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Sharmin and Christen unit 13 & 15

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Sharmin and Christen unit 13 & 15

  1. 1. As one of our 3 choices for advertising clients, we thought we'd think a little outside the box and go with one that wasn't on the list of choices for clients. That way it'd be more unique and different from everybody else's in the class. I suggested Balzano's Deli in Cambridge as one of our client ideas. When digging into the research area, I realised that there wasn't much about Balzano's online. All there really is that THEY monitor and post for, is a Facebook page. Balzano's Deli has been an ongoing family business for the past 40 years (or more). It's located in very central Cambridge, down Cherry Hinton Road. Every day at around 4am the bakers are in to start baking bread and pizzas for the daily sales and later on in the morning fresh pastries are also baked.
  2. 2. This is a good place to advertise because they've already got a really strong business going so budgets for good sources of advertisement would be easy to gain and it has a selective range of customers that could easily be branched out even further to a wider range of ages. They've also only got Facebook and a fantastic word of mouth to get the good reviews and new customers - however, they could easily go much further and put up more social media networks around. We thought that the billboard idea would be a good one as we found out that the price to put our ads up is reasonably small per month, and the billboard we were looking at was a particularly good location as it was just a 10 minute walk up the road in the Leisure Centre in front of Cineworld. And everybody knows that THAT is the key location for Hills Road Sixth Form College students to go for lunch.
  3. 3. Nanna Margarita used to live in Mexico City created the first Nanna Mexico in 1958. She was a single mother with seven kids, who desperately needed some food. Times were hard but one day Nanna Margarita set off to go out on the street with her kitchen table laden with fresh ingredients. From that day on Nanna Margarita created the Nanna Mexico, she turned market-bought ingredients into mouth watering meals for the local factory workers. Nanna Mexico is not just about the delicious food but also has a story of struggle behind it. The fight for survival Nanna Margarita had with her seven kids and the passion and motivation within her to bring Nanna Mexico to life. Nine years ago Luis had a passion to bring his Nanna's Mexico to the UK, to bring the smell, the colours, the textures, and most importantly, the ingredients of his Nanna’s kitchen are what you will find in his Nanna Mexico. Luis has come a long way from the table in the streets but as Luis says: "I like to think that my role now is the same as my nanna’s was way back then. To serve you delicious, fresh food to nourish you for the day ahead."
  4. 4. Nanna Mexico is located in two places in Cambridge: 29 Petty Cury 33 Regent Street Cambridge Cambridge CB2 3NB, United kingdom CB2 1AB, United kingdom This is the Nanna Mexico logo. One way the promote their Nanna Mexico is with this van.
  5. 5. People love offers and feeling like they have got a great value. The £10 every evening for a main item, chips and salsa any drinks and dessert is a great offer and will draw attention to many such as couples and families. The Student Monday is a great appeal to all the students studying in Cambridge, they want cheap and to feel valued. They are also advertising their social media networks on their website, they have put "follow us on twitter and grab an offer every Tuesday'. This is giving the customers a hope of offers and a great meal out.
  6. 6. Burwash Manor has 17 different units that include cute cafes, that bring something different to the community they've been up and running for 20 years and are still expanding. Later this year the farm is hopping to opening a restaurant; this will be a great new addition, this is ideal for a day out as its got farm life to see as, well as little shops and cafes if you need to grab a coffee with a friend and catch up also with the new restaurants shops will be open later and enjoy the sights at night.
  7. 7. Alice Synge is happily married and is a mother of two boys (aged 4 and 7), she is also the founder and owner of Backstitch Co. . Backstitch originally started in her home office while she was looking for 'the business idea' that will change her lifestyle. Alice finally decided she wanted to sell fabric online in 2010. Only recently she opened her first Brick and Mortar store in March 2014, by opening a retail premises the business has changed rapidly then where she started of. Alice's day starts with Backstitch when doors open 10am until they close at 5pm. The store its self is a fabric and haberdashery retailer that sell: contemporary patterns, books, fabric and haberdashery for quilters, dressmakers and craft sewers/sewists. Backstitch also have various classes in: dressmaking, embroidery, hand sewing, machine sewing and quilting for any level of stitchers at the main shop. It is located on a gorgeous farm at Burwash Manor in Barton, just outside Cambridge.
