Teenagers in action sobolewo


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Teenagers in action sobolewo

  1. 1. Youngster
  2. 2. We are a group of teenagers from the same grade in a middleschool in Sobolewo. After classes we take part in Youngstermeetings.Łucja WyszyńskaKlaudia SosnowskaMagdalena RogowskaNatalia MarciszewskaKonrad Zajkowskiour English teacher:Monika Gudalewska
  3. 3. We analysed the problems of our local community and we noticedsome big problems for example: unemployment, a lot of addictionslike alcoholism, smoking, taking drugs etc.But what can we really do about them?We decided to help our schoolmates who spend too much time invirtual world than in a real one. They too often choose exist on theInternet and as some games heroes instead of living in the realworld.
  4. 4. We wanted to show our friends that it is possible to: Play without computer Talk face to face Be together outside virtual IT GIVES A LOT OF FUN! If you are DISCONNECTED you can have even more fun from your life!
  5. 5. We created flyers and gave them to the students before everymeeting. We also made a poster which informed about ourevents. We spend a lot of time on preparing games, activitiesand a bonfire.
  6. 6. took place on 22 of February 2013 and we wanted to prove ourfriends that it is possible to play without PC. Everybody gotinterested and it was a great fun. Participants had to divide intogroups with 2-4 people. Students played games like: caps, tictac toe, puns and Fifty.
  7. 7. Especially boys enojed this game a lot.
  8. 8. Full concentration on the game.
  9. 9. In our version participants had to guess well-known Polishproverbs.
  10. 10. The main game was „Fifty”.Team had to throw a dice. Every number from 1 to 50 was hiddensomewhere in the school area and had its own password.Participants had to find the number, remember its password andrepeat it correctly then they got task to do. Who is the winner?The group who first reach 50!
  11. 11. Carrying a book on a head
  12. 12. Wrapping toilet paper around a friend without tearing it
  13. 13. Solving an equation
  14. 14. Doing a puzzle in 2 minutes
  15. 15. Buliding as high tower as they can with someplastic sticks.
  16. 16. Jumping in a sleeping bag
  17. 17. Laying the table in a propper way
  18. 18. Building the bridge from cards
  19. 19. Igor GórkoandArtur MaleszaThey got threecinema ticketswhich can be usedfor 3 months. Theycan also choose anyfilm they want.
  20. 20. On 8th March 2013 during our meeting we wanted to show that talkingface to face can be much more attractive than on line. We got inspiredby LARP (Live Active Role Playing). Students were supposed to solve amystery of murder as detectives. They had to investigate to find a killer.We were suspects.
  21. 21. Bożena Wesoły was a jurnalist. She wanted to write an articleabout a drug problem in show-business which would revealthat a son of a famous and an adored actress is not like shetold- outstanding student of law, but spoiled, bad and addictedto drugs man.
  22. 22. Bożena was murdered in a weird way. Five people weresuspected of killing her: Bożena
  23. 23. She was the famous actress who didn’t want Bożena to destroy her careerby informing the public about her addicted to drugs son.
  24. 24. The famous actress’ son. He wanted to take revenge on Bożenabecause he fell in love with her but she lied to him that she was someoneelse. In fact her goal was to reveal the truth about him and his mother.
  25. 25. She was a perverted drug dealer and a friend of Andrzej.Bożena’s article would throw her into prision.
  26. 26. She was jealous of Andrzej because she loved him a lot.She hated Bożena because Andrzej fell in love with her.
  27. 27. She was a journalist, she worked with Bożena and they competed with each other.Blanka was extremly jelaous of Bożena’s achievements.She was her false friend.
  28. 28. And the real murderer was...Blanka Psikutawho was paid by Kamila Sztacheta.
  29. 29. Magdalena Gałecka, Monika Grzegorczyk, Paulina Jarmoc iMartyna Karpowicz. Their prize was a ticket for Bowling.
  30. 30. On 21st March 2013 we wanted to show our schoolmates thatthere are some emotions they never experience in virtual. Wedivided them into 7 groups. Each group got a map and had tofind hidden signs outside the school with some tasks to do.After doing the tasks correctly they won food and things whichwe need to make a bonfire.
  31. 31. Eating apples withouttouching them.They found cola and hot tea.
  32. 32. Race on the plastic boxes.They got ketchup and mustard.
  33. 33. Catching raw eggs.They won paper napkins.
  34. 34. Build vehicle from the bodies.They found poles.
  35. 35. Pick up stick with twofingers.They received cups.
  36. 36. Spinning for 20 second andthen reach the snow mountain.They got plastic cutlery.
  37. 37. Solve the riddle.They got loaves of bread.
  38. 38. In way to find sausages.
  39. 39. After getting all the food,our participants couldwarm up and roast thesausages on the bonfire.
  40. 40. It was awesome. Despite the freeze the atmosphere was hot.
  41. 41. The competition Teenagers in Action has already finished but ourfriends still ask us for more such meetings.So we know that it is really worth continuing DISCONNECTED.