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Ashel. action plan. 1

  1. 1. Mariano Marcos State University College of Arts and Sciences Batac City ASSOCIATION OF STUDENTS IN HUMANITIES, ENGLISH AND LITERATURE Proposed Plan of Activities SY 2010 – 2011 TARGET ACTIVITIES STRATEGIES PEOPLE INVOLVED TARGET DATE RESOURCE SOURCING BUDGET ACADEMIC/ RELIGIOUS/ SOCIO-CULTURAL Bulletin Board  Weekly maintenance of the bulletin boards  Post the latest information and incoming activities of ASHEL  Post Bible verses  Post quotes about Arts and Literature ASHEL Year-round ASHEL Funds Php 500.00 FUND RAISING Water Refilling Service  Sell water at a certain price  ASHEL  LLC Department  All interested students Year round ASHEL Funds Php 100.00 ACADEMIC/IGP Film Viewing  Provide English films and documentaries weekly that are essential for students  Sell tickets at .99  ASHEL  All interested students Year-round ASHEL Funds Php 500.00
  2. 2. ACADEMIC Weekly Quiz about Films  Post questions on the films shown per week  ASHEL Year-Round ASHEL Funds Php 100.00 ACADEMIC/ SOCIO CULTURAL Facebook Activity  Online discussions  Tutorials  ASHEL  All interested students Year-round NA NA ACADEMIC Adopt a Classroom  Clean a classroom every week  Monitor cleanliness and orderliness  ASHEL Year-round ASHEL Funds NA ACADEMIC Quiz Show Twilight Saga  Twilight  New Moon  Eclipse  Breaking Dawn  Invite twilight fanatics from the university.  Conduct a quiz show.  Students from the different colleges Second Week ofAugust ASHEL Funds Php 100.00 ACADEMIC/SOCIO CULTURAL English Cup: Inter- High Academic Competitions  Spelling Bee  Quiz Bee  Essay Writing  Poster Making  Read-athon  Speech Choir  Collaborate with the department of Education, Ilocos Norte, Laoag and Batac  Conduct competitions for high school students.  ASHEL  DLCC Faculty  DepEd, Ilocos Norte  High school students and teachers Third Week of September ASHEL Funds Php 20,000.00 EXTENSION Journalism Seminar and Workshop  Collaborate with ABESSOC  Invite lecturers  Conduct Seminar  ASHEL  ABESSOC  LCC Teachers  Elementary First Week of September ASHEL Funds Php 1000.00
  3. 3. and workshop Students (Division of Batac) EXTENSION Adopt a Pupil  Sponsor three pupils of Alsem Elementary School  Provide monthly allowance and other school needs of the beneficiaries  In coordination with SC  ASHEL  ABES-SOC  SC and other academic organizations SY 2010-2011 ASHEL Funds Php 6,000.00 ACADEMIC Inter-University Debate Contest  Invite debaters from the different universities  ASHEL  ABES-SOC Second Week of November ASHEL Funds Php 5000.00 EXTENSION Christmas Outreach Program (Alsem, Vintar)  Ask students for donations.  Conduct an outreach program through a Christmas Program at Brgy. Alsem Vintar.  Coordinate with Kris Ablan and other agancies to donate seeds/seedlings for the treeplanting project  In coordination with SC  ASHEL  All interested students  People of Brgy. Alsem, Vintar  Kris Ablan  SC and other academic organizationa Second Week of December ASHEL Funds Php 5000.00
  4. 4. SOCIO CULTURAL/ FUND RAISING Christmas Bazaar  Sell products for the organization’s fund raising  ASHEL  All interested students First to Third December ASHEL Funds Php 3000.00 ACADEMIC/SOCIO CULTURAL Talent Show Month: Charades Sayawit Talent Show  Invite interested students and performing groups  Award best performers  ASHEL  All interested students First Week of January ASHEL Funds Php 6000.00 ACADEMIC/SOCIO CULTURAL English Month Celebration  Conduct a week round activity  Conduct various competitions  ASHEL  All EHL Students  LCC Department Month of February ASHEL Funds RELIGIOUS Mass/Ecumenical Service  Invite faculty and students for the mass  ASHEL  ABES-SOC  DLLC First Day February ASHEL Funds Php 1500.00 ACADEMIC Week 1: Language Forum  Invite speakers to discuss current trends in language teaching and learning  Conduct open forums  ASHEL  ABES-SOC  DLLC February ASHEL Funds Php 3,000.00 IGP Week 1-4: Valentine Bazaar  Invite food houses from Batac to put up kiosks  Sell food and dry goods  ASHEL  ABES-SOC  DLLC February ASHEL Funds Php 3,000.00 Week 2: Mr. and Miss Bookworm  Invite students to impersonate popular  ASHEL  ABES-SOC DLLC February ASHEL Funds Php 6,000.00
  5. 5. literary/mythology characters  Contestants show their talents relevant to the characters they portray Week 3: Acoustic Singing  Invite bands from the different universities  Award best bands  ASHEL  ABES-SOC DLLC February ASHEL Funds Php 6,000.00 Week 4: ASHEL Competitions: Spelling Bee Quiz Bee Junk Art Storytelling Move and Groove Oratorical  Invite representatives from the different humanities, literature and English classes  Conduct different competitions  ASHEL  ABES-SOC  DLLC February ASHEL Funds Php 20,000.00 ACADEMIC English Month: Culminating Program  Gather all EHL students to join the program  Award winners of the different contests  Invite a guest to highlight the celebration  Present talents  ASHEL  ABES-SOC  DLLC February 25, 2011 Php 10,000.00 ACADEMIC/ SOCIO-CULTURAL Art Exhibit  Artworks will be displayed at the CAS Lobby  ASHEL  ABES-SOC  DLLC January 17, 2011 ASHEL Funds Php 1000.00
  6. 6.  Interested Students ACADEMIC/ SOCIO-CULTURAL Photography Workshop and Contest  Invite lecturers from TIPS  Conduct a seminar and workshop  TIPS  ASHEL  All interested students January 27, 2011 ASHEL Funds Php 10,000.00 MORAL/SPIRITUAL/ RELIGIOUS ASHEL Group Sharing  Conduct a weekly meeting and sharing with ASHEL  ASHEL Year-round Prepared by: Noted by: Attested by: LOI KRISTEL M. TUBERA MARK LAWRENCE A. FERNANDEZ JOSELITO L. LOLINCO President Adviser Dean LUVEE HAZEL C. AQUINO Adviser CIRIACO T. RAGUAL Student Affairs Coordinator