  8. 8. ADDRESSES: Backstitch Burwash Manor New Road Barton Cambridge CB23 7EY If international another way to get great value fabric and haberdashery go visit their webpage ----------- > <---- Simple and easy to remember Backstitch logo
  9. 9. Our brief is to advertise the haberdashery store- Backstitch located in Burwash Manor. That sale: fabrics, threads, buttons etc. the store owner also holds classes that are aim to beginners and advanced skills. Although, our main aim is to advertise the product of the store its also to advertise the sense of community and be a part of a store that you can interact and feel free to get advice on haberdashery.
  10. 10. The objective of advertising the store is to make it known to potential new customers, the target market the client wants to reach a target audience that are: • young women/men • hobbies include craft • students that are taking a course in textiles or fashion • old sewists For this campaign we wanted the message to be short and sweet something that is catchy but importantly defines Backstitch and the theme we going for, below is the campaign message we came with:` • to try to bring a fun and interesting spin on haberdashery into our new generation and keep the past generation up to date with new exciting designs.
  11. 11. We need to meet with the client and discuss a few objectives: 1st meet - discuss the clients wants and needs and also show our initial designs and see what they think and if its along the lines she was thinking. Also discuss budget and location. 2nd meet - come back to client with done the research with development of designs (thats been done on adobe) and the cost of production, get feed back and anything she wants to add on to the design. 3rd interaction (with client should be via email)- send the client the final design proposal final designs proposal. feedback on if they want to follow through with production and quantities needed. 4th interaction (with client should be via post (to the store)- including the print advertisements requested. We came up with different channel ideas and put that into a brainstorm.
  12. 12. Launch date for finished print advertisement: • Print Advertisement and Campaign complete: 19th February 2015 • Launch date: 3nd March 2015 (beginning of spring, has to be trending forecast for summer as fabrics, classes, making summer clothes in march ready for summer)
  13. 13. On the 24th of February we spoke with Alice Synge- the owner of Backstitch store in Burwash Manor and online presence, where we spoke about the possibilities for the campaign. Location: The shop is located at Burwash Manor Barns in Barton, Cambridgeshire. Burwash is a collection of 15 independent retail businesses, and a teashop, in a range of old farm buildings. Alice informed us the store is open and run all sorts of workshops and classes. Budget: Alice informed us she has budget of £100-200, as she is a small business so doesn’t really want to have any large costs for advertising. She also told us that most of her advertising via Twitter, Facebook, Flicker, Pintrest, and Instagram. However, she wanted print advertisements that she could give to her customers as well, as distribute them in central Cambridge, as no one really knows where the store is located. This was useful to know as it rule off producing pintables on a wide scale like Banners and billboards. We had a few ideas of posters, postcards, business cards and stickers, she really liked the idea of stickers as it’s a fun way to advertise and ‘everyone likes stickers’ she said she also liked the idea of postcards.
  14. 14. Flicker page: Instagram page: Pintrest page: Twitter page: Facebook page: Colour scheme and logo: Alice said she already had her companies colour pallet, font, and logo, that she would like to be included in any advertisement for the campaign, and I also asked her if she strictly wanted it to the colours from her colour pallet as we have to consider the imagery that might be used, she said as long as they reflect and compliment the existing colour pallet she is open to ideas. Things to consider: Due to where the store is located in a remote area. We need to consider how, we going to let future customers know and how they can get to the store.
  15. 15. images of Backstitch stores inventory, the logo, the colour scheme, and the social media Backstitch is on and the website. I also asked if she has a slogan or would like us to come up with one to add in, Alice said she already had one and would to see it in there. She mentioned she would email over the logo and font/colour pallet brief. Alice’s Slogan: Full of wonderful stitchy goodness. Conclusion: In conclusion, a print advertisement on a small-scale production as discussed postcards and stickers would be the ideal print advertisement due to Alice’s small budget. Content: We also discussed what should be included in the print advertisement, such as
  16. 16. We came up with different channel ideas and put that into a brainstorm.
  17. 17. Rough sketches Brainstorming ideas. We designed ideas that have no images of people or indicate any kind of gender. This is so we don’t go against the code 17 Misleading the audience.
  18. 18. We made some templates of sizes of stickers, this is so we can have a rough estimate of what size our client would like. We also explored on what fonts and colours we would like to test out.
  19. 19. Checking what we think will work and what won’t with size and the logo. Developing our final two ideas, that best suited our client.
