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Web2 present Company Presentation


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Web2 present Company Presentation

  1. 1. Our Value Proposition: The Social Platform for great content, interactivity andincreased reach © 2010 All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. “Research has shown that 63% of today’s Decision Makers are moreProducts & Services likely to attend a webinar then to join in person” Student Recruitment We work together with leading Universities and Business Schools to recruit new (International) students for them. This is proven to be a very effective way to inform, increase reach and attract new students. Web2Present takes care for everything, except the presentation. Web2present Webinars Lead-generating webinars to increase reach, credibility and brand awareness. A combined approach of Event management, Online Marketing tactics and targeted Audience Recruitment . Sponsor one of our webinars or let us tailor one specifically for your organization. Web2present Online Events Whether connecting a LIVE conference with Online Attendees anywhere in the world or have everyone join Online: get more delegates and increase brand-awareness, - participant satisfaction and – ROI! We manage, support and take care of the live stream. © 2010 All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Web2Present s Total value proposition: Webinars Social SEO/ media SMM Email marketing
  4. 4. Top reasons to sponsor a Webinar:And why to chose a ServiceProvider to handle the Webinar:• Expert 3rd party session increases credibility and significantly lowers risk of failure• We find the right Audience profiles to generate a quality audienece/ leads!• No time out of the office• Increase awareness• Flawless Audio/ Video• Post-session Analysis (Reports)
  5. 5. The Benefits: The Benefits of SaaS Exclusive sponsor/ Interactive sponsor Awareness sponsor Student RecruitmentExclusivity: Get the option to be the only sponsor in the XwebinarHave it your way: Provide input on the Agenda and Partner- XspeakersAudience: Determine the target-audience and profiles! XWish list: we can invite up to 200 of your contacts on your X Xbehalf to attend the webinarCall to action: directly transfer all participants to a X Xdestination URL (your website etc.) for lead conversion!Interact: have the attendees answer a poll based on your X Xtailored questions30 min. presentation + 10 min Q&A X - x2 XRecording of the webinar, for post-webinar access (of up to 3 X X Xmonths!)Leads: get all the contact details of the attendees shortly after X X Xthe webinarBranding: Web2Present will promote your X X Xcompany/organisation with the webinar through our OnlineMarketing machine (Social Media, DM, proprietary solution)
  6. 6. Timeline: The Benefits of SaaS Includes Definition Estimated duration When Discovery meeting An online discovery meeting will take place 1 Hour 8 weeks prior to the webinar between W2P and the customer to determine, topic, attendee profiles and agree on logistics Research Based on the discovery meeting W2P will 2 weeks Start 8 weeks prior to the webinar research where these potential students can be reached online (blogs, social networks etc.) Online marketing campaign Based on W2P’s research a targeted online 6 weeks Start 6 weeks prior to the webinar marketing campaign will be carried out Dry run W2P will conduct a dry run with the 15 min. A few days prior to the webinar customer to ensure that everything is working well Webinar production/hosting On the day of the webinar W2P takes care of A typical student recruitment webinar On day X everything from hosting to producing and lasts between 1 and 2 hours depending acting as master of ceremony on the length of the presentation(s) and the duration of the Q&A session Post webinar de-briefing An online meeting will be carried out with 30 min. Post webinar the customer post webinar in order to review the result of the webinar
  7. 7. Guaranteed Return On Investment • Have the option to only pay per actual lead! • Extend your reach • Lower Cost • Higher quality leads • Improved response • Increased conversion • Increased Brand Awareness • Show your attendees that your care about the environment • No travel time nor time out of the office Let us do the work for you! © 2010 All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. Sorbonne University attracts more Students CIFFOP (part of Sorbonne University, Paris) is regularly ranked as the best place to get a Masters degree in Human Resource Management in France. However, as CIFFOP targets mainly international students wishing to gain a French Masters degree in the HR field, it has always been challenging to approach and reach them. For that reason, CIFFOP s Academic Director resorted Web2Present, in order to overcome the limitations of reach, time and budget through Web2Present s online webinar service. Objectives: Student recruitment, thought leadership and brand awareness. • Webinars increased their awareness to students all over the world • Interactive session where especially Q&A session was highly successful • High engagement and feedback, through video, polling questions and Reports • Attracted 20 new students through 1 session ! View their session here- > webinars-details.php?id=71 © 2010 All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. VMware increased lead conversion Vmware choses Web2Present: The leading Virtualization company (NYSE: VMW) chose to Sponsor a Series of Web2Present webinars in order increase their leads within EMEA. It brought the following direct results: • Targeted focused audience • real interests converted to high quality leads • Customized messaging to their target market • Being seen as cutting-edge leader, underlining innovation, flexibility and customer-centric values • Engaging sessions through video, Q&A and Polling-questions . View their session here- > webinars-details.php?id=61 © 2010 All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. Web2present Online Events Case-study - CIOnet: CIOnet is the first online & offline independent Network that empowers CIOs & IT Managers to network more efficiently and effectively for business. CIOnet is today active in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium. Pre-, During and Post Event Management • customized registration tailored to local CIOs • audio through VoiP so anyone can join, with video and presentation simultaniously transmitted in real-time • both live- as well as interactive online audience • Follow-up Survey for useful information on feedback, satisfaction and effectiveness • Reports analysis on Registration Source, Attendance, Attention ratio etc. • Recording re-used for increased reach and ROI It is not the Technology itself, the Planning of the Event or the Promotion – it is an integrated approach of all of these and knowing what to do at the right time, so it comes across as taken for granted by your audience. © 2010 All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. Web2present S.L.Rambla de Catalunya, 66 5 D08007 BarcelonaSpainWeb: www.web2present.comEmail: contact@web2present.comLinked-in: © 2010 All Rights Reserved.