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Analysing Of Music Videos

  1. 1. Analysing Of Music Videos
  2. 2. Lupe Fiasco - Superstar <ul><li>The video portrays a Mercedes Benz stopping at the red carpet. Two girls leave the car. Director Hype Williams manages to slip in two characters from Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. The Cool with his characterizing skeleton hand and The Streets with her dollar signs in her eyes. The Video itself has been nominated for a MTV's VMA for Best Hip Hop Video. </li></ul><ul><li>(Wikipedia account of video). </li></ul>
  3. 3. Analysing of Video The music video is shot in a “award-like” venue in order to support the title of the song “Superstar”. The Photographers and women are around the set in order to reinforce this idea of a huge celebrity. The lighting is generally quite dark in order for the camera and main artist “Lupe fiasco” to stand out. This dark lighting choice helps the audience to understand the importance of the artist. Another technique I notice was the constant usage of lower angle shots throughout the video. Because the video was shot in a lavish venue , the camera is almost underneath the artist to create a sense of importance with the people rather than attention on the venue. Notice how the light is always behind to create a washed out/shadow scene like image.
  4. 4. This medium shot brings emphasis on the artist , this is common throughout the video. A sense of “stardom” is created out of the fast motion in this video , the quick cutting rates and flashing lights help support the idea of stardom . This is because generally “superstars” are not seen for very long within the public . The flashing lights represent a sense of importance for the artist. Also the fact that the artist is turned around adds to his exclusive persona. The featured artist is shown exactly at 0:22 into the video. Again the usage of long shot and back turned around is shown. This reinforces the idea of importance and superstardom. The money in the mise-en- scene symbolises wealth and power , power because the artist takes no notice to the money surrounding him therefore representing him as someone who’s quite rich. His appearance on the stage suggest that he also a superstar who remains exclusive despite the crowds in the video.
  5. 5. Dizzie Rascal- Holiday The video for &quot;Holiday&quot; was directed by the duo Hope Audikana. It was filmed in Ibiza and showcases numerous females dressed in bikinis dancing. It begins with Dizzee miming with the music stopping then starting again. (Wikipedia account of Video)
  6. 6. Analysing of Video This video is set in the heart of Ibiza the party capital of Europe. The idea that this video wants to portray through the song is escaping your normal life and in a sense partying your cares away. The lyrics say “ If you aren't doing nothing lets fly away” , this supports the idea of escaping normal life. Emphasis on partying is shown in various parts of this video by using bright colours such as white as seen on the artist in the video , it expresses the idea of relaxing and happiness. The lighting within the video is also quite bright as this reinforces the idea of “holiday” , the aerial shot shows a bright island full of clear water and palm trees. Also within the mise-en-scene you are able to see many people enjoying life , this adds to the idea of “normal” people escaping their daily lifestyle to party.
  7. 7. This clip like many of the clips within the video shows a close up of an attractive female. These clips are their to reinforce the status of the artist. By surrounding himself with attractive females it shows not only power but dominion over the opposite sex. The Phone was used as prop in order to portray the idea of a busy women who also is seen as someone with a high status. Medium shots are used to ensure the audience see the mise-en scene which is the foundation of the video. This is the foundation because without the mise-en-scene you are unable to understand the nature of the track. Shades are also seen throughout the track in order to reinforce the hot weather and in a sense express wealth.
  8. 8. Tinchy Stryder – You’re Not Alone The video featured Tinchy Stryder in various different scenes around empty streets in the London Docklands at night, paralleling Olive's video for the original version in which Tim Kellet, Robin Taylor-Firth and Ruth-Ann Boyle can be seen in similar Paris locations. (Wikipedia account of video.)
  9. 9. Analysing Of Video This video was shot in the London streets in order to try an imitate the original video of the song “your not alone” shot in Paris. The idea that the video wants to portray through the song is that nobody is alone despite their situation . The lyrics say “you're not alone , stay strong no time to feel weak” this supports the idea that although you feel weak you must stay strong because your not alone. This long shot is shown every time the chorus is played , it shows the women walking alone in the dark. This is used in order to match the lyrics “Hand In Hand , Side By Side, Not Concerned Who Outside”. This video uses the lyrics in order to create the clips shown.
  10. 10. This medium shot shows buildings in the mise-en-scene to give a sense of alienation from the world . This lyrics say “You Need A Shoulder Lean On Mine , Your Not Alone Its In Your Mind” , this position the artist is standing in suggest he is there with his arms open ready to accept love , which is again supported by the lyrics within the song . The dark lighting represent in a sense depression and isolation this idea is also supported by the dark costume.
  11. 11. By viewing the video a sense of depression and alienation is shown throughout. From the close up shots of him on a bridge to the aerial shots of him in London give you the idea that someone is alone in a big city. The bright lighting from the streets lights creates a good atmosphere supported by the lyrics which help support the idea of not being alone . The mise-en-scene remains quite dull as emphasis is made on the artist and occasionally on the scenery.