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By Shenglan Chai 南阳市商业银行融资项目 In English Final


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A commerical banking need to restructure and re-capitalized. A oversea investor need! around 10 Millions USA dollar need for the Chinese Bank, and it will be IPO in Mainland China or HK within 5 Years. the expected Investment return will more then 40 times. PLS contact us at :

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By Shenglan Chai 南阳市商业银行融资项目 In English Final

  1. 1. NANYANG CITY COMMERCIAL BANK Investment project exclusively presented by NEW J & A Investment Management, Ltd
  2. 2. 2 真诚协同 驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth Reminder All information in this Investment Proposal is confidential. Contents and data included are purely for the reference of potential investors, not for any other uses. Please follow the rules below after you receive this proposal: 1. Please return this proposal if you are not interested in this project 2. Without the written agreement with Guohao Corporation, it is prohibited to copy, fax, scan, disclose, or distribute part or all information in this proposal to others 3. Please limit the access to this proposal to only related personnel, please do not copy, scan, distribute, or disclose information in this proposal to unrelated persons in your company 4. New J & A Investment Management, Ltd, Shenzhen preserves all final rights to explain contents and data in this proposal.
  3. 3. 3驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Contents NANYANG City Commercial Bank business New J &A management team Financing Proposals NANYANG City Commercial Bank Descriptions
  4. 4. 4驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 NANYANG City Commercial Bank — Description Founder in 1989, NANYANG City Commercial Bank,is an independent local commercial bank, owned by shareholders. The bank has annual shareholder meetings, board of directors and executive management. The bank has centralized management and decentralized operations. The bank focuses on commercial banking, and owns 60 operating locations. The bank has grown rapidly into an entity with excellent management, well-located branches, expanding business, strong servicing ability, increasing profitability, and a good social image. The bank is one of leaders with large influence in the local economy.
  5. 5. 5驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 NANYANG City Commercial Bank — Governmental Supports A special leadership team consisting of high-ranked officials of NANYANG City’s been deployed to help the bank to clean up bad loans and to monitor its internal affairs. In 2007,the city started to directly take away the commercial banks’ bad loans, and to replace banks’ toxic assets and distressed assets with state-owned land. The city tries to make it possible for the banks to focus on meeting operating goals. NANYANG city government is the largest shareholder of the bank, who has given tremendous supports to the bank. In 2006, the NANYANG city implemented a serial of favorable policies to support commercial banks, such as allowing “Collect first, reimburse later” taxation. NANYANG city input additional 130 Millions RMB capital to NANYANG City Commercial Bank, and donated 170 millions RMB of government owned properties to the bank.
  6. 6. 6驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Contents - Continued New J &Ateam Financing Proposals NANYANG City Commercial bank introduction NANYANG City Commercial Bank business
  7. 7. 7驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 NANYANG City Commercial Bank — Loans Loans To Business To Individuals PersonalMortgage loans AutoLoans RealEstateMortgage BackedLoans PersonalDeposits PledgedLoans Smallunemployment loans Short-termLoans Mediumtolongterm loans BankEndorsement BusinessDeposit PledgedLoans MediumtoSmall Business JointLoans
  8. 8. 8驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 NANYANG City Commercial Bank — Deposits Deposits From business From Individuals PersonalTimeDeposits– Lump-sumsavingand Lump-sumwithdrawals PersonalTimeDeposits– SmallSavingswithLump SumWithdrawals Educationalsavings Personal savingswith advancenoticetowithdraw CorporateCurrent Deposits CorporateTimeDeposits CorporateDemand Deposits Entity’snegotiable savings …… Personal TimeDemand Deposits Personal checking deposits
  9. 9. 9驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 NANYANG City Commercial Bank — Agency Services Debt and claim settlement services Collecting and transferring funds Insurance services Company’s Asset valuation Letter of Guarantees Entrusted Loans Bank statement certification Credit cards Agency services
  10. 10. 10驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 NANYANG City Commercial Bank — Specialties ♦城市建设贷款:配合城市建设规划,为城市道路、桥梁、体育设施以及供水、 供电、安居等利民工程建设提供融资服务。 ♦项目搭桥贷款:充分发挥机制灵活,决策链短的优势,对当地大企业、大项目 进行短期融资支持,满足临时资金需求。 ♦中小企业贷款:开辟中小企业信贷“绿色通道”,创新担保方式,为中小企业, 特别是效益良好的重合同、守信誉企业提供全方位金融服务。 ♦个人消费贷款:充分发挥“市民银行”的作用,以住房按揭贷款、汽车消费贷 款为主,积极办理个人信贷业务。 ♦银 行 卡 业 务:发行“世纪一卡通”联名银行卡,可为客户提供存款、消费、 结算、个人理财等综合服务。 ♦结 算 业 务:可办理国内各种结算业务,并依托人民银行大小额支付系统, 开展同城、异地、跨行通存通兑等服务。 ♦代收代付业务:已开办代发工资、代收电费、代收水费、代收手机费、代收非 税收入、代理保险等十几个代理业务项目,方便广大市民。 ♦Infrastructure loans:Providing loans to infrastructures projects ♦Investment project loans:Providing short-term loans to local large companies and large local projects to meet their cash flow needs ♦Small business loans:Implementing “Green Channel” policy: to offer compete banking services to small business, especial to those with good credit rating & social image ♦Personal consuming loans:Being a “People’s Bank”: offering personal mortgage loans, auto loans and other personal banking services ♦Debt card:Issuing “One card One world” debt cards ♦Cleaning house services: Able to accept all kinds of domestic transactions, and alliance with the central bank to offer cross banks transactions ♦Collecting and Transferring funds:Already having services, such as paying salary for companies, collecting electricity fees, water fees, cell phone dues, insurance premiums and other nontaxable items for the convenience of the general public.
