Phuket Travel Guide


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Find information about Phuket flights from all airports of United Kingdom with all major airlines according to your requirements.

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Phuket Travel Guide

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  2. 2.   Phuket tourists are welcomed by miles of exotic shoreline set against a background of green tropical forest in addition to the heated and cheerful encounters of the local Phuketians. Although the isle is intensely designed, especially around touristy Hat Surin, there are still distant beachfronts have fun with such as Karon and Nai Han. Many people who come off Phuket flights will go around the provincial capital, and head directly for the beach hotels. But to get a feeling of the real Phuket, invest a few days discovering this humming, modern capital. Quit by the Phuket Philatelic Art gallery which was once the old post office building. Here you will find the best example of SinoPortuguese structure in the area. Foodies cannot skip a journey to Phuket’s exciting street marketplaces where providers offer everything from dinner to ice lotion.
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  4. 4.        Qatar flights from London to Phuket , fr £599 Departure flight details From :London (LON) Via: Doha Economy Class Return flight schedule From :Phuket (HKT) Via :Doha Economy Class 29 Sep 2013 (SUN) To :Phuket (HKT) 13 Oct 2013 (SUN) To :London (LON)
  5. 5.        Singapore Airlines flights from London to Phuket, fr £662 Departure flight details 29 Sep 2013 (SUN) From :London (LON) To :Phuket (HKT) Via: Singapore Economy Class Return flight schedule From :Phuket (HKT) Via :Singapore 13 Oct 2013 (SUN) To :London (LON)
  6. 6.  Phuket's weather is divided into two distinct seasons such as rainy and dry. The rainy season starts in May and last till October month, at this time monsoon blows from the southwest. The dry season starts from November through April and monsoon comes from the northeast. The highest average temperature of this city, at 33.4 degrees Celsius, during March and Lowest averages temperatures is 22 degrees Celsius during January month.
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