he was an editor
  25. 25.  The following compositions all won best theme songs       for Canseco from the FAMAS awards: "Imortal" (for the 1989 Metro Manila Film Fesrival) "Langis At Tubig" (1980) "Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan" (1982) "Paano Ba Ang Mangarap" (1983) "Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin" (1984) "Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit" (1991)
  26. 26. Works of Canseco              "I'll Never Be Yours." "Kapantay Ay Langit," "Rain," "Kailangan Kita," "Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo,“ "Kastilyong Buhangin," "Dito Ba," "Langis At Tubig.“ Ngayon at Kailanman“ "Burlesk Queen,“ "Pagputi ng Uwak, Pagitim ng Tagak," "Atsay" and "Miss X;“ "Kapantay Ay Langit" (which was named best theme song in 1971).
  27. 27. Jose Canseco  A late 19th century composer who wrote hymns,zarzuelas, military marches and motets Religious compositions:  “Salve a la Sma. Virgen”  “Letania a la Sma. Virgen”  “Liberame (responso)”  “Plegaria a la Dolorosa”  Hymns to Nuestra Senora de Guia, patron saint of Ermita, Manila Secular pieces:  “La Despedida,” with words by Lorenzo Guerrero and dedicated to Juanita Marco  “La Ausencia,” dedicated to the girl who later on became his second wife  “Flor de Maria”  “La Huerfana,” dedicated to Clara Guerrero  “Josefina,” dedicated to his daughter  “Valeroso,” a paso doble  “Themis y Marta,” a paso doble dedicated to General Eulogio Despojol  Canseco also wrote the musical score of the Spanish zarzuela “La Muerte de Lucrezia” by Ronderos.
  28. 28. Ryan Caybyab
  29. 29.  A holder of bachelor of Music in composition degree     from UP college of Music He was the Executive and Artistic Director of San Miguel Foundation for Performing Arts The manager of the group Smokey moutain He is now the executive director of the Philpop Music Fest Foundation Inc., the organization behind the Philippine Popular Music Festival He was also a Maestro performing in different country and events in country
  30. 30. Works of Cayabyab  Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka (winner, 18th Awit Awards, Best Musical             Arrangement) Iduyan Mo Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang Paraisong Parisukat Tunay na Ligaya Nais Ko Liman-Dipang Tao Tsismis Da Coconut Nut Iniibig Kita Paraiso Awit ng Pagsinta (Epithalamium) - from Ryan Cayabyab and Bienvenido Lumbera's pop-ballet Rama Hari; lyrics by Lumbera Hibang sa Awit - lyrics by Jose Javier Reyes
  31. 31. Levi Celerio
  32. 32.  Celerio was a prolific songwriter, with over 4,000 songs to his credit  He is perhaps best known for being a leaf-player, a feat for which he was put into the Guinness Book of World Records. In 1997, he was named National Artist of the Philippines for Music.  He would also later appear on That's Incredible!.
  33. 33. Works of Celerio Levi's Christmas songs:  Pasko na Naman,  Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon (Ang Pasko ay Sumapit),  Misa de Gallo. love songs include:  Saan Ka Man Naroroon?,  Kahit Konting Pagtingin,  Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal,  Sa Ugoy ng Duyan, his folk songs include:  Ang Pipit,  Tinikling,  Itik-Itik,  Waray-Waray  Pitong Gatang,
  34. 34. Wency Cornejo
  35. 35.  A son of New Anchor Mel Tiangco  A composer and lead vocalist of band After Image  Part of the famous singing group in La Salle University- manila
  36. 36. Works of Cornejo:  Habang May Buhay  Magpakailanman  Hanggang  Isang kinabukasan(theme song of GMA Foundation)
  37. 37. Willy Cruz
  38. 38.  A prolific songwriter  He has written lyrics and composed songs for Sharon cuneta and her movies  He work for a number of telenovela including :  Babangaon ako at dudurugin ka  Kung mahawi man ang ulap  My onlu love  Pasan ko ang daigdig  Pati ba pintig ng puso  Sinasamba kita  Bituing wlaang ningning  Kaputol ng isang awit
  39. 39. Ernani Cuenco
  40. 40.  film scorer, musical director and music teacher  He completed a music degree in piano and cello from the University of Santo Tomas where he also taught for decades until his death in 1988.  His songwriting credits include:  "Nahan, Kahit na Magtiis,"  "Diligin Mo ng Hamog ang Uhaw na Lupa,“  "Pilipinas," "Inang Bayan,"  "Isang Dalangin,"  "Kalesa,"  "Bato sa Buhangin"  "Gaano Kita Kamahal."