  11. 11. 11驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Contents - Continued Financing Proposals NANYANG City Commercial bank Introductions NANYANG City Commercial Bank business New J &Ateam
  12. 12. 12驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 New J & A Description New J & A Shenzhen Investment Management, Ltd is a registered professional investment management company. Our objective is to create additional wealth for our clients. New J & A has a focus of investment management, financial consulting, asset management, asset reorganization, public offering and company reorganization. Our mission statement is Accelerating wealth growth. Our business is based on our deep understanding toward domestic and international markets, and our solid experience in the busines. Accelerating wealth growth Mission Statement
  13. 13. 13驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 New J & A Business Divisions Our business is based on our deep understanding towards domestic and international markets, and our operating experience.
  14. 14. 14驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 New J & A Internal Management Flowchart We are market-oriented; we believe in maximizing profit over risks, and we strive to provide the best professional services to our clients in our practice. We have established a system which is self- efficient and self-supportive along with strong internal controls.
  15. 15. 15驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 New J &A Risk Management Flowchart Our company has establish a well structured risk control system. We follow the risk control process in very practice, to prevent and diversify risks efficiently and effectively. Risk Management Committee Risk Control Teams Investment Risk Control Team Fund Operation Risk Control Team Fund Sales Risk Control Team Financial Accounting Risk Control Team
  16. 16. 16驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Our team Shengxi Lu, PhD Yuyuan Tao Fengjiao Chen Yibo Ma Jingyi Zhao Bingming Yi, PhD Qing Gao Maoquan Gong Xiaobin Wu Jiwei Wang Qianmei He Liuyi Xie CEO, New J & A Investment management, LLC Vice president, New J & A Investment management, LLC Executive manager, New J & A Board of Directors, NEW J & A Vice president of marketing, New J & A Vice president of research and analysis, New J & A Vice president of acquisition and merger, New J & A Vice president of acquisition and merger, New J & A Vice president of fund management, New J & A Vice president of security trading, New J & A President of Jiaoshi Fund, LLC, Guanzhou branch Fund manager of China Dragon Power Fund
  17. 17. 17驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Shengxi Lu, PhD Dr. Lu has rich experience in investment banking and asset management (Especially in Private fund management). He holds a bachelor degree in engineering from University of Haerbin Technology, a bachelor degree in business administration from University of Wuhan Technology, a MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute , Lally, and PhD from Zhongnan University of Economics and Laws. Dr. Lu is CEO of New J&A Financial Limited, and, member of board of directors of J&A International capital. Previous Dr. Lu was the fund manager of Dafu Financial management, LLC (Hongkong). Before joining Daofu, he was the vice president of marketing of China High Technology Investment management, responsible marketing and investment management. The positions that he hold before including senior manager of Jiashi Fund management, and senior analyst of J & A Capital (Hongkong), senior analyst of Guoxi Security and Vice president of Investment banking of J & A Investment.