  20. 20. We came up with a few ideas of how we could design our post cards. Then we developed those ideas in depth and added some more details for the back.
  21. 21. Picking shapes for our stickers. Developing and making notes for our stickers and postcards idea. Writing down what our post card will need.
  22. 22. With the stickers we stuck to the basic concept of the original stickers that Backstitch have already. They are circle stickers which can be used when a customer buys a product from the store. Alice (our client) uses a paper carrier bag for the customers items, in some cases these bag will need to be closed up, this is when Alice can use her stickers to close up the back or give to a customer to take home. This design is to catch the consumers eyes, to be subtly draw attention to the consumers. The position in the market for these stickers wont be so high as it can only reach customers in the store or locally. These stickers have to be distributed and can be a slow process to bring customers in. however we can put these stickers out on the market, such as putting them our for sale on their website or sending them through letter boxes.
  23. 23. The target audience are mainly for (ages 12 - 65) women however can also be for men. These people can be interested in sewing or crafting, or also for those who would like to add an extra curriculum and are interesting in exploring and developing their love for fabrics. There isn’t many classes out there for students to join at a reasonable price.
  24. 24. • Billboard • Postcard • Stickers • We also though of taking the print based advert a bit further and came up with a story board for an 30 second YouTube advert. • To narrow down the channels to come up with to give us an idea of what sort of layout we could do for the print based advert we will be creating
  25. 25. For each idea that we presented we noted on the idea which she liked, disliked and any changes would like to be made. We also recorded our whole meeting so we could track back later on to see if there was anything else we missed. POSTCARDS: Client didn't really like the use of people so had to come up with a new concept if we where to do the postcard idea.
  26. 26. Round stickers are small in size measuring 3.7cm in diameter. They are ideal for handing out to promote your business or just for fun! Printed on a 190gsm silk stock. Clients favorite was the first sticker idea.
  27. 27. Clients favorite was 'Time Travel.
  28. 28. Then we did some research of the cost of all our print based ideas and called the agencies and found out exactly: how much, location, how long and quantity. We also started brainstorming ideas if we had to make a visual advertisement that could go on YouTube or their social media. So we came up with a few sketches....
  29. 29. We also had to ask the client if there was any promotional offers she would like to include in the typography of the design. Also need to understand whether the print based advert we was going to create needed to be a classic design that can be used over and over again so the client saves cost. on the other hand if she wanted to make the advert more seasonal that would be trending on holidays ect. however, this will bump up production cost depending on colour and quantity of objects on the design. This was not included in the brief the client sent over so it would be an important to enlighten the client if they had not thought of.
  30. 30. The Route We Will Be Taking by bus and foot
  31. 31. Started with three initial designs that we showed the client to, she ranked them in preference order and what she wanted changed. So taking all that into consideration focused on no.1 design and experiment with reversing the colour and adding the logo in.
  32. 32. • High quality pixelated logo (already used for backstitch) • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Photoshop • Graphics tablet • Picture of a bobbin from her store ideally can be cartooned Launch date for finished print advertisement: • Print Advertisement and Campaign complete: 19th February 2015 • Launch date: 3nd March 2015 ( colours are the clients own
  33. 33. Working 10.5 hours in the week on the final print advertisement would be equal to around £420 for a graphic designer. • According to cost helper ( designer.html ): A freelance graphic designer can charge anything from £13-£230 per hour, although the average charges £43 - £49. Numerous sources on the web say they would accept no less than £40 an hour for an experienced designer. Therefore if we charged £40 per hour for 10.5 hours, it would typically cost £420.
  34. 34. We also previously worked out it would be another £20.80 for 550 which is more than enough minimum would be £15 for 100- 350 for print cost of the stickers. • I would recommend the quote for £15 for 350, 51mm diameter as it’s the cheapest amount for more than enough also taking into consideration does her shop get more customers than 350 a month. Total: £435
  35. 35. There are a very few legal or ethical issues that will be avoided, however: • The final design only feature the client’s logo and web address and bobbin, due to copyright • The design only includes the website address, the logo, the colour pallet (given to us by client), and a threading bobbin, it’s not offensive in any way. We will make sure that we don’t mislead our consumers. The images we have for our advert ideas, will only be of products from backstitch showing what they sell this wont be misleading as we not be using it in any content that is not relevant to the brand or its identity. There are a very few legal or ethical issues that will be avoided, however the final design only feature the client’s logo and web address and bobbin, due to copyright. The design only includes the website address, the logo, the colour pallet (given to us by client), and a threading bobbin, it’s not offensive in any way.
