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Cloud computing


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Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing

  1. 1. What is cloud computing Cloud computing is Internetbased computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like electricity.
  2. 2. What is a Cloud Individuals Corporations Non-Commercial Cloud Middle Ware Storage Provisioning Network Provisioning OS Provisioning Service(apps) Provisioning SLA(monitor), Security, Billing, Payment Resources Services Storage Network OS
  3. 3. Cloud Computing Cycle
  4. 4. Features of Cloud Computing       Cost Agility Scalability Availability Device and location independence Metering
  5. 5. Disadvantages      Security Hard to log for compliance Reliability can become an issue Inherent latency Large companies have internal cloud
  6. 6. Cloud computing service providers • • • • • • • • • Amazon Microsoft windows Azure Savvis Google AppEngine Vmware cloud Rack space Verizon Go grid AppNexus