  18. 18. 18驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Successful cases by Dr. Lu  Guagzhou Capital(600098)A stock issuance(in 1997)  Yu Energy(001896)A stock issuance(in 1998)  China Oil(600546)A stock issuance(in 2003)  Establish China Dragon Power Fund(in 2006)  Establish J&A Fund SPC(in 2007)  Establish SkyworthTTG & assist its financing ( in 2008)  Establish New J&A*Huarun Trust* New Xinhuzhongbao ABS Trust fund( in 2009)
  19. 19. 19 真诚协同 驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth 1. Seven articles published on secondary academic magazines 2. Comprehensive Strategic Decision Makings Published in 1998 by RENMIN Publishing 3. Establish and Operate Companies owned by stockholders Published in 1998 by HAITIAN Publishing 4. How to make your company publically traded Published in 2000 by CHANGJIANG Publishing 5. Investment Bank in the auditing system Published in 2001 by China International Trading Publishing Publications of Dr. Lu
  20. 20. 20 真诚协同 驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth Dr. Lu’s Experience and Specialty Educated and Work in Mainland China, Hongkong, and in U.S. PhD in Statistics and MBA, other than that also have degrees in Engineering, International Business Management, Financial Engineering, and Mathematics in Business. One of the first members being granted Hongkong citizenship as “Excellence Intelligent” Solid Financial Investment Background Experience in Investment Banking by working for J & A Securities; Investment Analysis (Guoxing Secuties); Marketing (Jiashi Funds); Security Investment (J & A Asset Management Company); and Fund Management ( Hongkong Dafu Asset Management Company) Precautious Attitude and Approach towards Risk Taking Emphasize in team work; Follow Wall Street Fund management rules and models Multi-dimensional Company Valuation Partner with diversified professional institutes; Create new financial derivatives
  21. 21. 21驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Mr. Yibo Ma Mr. Yibo Ma is an independent director on board of New J & A. He is currently in a position for a domestic security company with 17 years of experience. He was responsible for information analysis for J & A Capital management. Also Mr. Mao was the founder of combining security and banking services during working on research of China security trading system for a case of partnering with China Commercial Bank. He was a professor in Wuhan University, involving in data base system research. Mr. Mao holds a bachelor degree from Wuhan University and he is a certified engineer.
  22. 22. 22驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Miss Fengjiao chen Miss Fengjiao Chen is the senior manager of New J & A. She is a certified accountant and certified taxation specialist in China. Miss Chen is the head of Shenzhen Hongxin Accounting firm. She is a member of Finance Committee of Shenzhen Professionals. She is a member of Commercial Committee for the 6th time. Miss Chen was one of members of Shenzhen Commercial Committee in 5th election. The positions she held before include member of Shenzhen Auditing committee, managing partner and office manager of Shenzhen Futian Auditing, and partner and vice president as well as vice chief accountant of Shenzhen Yuhua Accounting.
  23. 23. 23驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Mr. Xiaobin Wu Mr. Xiaobin Wu is Vice president and fund manager of New J &A. Previously Mr. Wu was the Vice president of asset management for Changjiang Security . Before that, he involved establishing Guangdao Baodexin Fund Management. The positions he held before include Vice president of governmental bonds for Wuhan Security, CEO of Wuhan Xinlande Security Consulting, senior manager of the security department of China Bank Wuhan branch. Mr. Wu has great experience in asset management and Corporate financing. The areas he has worked on include security, funds, bank, trusts and etc. He has earned a MBA from Manchester Business school in England, a MBA and a bachelor degree from Wuhan Technology University.
  24. 24. 24驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Miss Jingyi Zhao Miss Jingyi Zhao is the vice president of business development for New J & A. She was the vice president of business development for VC China Capital, responsible for its main profit-making operations. The positions she had before that include the following: senior manager of client services for Jiashi Fund in charge of client relation maintenance and development, and area manager of client service for Shenyin Wanguo Security Research Organization in charge of the VIP client services in Beijing. Miss Zhao has a lot of experience in financial instruments sales and public relations in financial industry. Her experience related to financial instruments includes security analysis, mutual funds, corporate bonds, short-term financing and etc. Her experience regarding client service covers commercial banking industry, social security, insurance, accounting services, trust funds, investment companies, and corporations. She got her MBA from Fudan University, and her bachelor degree from Hubei Technology University.
  25. 25. 25驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Mr. Qing Gao Mr. Qing Gao is the vice president of Acquisition and Merger for New J & A. Immediate before he joins us, he was vice president of Investment banking for Zhongshang Security, branch vice president of investment banking for 4th branch of United Shenzhen Security. His work experience before also includes being vice president of investment banking for Hengtai Security, branch vice president of investment banking for Taiyian Security Shenzhen and Changshao offices, and senior manager and CEO assistant of investment banking for Dapeng Security. Mr. Gao is well recognized in investment banking industry in China. He is well connected in the business. He has great knowledge regarding domestic and international financing channels and instruments. He is also good at large investment acquisition and investment banking as well as executive management. Mr. Gao earned his MBA from Renmin University of China, and a bachelor degree in business administration from Beijing Technology and Business University.
  26. 26. 26驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Mr. Maoquan Gong Mr. Maoquan Gen is also responsible for acquisition and merger for New J & A. He was the CEO for Yuete Financial Accounting. Between 2001 to 2002, he was the branch vice president in Beijing for Wangbao Global corporation, an American company. Before 2001, he held a position in the investment banking department of Dapeng Security. Mr. Gong graduated from Beijing University, with a lot of experience in acquisition and mergers as well as financial company management. His past work experience includes securities, funds, banking, and trusts.
  27. 27. 27驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Bingming Yi, PhD Dr. Yi is the vice president of research and analysis for New J & A. He was one of the main statists for GLAXOSMITHKLINE, PA, USA. He worked for China International Hedge as an analyst for two years. His work experience also includes five years working in pharmaceutical industry in United States and more than six years working in in security and commodity trading areas. He has a lot of well recognized performance in the past. Dr. Yi completed his PhD in statistics in North Carolina State University. He held a master and bachelor degrees in Statistics from Beijing University.
  28. 28. 28驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Mr. Jiwei Wang Mr. Wang is the vice president of security trading for New J &A. He has twelve years of experience in security trading. Mr. Wang holds a bachelor degree in engineering from Haerbin University.
  29. 29. 29驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Our Strength
  30. 30. 30驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Contents - continued New J &Ateam NANYANG City Commercial Bank Description NANYANG City Commercial Bank business Financing Proposals
  31. 31. 31驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Financing Summary Subject:NANYANG City Commercial Bank Financing Amount:Not determined (RMB) Time Period:Eighteen months Guarantees:Stocks of financing subject & Zhuhai City Land Management Bureau Purchaser:Qualified Investors
  32. 32. 32驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Chart of Domestic Financing and Foreign Financing Domestic Financing (To set up Trust) Funds) Foreign Financing(To set up Enterprise Fund) Qualified Investors NANYANG City Commercial Bank Trust Fund Domestic Trust Platform New J&A Investment Consulting Purchase Trusts Usage of investment Qualified Investors NANYANG City Commercial Bank NANYIAN City Commercial Bank Enterprise Fund SPC Platform New J&A Fund Manager Purchase the Funds Usage of Fund
  33. 33. 33驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Foreign Financing Flowchart
  34. 34. 34 真诚协同 驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth Trust Funds Flowchart Product Design and Marketing (Investment Consultant) Product Branding (Trust Fund Management) Product Delivery (Issuing) Purchaser New J & A Investment Management Huaren Shenzhen Guotou Trust Fund Investment Mgmt Company, Ltd Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Mingsheng Bank, Guotai J & A Securities, Changcheng Securities, and Xianchai Securities Qualified Investors
  35. 35. 35驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Timetable for Trust Funds T=0 T=0 +1W +2W +3W +4W +5W +6W +7W +8W +9W +10W +11W +12W T+2W T+4W T+4W T+7W T+9W T+12W T=0 +1W +2W +3W +4W +5W +6W +7W +8W +9W +10W +11W +12W New J&A and the party issuing Trust Fund Sign the contract Market Research; Proposal is approved by Trust Fund issuing party Communicate with Huaren Shenzhen Security Communicate with China Commercial Bank Present documents to China Trust Management Bureau (SEC) Preliminary Roadshow and others Issuance Completed Capital received Related cash received Simultaneously
  36. 36. 36 真诚协同 驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth To Minimize Risks and To enhance Credit Rating 1st Shield of Risks: Share of Guohua Energy Earnings 4th Shield of Risks: Stock rights of Coal-Gasoline- Project Guarantees
  37. 37. 37驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 Contact Us NEW J & A INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LTD Address:501 Skyworth Bldg # A, No.1 Gaoxin Ave., Nanshan district, Shenzhen, China Zip Code:518000 Telephone:0755-86117985 Fax: 0755-86117985 Contacts : Weidao NIE Julie Zhang Lucky Lu Cell : 15814725315 13570885006 13924611904 Email:
  38. 38. 38驱动财富增长 Accelerating Wealth Growth真诚协同 New J &A is Always Strive to Serve You New J&A Investment Management Ltd