  36. 36. We have taken a look at the ASA website ( They cover all categories such as: Harm and offence Children Misleading advertising Political advertisements Environmental claims “Rules to ensure that ads do not cause harm or serious or widespread offence. Includes rules relating to shock tactics, unsafe practices and photosensitive epilepsy.” “Rules that must be followed if directing ads at children or featuring them. Includes rules about unsafe practices and unfair pressure; pester power and sales promotions for children.” “A key and extensive section of the Code, containing rules such as substantiation (evidence to prove claims); pricing; the use of the word ‘free’; availability of products, comparisons, testimonials and more.” “Clarification of when the Code applies to political advertisements.” “Rules about making ‘green’ claims for products or services. Rules cover evidence, the clarity of claims and ‘life cycle’ of products.”
  37. 37. Idea 1: To create this advert we would need to hire a model and ask for a range of fabrics. Also we will need to hire out the studio and equipment to carry this shoot out. This advert can be used for the summer season as it promotes summer clothing.
  38. 38. Idea 2: For this shoot we will need 6 models of all different ages. Also a street which is pleasing to the eye and has autumn trees. We will need all the equipment and crew people. This will be suitable for the company to use in the autumn season.
  39. 39. Idea 3: On this shoot we will need to have Backstich the shop closed for us to shoot and hire a model as well as having the backstitch founder free for her to be part of the advert. We will need to hire the equipment and have our crew free too. This is more of a classic traditional concept that can be used all year round. However for the Audio-visual advertisement we decides not to go ahead with this as it was mostly time consuming and not in the clients budget.
  40. 40. We presented our designs to Alice Synge who said, her favourites were both concept 1 and 2, and however they weren’t the final product. Alice liked certain things in each concept 1- the green circle behind the ‘B’, but she thought the white writing would be too hard to read although she like the white boarder. Concept 2- she liked the style in which I did the bobbin as it was clearer but her logo wasn’t on it so there was no brand identity. She suggested we merge the two ideas together. She also suggested using the colour pallet she given us to change the colour of the bobbin to add more colour. • Concept 1 Concept 2
  41. 41. We took into consideration what the client wanted, and we have changed a few parts to the design like, adding in her logo with the green circle behind the ‘B’ from concept 1 and adding the styling of the bobbin from concept 2. However, she did say she preferred the white board although trying it out the light green back ground made the logo of the ‘B’ blend in which wasn’t clear for the audience to recognise her brand identity. We thought it looked more pleasing having a balance of two greens by making it the boarder. We presented the final designs to Alice Synge who said, she defiantly thinks this is the best design of what she’s seen previously she was concerned why we didn’t change the boarder and after explaining she was on the same page and agreed with our creative direction.
  42. 42. These are the three pieces that we designed. Alice (our client thought that concept 1 was too busy. She liked our second and third design however wanted it to look classy as well as being simple and clear. We decided to make improvements from what our client has said. We will make sure that the post cards have all the main information such as location, slogan, website and her social networking sites. As well as putting what she offers briefly. • Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3
  43. 43. Back of postcard FINAL Front of postcard FINAL We took into consideration what the client wanted, and we have changed a few parts to the design like, minimising the social networks and she also preferred the to be written then having the social network logo. We added her logo with the green circle behind the ‘B’ from concept 1,2,and 3. we made sure that the companies name was big and bold with the website below it. We kept her slogan in as this will give the consumers a feel of her company and their aim. We used our own photographs that we had taken from her store to show what they offer. On the back of the post card we have put backstitch contact details. By keeping the post cards simple, clear and classy we have achieved what our client had imagined us to design and it is ideal for her.
  44. 44. Back of postcard FINAL Front of postcard FINAL Information: Vista Print Quantity – 250 Flat Size – A5 Feature - Square Corners Paper Type – Gloss Adhesive Price - £87.69
  45. 45. Information: Digital Printing Quantity – 350 Flat Size - 51mm Diameter Paper Type – Gloss Adhesive Paper Weight – 120gsm Price - £15
  46. 46. We made an A1 to display each phase we went through from initial design to the final outcome. We produced two designs for two products - a postcard and a sticker, that would be manufactured to the client's desirable quantity.