Fancy strollers for baby


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Many  stroller incorporate several key design features from more specialized models. If you will be purchasing one adventurer for home and away, to endure for as continued as possible, you may wish to accede a multipurpose strollers.

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Fancy strollers for baby

  1. 1. Fancy Strollers for Baby Powered by
  2. 2. ABOUT COMPANYLussobaby is an online retailer baby store located at North Vancouver.They are specializes in unique , modern , organic and Canadian madeBaby Strollers, jogging Strollers, Double Strollers, Umbrella Stroller andBob Strollers.Form is important but function is must. Our Goal is to “ Make your life easier – in comfort and style”
  3. 3. StrollerMany stroller incorporate severalkey design features from morespecialized models. If you will bepurchasing one adventurer for homeand away, to endure for as continuedas possible, you may wish to accedea multi-purpose strollers. Dependingon your daily usage, attending forappearance like off-road wheels,adjustable handles and adjustablebassinet position, forth with acclimateaegis and storage.
  4. 4. Double StrollerAs we all know, Babies safety is the biggestconcern. For newborn babies, having a doublestroller can be a lifesaver. The front wheelswivels, making the BOB really easy to turn,even around tight neighborhood corners withthe weight of two kids. A double strollers modelcan mean the difference between a pleasanttrip to the mall or a balancing act between onebaby in your arms and the other in a singlestroller.
  5. 5. Baby StrollersBaby Strollers can be the parents bestfriend, but choosing the wrong babystroller could have trouble andinconvenience. As we all know, Babiessafety is the biggest concern. To choosea stroller that makes corners smoothly,especially if youll use it in crowdedplaces. Lussobaby have the best qualityof stroller at various ranges.
  6. 6. Umbrella StrollerUmbrella strollers feature an extra large fabrichood to shield your baby from sun, rain, andwind. These models are usually more lightweightthan other strollers, but don’t travel well in off-road settings. Umbrella stroller models are idealfor urban settings and shopping. Simple to use,the umbrella stroller is a good choice for anyparent.
  7. 7. Jogging StrollerJogging stroller today are used as a running stroller.They biking able-bodied on esplanade paths andhiking trails. If you anticipate you’ll yield youradventurer off bland pavement for any bulk oftravel, it may be consider as a joggers. Joggingstrollers today are used as a running stroller. Theybiking able-bodied on esplanade paths and hikingtrails. If you anticipate you’ll yield your adventureroff bland pavement for any bulk of travel, it may beconsider as a joggers.
  8. 8. Bob StrollerWith the latest innovative features, theRevolution SE Dual lie is perfect for any sportexperience. From the zoo to the beach, zipthrough crowded areas and around tight cornerswith the revolutionary swiveling front wheel orlock it in place for increased stability jogging orwhen the terrain turns tough. Easy-fold,lightweight design means this bob stroller isready to stow, go or roll wherever life moves you.
  9. 9. Contact UsStore Address:1037 Marine Drive North Vancouver, BC V7P 1S6Website: http://www.lussobaby.caPhone: (778) 340-0648Call Toll Free:(855) 335-8776Email: