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Facultad de Ciencias Historico Sociales y Educacion Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo
Lambayeque Peru
Matriz del Proyecto de Investigacion
Maestria en Educacion mencion Didacticas del Ingles

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Matriz de investigacion

  1. 1. Title Problemic situation Planning problem Answers orientation s Hipotesis Objectives Variables Instruments “The Listening Comprehen sion of Texts in Students and their developme nt in the Second Specialty of the Faculty of Nursing.Nat ional University Pedro Ruiz Gallo .Lambayeq ue 2010 ”. The English language teaching develop t in the Curricula of the second specialty of nursing faculty and has a duration of 24 hours and two credits academics and is delivered in the first semester of the course. In Peru in some universities where exist courses of the second specialty include course from specific purpose .In spite of the importance of listening, this skill is considered one of the most neglected skills. Listening has been often called the "step-child of language learning" (Whiteson 1974). Wilkinson and Atkinson (1965) stated that "oral expression has often been left to the speech and drama teacher; listening comprehension ' has usually been left to nobody at all". Eastman (1987) described listening as the most difficult of the four skills the beginner of a foreign language has to develop. Belasco (1965) added that listening comprehension has also How is the development of listening comprehensio n of texts in English in the students of the post- grade Second Specialty Nursing Faculty National University Pedro Ruiz Gallo Lambayeque 2010 ? Why used the listening to improve our teaching of English for specific purpose? What should be the activities to improve the listening in our pedagogical practice ? Is the Listening determined the efficiency and effectivenes s Oral Communicat ion in the teaching learning a foreign language ? The development of the Listening Comprehensio n of texts in English of the students of Second Specialty Nursing Faculty .National University Pedro Ruiz Gallo Lambayeque 2010 is Satisfactory . General Objective : Measure listening comprehensi on in English texts in the development in the development of students second nursing specialty. Specific Objectives : 1.-Carry out an evaluate of listening comprehensi on strategies with our students . 2 - Develop a methodology to guide them towards the acquisition of others that will enable to confront successfully the task of understandi ng exposures in this foreign DEPENDENT VARIABLE : The development the listening comprehension in the students of the second specialty nursing faculty UNPRG Lambayeque 2010 INDEPENDENT VARIABLE : The activities of the listening process in the class In the first place is the application the pilot test . In the second place is the application the activities concerned to the strategies used and built from develop the listening in the practices in English classes. MATRIX TO INVESTIGATION
  2. 2. Author : Licentiate Lupe Rivera Gonzales Master Program Didactics English Professor : Dr. Cesar Jimenez