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  • We all expect to be happy and enjoy the new experience about to going through with having a new baby in your life. It’s not always that way for new moms.
  • Although having a newborn should be a wonderful time for the new mother. It’s not always that case, some new mothers develop a severe form a depression besides the baby blues. I was one of those mom’s who was going through postnatal depression. I never though I would be one of those moms. I tried to play it off for a little bit, but the depression never went away. Until I found a way to beat it.
  • When you have postnatal depression, you feel like you are all alone, you have nobody, and have all this tension that you are about to scream. Right after I had my daughter I felt that way, all I wanted to do was scream and cry. I had nobody to turn to talk about the way I was feeling. My parents, and husband weren’t getting along and I was stuck in the middle. I was taking care of a newborn, in college full time, and also dealing with family problems.
  • Some moms deal with post natal depression by going on medication. Although some moms decide to go on medicine to help with the depression, there are other ways to help beat the depression. Some might not like taking medication, they can beat the depression naturally, without medicine.
  • Approximately 950,000 women suffer from postnatal depression each year. Many new moms already feel overwhelmed from caring for a newborn. The mom that are depressed and don’t treat it could have an affect on the bond you make between the new baby and the mother.
  • Being a new mom, we tend to forget about ourselves, with the new duties that come along with a newborn. We can’t forget about taking care of ourselves though.
  • When most mother’s first realize that they have postnatal depression. They’re first instinct is to go to the doctor’s and get put on anti-depressants. Before doing that, you can try a few tips to help with the depression without medicine.
  • Studies have showed that there’s a risk of post natal depression was higher in new moms who got less then 6 hours of sleep than others who slept longer (Ashley,2011).
  • I know getting a full nights rest seems impossible, and isn’t going to happen with a newborn at home, but have you and your husband take turns during the night with the baby. Getting a full night’s sleep will help you feel energized and refreshed for the next day. Running on no sleep will only stress you out more and also start to stress the baby out as well. The baby is able to sense when you are stressed.
  • Make sure you have your “me” time, taking a nice hot bath every few nights out of the week, will help you relax and unwind.
  • Or finally read that book that you have been dying to read. After I had my daughter in 2011 I suffered from post natal depression. When I would take a nice hot bath or read a book before bed, I would feel a lot better and not so tense. I got to unwind and just relax for awhile, I had some “me” time.
  • Isolating yourself from others will only make matters worse. Talk to your husband and family. They only want the best for you, and they are their to help you get through the depression. Getting things off your chest will help you feel so much better.
  • I felt isolate and had nobody to talk after I had my daughter. What I found that helped me was joining mom groups on Facebook. I was able to talk to other mom’s who know what I was going through and could relate to me.
  • We don’t always have to get medicine to deal with postnatal depression. We need to do our research and see if there are ways to beat the depression without medicine. When I was dealing with my depression, I didn’t want to turn to medicine to make me myself and get me through the day.
  • Don’t ignore the signs of postnatal depression. Whether medicine is for you or no using medicine. It is very important to treat the depression before it gets worst and you harm yourself or even the baby.
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