  41. 41. Constancio de Guzman
  42. 42.  acknowledged dean of Filipino movie composers and musical      directors Notable composer Set to music the lyrics of “bayan ko” written by Jose Corazon de Jesus (huseng batute) He became the music director of movie production outfits like Sampaguita, LVN, Royal, Excelsior, Lea, and Tagalog Ilang-ilang. In 1948, his song “Ang Bayan Ko” and “Kung Kita’y Kapiling” bagged the gold medal at the Paris International Fair. The same song won for him the Awit Award for best Filipino lyricist.
  43. 43. Julian Felipe
  44. 44.  The first filipino composer of note  Set music the lyrics of the Philippines national Anthem “Lupang Hinirang” written by Jose Palma  He composed nationalistic songs that inspired his compatriots to continue fighting against the Spaniards
  45. 45. Lucrecia Kasilag
  46. 46.  Knows as the “First lady of the Philippine Music”  She made over 350 musical composition  She serve as president of Cultural Center of the Philippines for 17 years  Her last composition was a fantasy opera “Why flowers bloom in May?”
  47. 47. Louie Ocampo
  48. 48.  Known for his association with Martin Nievvera  Wrote numerous hits,most of which were done in collaboration with other artist.  He became one of the Judge in Artista Academy in channel Five  Composition made was :  Tell me  Kahit isang saglit  You are my song  Lagarista (arranged for Piolo Pascual)  Closer you and I (GMA jingle)
  49. 49. Francisco Santiago
  50. 50.  First Filipino composer to be confered the degree of doctor of Music Abroad  The First Filipino to be appointed director of UP conservatory of music  Created the timeless piece like :  Pakiusap  Kundiman  Madaling araw
  51. 51. Juan Silos Jr.  Best known as “Father of Rondalla”  Composed the theme song of movie “Giliw Ko” and the popular “Tunay na Tunay”  Juan Silos, Jr. and his Rondalla has produced several traditional Philippine folk dances which he himself conducted.  Lawiswis Kawayan  Pastora  Putong  Sinalampati  Redoba  Culebra  Paruparong Bukid  Sileleddaang  Pabirik  Pingga-Pingga Pino  Escala  La Jota
  52. 52. Restituto Umali
  53. 53.  Known as “Resty”  One of the most prolific composer the philippines ever produced  He became a volunteer instructor teaching the doublebass at the University of the Philippines (UP)
  54. 54. Compositions Some of his compositions:  Romance, 1953  Filipiana Medley Overture  Medley for Philippine Arts  Ang Kiri  Sa Lahat ng Oras  Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin, 1969  Sa Araw ng Kasal, 1970  Dearest Forever, 1971  Sa Pagitan ng Dalawang Langit, 1974  Lupang Pangarap, 1975 Awards Some of his awards:  First Prize, Philippine Independence Hymn Contest, 1947  FAMAS Best Music Award for "Sa Bawa't Pintig ng Puso," 1964  FAMAS Best Music Award for "Pinagbuklod ng Langit," 1969  FAMAS Best Song Award for "Pinagbuklod ng Langit," 1969  Manila Film Festival Best Music Award for "Bitter-Sweet," 1969  FAMAS Best Music Award for "Mga Anghel na Walang Langit," 1970  FAMAS Best Music Award for "Ang Alamat," 1973  Olangapo Film Festival Best Music Award for "Ang Aguila at ang Araw", 1973
  55. 55. Mike Velarde
  56. 56.  the founder and Servant Leader of the Philippines - based Catholic Charismatic religious group El Shaddai  Composer of Imelda Romuladez-Marcos favorite song “Dahil Sayo”  He also compose : • Buhat • Ikaw • Lahat ng araw • Habang may buhay • Minamahal kita • Ikaw ay akin