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Weac recall petition training 11 3-11 (3)[1]


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Recall Petition Training

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Weac recall petition training 11 3-11 (3)[1]

  1. 1. We Will Take Wisconsin Back! Prepared in large part by Jina L. Jonen, This is a Wis. Stat. § 11.29 Wisconsin Education Association communication with WEAC Council, November 2011 members and staff.1
  2. 2. We Will Do It! ―Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.‖ The password is: Recall33 -Margaret Mead2
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Why Walker Is Wrong For Wisconsin 2. How To Make Your Petition Count 3. Where To Turn In Petitions 4. The 4 X 10 Plan 5. Celebrate our New Governor!3
  4. 4. Why Do We Need To Recall Walker?  Attacks on you and your family  Attacks on your students and your school  Attacks on your friends, neighbors, community and state4
  5. 5. Big Picture: Timeline November 15-January 13 Tuesday, November 15—begin collecting! November 19—November 29—gun deer season November 24—Thanksgiving December 25—Christmas Day December 31—New Years Eve January 1—New Years Day January 13—All petitions due in Madison January 16—Papers filed at G.A.B. on January 17 because January 16 is MLK day5
  6. 6. What We Need To Recall  540,208 valid signatures  Kickoff date is November 15, 2011  Signatures due to GAB by January 13, 2012  Turn petitions in daily- Democratic Recall office will have ―debriefing‖  Only the Circulator can amend  There will be separate recall petitions for Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch—members will6 need to sign both
  7. 7. Can we succeed? YES! Very good 30% 22% Somewhat good 12% 17% Fair 14% 12% General Somewhat poor 12% On public education 14% Very poor 31% 33% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Please tell me if your general impression of each of the following persons and institutions in Wisconsin is positive, negative, or neutral. If you are not familiar with any particular one, just say so. (IF POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE): Is that very positive/negative, or just somewhat? Q10. Governor Scott Walker7
  8. 8. Who Can Sign The Recall Petition  Must be eligible to vote in Wisconsin - Wisconsin resident - 18 years or older - U.S. Citizen - Not a felon still serving sentence8
  9. 9. No Photo ID Needed To Sign  You do not need a photo ID to sign the petition.  You do need a photo ID to vote in the recall election.  For more information on how and where to obtain a photo ID, visit the GAB website at
  10. 10. Who Can Collect Recall Signatures  You!  U.S. Citizen  18 years or older  Not a felon  Can live in Wisconsin but you don’t have to10
  11. 11. Where To Find Petitions  Recall Walker offices across the state  Download and print on-line at United Wisconsin starting November 15.  Also Note: You can’t sign a petition on-line. It must be a hard copy.11
  12. 12. Sample Petition – Handout Each valid signature requires four pieces of information on the petition: 1. a signature or mark made by the signer 2. a viable house number and street address , or rural route (not a PO Box) 3. a municipality of residence in the state of Wisconsin (where they vote, which may or may not be the same as where they get their mail) Example: My address is 600 10th Place but I vote in SOMERS, so that is what I need to put down as my municipality . 4. and the signature must be dated within the 60 day collection period.12
  13. 13. How To Fill Out Petition 1. Pick up or download recall petitions. 2. Ask eligible people to sign. 3. Names should be easy to read. 4. Make sure they fill in all information. 5. No P.O. Boxes – need physical address. 6. You can fill in or correct address or date information if you know it is accurate. 7. Never leave the petition unattended. 8. Wait to sign, date and each petition certification until after all people have signed the petition.13
  14. 14. Certification of Person Collecting Signatures  You personally circulated the petition  You personally obtained the signatures  You know the signers are WI electors  You know each person signed knowing it was a petition to recall Walker  You know the dates are accurate  You know that falsifying the certification is punishable by law14
  15. 15. Where To Turn In Completed Petitions  As soon as each petition is full, sign it and turn in.  If you can’t fill up the petition, turn it in anyway. (Return to KEA or closest Recall office)  KEA Office is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Please, please, turn them in as you go.15
  16. 16. What happens if I have any concerns or confrontations?  Very few problems across the state  If asked to leave, do so and report it.  Stay polite and professional  Call KEA office with concerns16
  17. 17. What Can I Do At School? Observe any school policies that apply, otherwise… RECALL EFFORTS – FAQ  Do not use any school resources, such as school mailboxes, computers, email and copiers  Do not wear political items while working  Do respect all viewpoints17
  18. 18. Where To Donate Money • Wait to collect so that we can bundle small donations from across the state and give them to candidate. Details to follow. • Otherwise, give to We Are Wisconsin at .18
  19. 19. After Signatures Are Collected  GAB verifies the signatures  Election six weeks later  If primary, general election 4 weeks after primary  Get out the vote19  Celebrate New Gov!
  20. 20. Bumper stickers and yard signs to available!20
  21. 21. Save the Date—Recall Kick-Off Rally Saturday, November 19  Rally at 1:00 PM at State Capitol  Pre-rally activity at 11:00 AM  Save the date21
  22. 22. Together We Will! ―A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.‖ Lao-tzu  A gathering of a million signatures starts with one.22