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Has the Continuous Decline of the Yellow Pages Hurt Your Company?


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Has the Continuous Decline of the Yellow Pages Hurt Your Company?

  1. 1. Has the Continuous Decline of the Yellow Pages Hurt YourCompany?There was a time when advertising in your local Yellow Page Phone Book was virtually amust do type of advertising for local businesses that would like to reach local customers.From local plumbers, gardeners, and attorneys to accountants and restaurants everybodyknew that having an advertisement in the phone book was practically a sure way to haveeven more sales walk through your front door. And the providers that owned the telephonedirectories went out of their way to sell you as much ad space as you wanted, for a cost. Andthat rate could be very high without a doubt. Literally thousands of dollars monthly. And to getan ad in the phone book additionally included that huge one year commitment. It was mostdefinitely a decision that could possibly have a massive financial impact on a small business.But for lots of small companies that wanted to draw in new consumers the choice to spendthose bucks on phone book advertisements was an easy one.Times though have certainly changed significantly. Because of the net small businessowners now have more options. In fact I have actually consulted with a lot of small businessowners in the last year that completely believe the days of marketing in the yellow pages aregone. In fact they state its come to be a massive waste of marketing dollars and they areditching the phone book in droves and moving those advertising dollars online. The idea ofcommitting the few advertising dollars that a small company may have to a one yearagreement costing hundreds or thousands of dollars a month is no longer attractive.So right here are the questions I have.1. If your company has traditionally marketed in your local phone book have you seen adecrease in sales that stem from marketing there?2. Do you believe that phone book marketing is perishing or is it already dead?3. Will you continue to market in your local phone book or do you mean to drop yourmarketing when your agreement is up?4. Assuming you are going to drop your yellow page marketing where will you spend thosedollars in the future to market your company?There was a time that local businesses were practically held captive by the yellow pagecompanies. If they wished to be seen in your area they needed to market and the marketingprices were through the roof. You could not actually measure your return on financialinvestment. But fortunately for local businesses those days are over.web designer la vergne tn