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Tope portfolio


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Published in: Design
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Tope portfolio

  1. 1. Pat Richter® Gallery, Inc. 2004 catalog cover:created using photography, Photoshop and Quark Pat Richter® textiles: Created using original artwork and then edited & manipulated in Photo- shop and placed in Quark. - ©various years for Pat Richter® Gallery, Inc. Coffee mug & decora- tive box -->
  2. 2. Original artwork acrylic ©2004 Kristin TopePaper products created for Pat Richter® Galleryusing Photoshop and Quark. - ©2004-2008 PatRichter® Gallery, Inc.
  3. 3. Soap bar wrapper©2008 krt Artistry
  4. 4. Given original artwork which isfeatured on the front of each card.My job for Crown Point Graphics wasto create the backs, interiors, entertext, and choose a font for theinterior of each card.Created using Photoshop, Illustrator,and InDesign.© various artists as stipulated oneach card.
  5. 5. Assignment: Create magazine adcampaign using same text aroundRubik’s original©Rubik’s logo
  6. 6. Assignment: Poster/Magazine ad©2009 Gunnar Bicycles/Waterford Bicy-cles and krt Artistry
  7. 7. Created logo, corporate identity standardmanual and applied to textiles andbusiness collateral - all for Raw Energy, a newraw foods business.©2009 Raw Energy and krt Artistry
  8. 8. Assignment: Create oversized postcard that uses minimal postage following USPS guidelines, given their photosonly. -- The glasses were separated individually and plates were a separate photo, I chose border design, font,address imagery, and placement. Used Photoshop and InDesign -- ©2010 Kristin Tope
  9. 9. Poster created for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. - ©2007 Best Friends and krt Artistry
  10. 10. Assignment: Use real or non-existant company and create CD packaging.This page: interior and exterior of 6 panel.Next page: CD sleeve, disc, jewel case tray and 3 dimensional versions. All ©2009 Kristin Tope
  11. 11. Chillin’ Chain Records fictionalwebsite©2008 Kristin TopeNext page: krt Artristry website©2011 krt Artistry